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The Top 5 Womens Wardrobe Staples

It seems that every woman across the land has the same mantra: “I have nothing to wear!.” It seems our wardrobes are full to the brim of pretty dresses, skin tight jeans, dressy-tops, slobbing-out casuals, comfy knits, high heels, ballet pumps, handbags, clutch bags, satchels… the list goes on.

I cannot recall how many times I have opened my wardrobe, declare I have nothing to wear before descending into a spectacular hissy fit moments before hitting the town on a big night out.

The problem, it seems, is that we invest too much money on the wrong pieces. Open your wardrobe and take a look what is inside. I have dresses that I haven’t worn for years, jeans that I can;t fit into, tops from three years ago that aren’t even vaguely fashionable anymore. To be brutally honest, some of my clothes are downright hideous. I have a weird attachment to them. I simply cannot bear to part with half of my wardrobe and I’m almost certain that I am not alone.

What your wardrobe needs is a purge. Once you have purged your wardrobe, it’s time to invest in a range of wardrobe staples that will last you a lifetime. The dilemma of not knowing what to wear will be gone (or at the very least, greatly reduced).

“Wardrobe Staple” is the term used for the basics that your wardrobe needs. These are the timeless pieces that never go out of style and will always make you look amazing. Take a look at this guide, before you purge, and you will see what I mean.

The White Shirt

The white shirt is a timeless classic. It’s cool and crisp, fit for the office with smart, dress trousers and effortlessly chic dressed down with a pair of jeans. A white shirt is often worn by the highest echelons of the fashion world, with Victoria Beckham often branding a white shirt, looking simply effortless when she does. She teams hers with high waisted black trousers, tartan skirts and jeans. Not only is the white shirt chic, it’s versatile too.

Black Stilettos

The black stiletto is often seen on the feet of every major celebrity. Usually plain and incredibly versatile, they too can be worn with a wide variety of clothing items ranging from glamorous pencil skirts to straight leg jeans and can go from day to night with the slick of some lipstick.


Again, this piece is a serious contender for the hardest working item in your wardrobe. A classic cut can look fabulous with jeans and looks ultra smart when in the office. Feeling smart, without being too overdressed is a part of the blazers chart. Think power dressing, without the 80’s revival.

Leather Jacket

This piece probably isn’t one for the office but always looks seriously cool. Luxury leather jackets are iconic and look incredible with whatever you choose to team it up with. You can toughen up girlie dress with it or go for an all out fierce look with stilettos and skin tight black skinny jeans. A leather jacket is a must for any it girl, adding a dash of panache to any outfit.

Blue Jeans

Everyone’ favourite item of clothing has got to be their denim. I adore my jeans. Their versatility is what makes them a wardrobe staple. You can team your blue jeans, leather jacket and stilettos and look seriously cool. On the plus side, they’re super comfortable too. Gone are the days where jeans look scruffy; jeans now have the edge, especially when they are made from good quality denim and have an exquisite cut.

The great thing is about wardrobe essentials is their versatility. Your wardrobe can be your Swiss army knife against the world. The key is to ensure that the staples you purchase are versatile, timeless and of good quality. With these beauties in your wardrobe, never again will you have to scream out “I have nothing to wear!”

The Benefits of Medium Heels: A Fashionistas Guide

It is often said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but let’s face it; a woman’s best friend is shoes. A personal favourite is the medium sized heel, a must for any budding fashionista that doesn’t want the pain that wearing high heels can cause. The beauty of the high street is that it has caught on to the fact that not all women have tiny, dainty feet (I wish!) and have started to stock a bigger range of larger-sized shoes. With this in mind women of all shapes and sizes can enjoy the benefits of a good old fashioned medium sized heel. The wonderful arrays of shoes that are available on the high street is one of the reasons why I am so desperately poor!

There has always been a myth circulating that you need to ‘go big or go home’. There are so many styles of medium heels that are fabulous. A super cute kitten heel is the fast-track to completing any outfit. There’s a fab range at!

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The History of the Heel

Medium sized heels first debuted in the mid-1950s and were depicted as a training heel for young girls before taking over the fashion world and were worn by women of all ages. As fashion is a fickle mistress, they were deemed uncool and were relegated to the back of many women’s wardrobes until their popularity begun to rise again in the 2000s.

These Shoes Are Made For Walking

The wonderful thing about medium sized heels is the ease of walking. As kitten heels tend to come in the perfect size of three inches and under, there is no need to fear breaking an ankle or walking in an ungainly fashion. What’s more, the utterly sublime Audrey Hepburn was a huge purveyor of the medium sized heel which saw their popularity soar during the 1950s. In fact, if you look at any of the great, timeless Hollywood actresses, they certainly didn’t topple over in a pair of sky scraper heels, they always looked the epitome of class, and their enduring beauty is still apparent in 2014. There is nothing more unsightly than seeing someone in a pair of too-high shoes clumsily attempting to walk. If in doubt, do a Hepburn and stick a medium sized heel, which will make you look much more graceful and classy in the long run.

The Healthier Choice

The health benefits of wearing medium-heels are great too. The damage that high heels can cause to the spine is monumental. This is because high heels force the spine into an unnatural shape ultimately making your posture look worse. Bunions are often a problem for women that wear heels that are too high, as well as making your feet look unsightly; the pain can also be unbearable too.

The wonderful thing about this choice of heel is that they will never go out of style. They are the classic choice for any occasion and can complete any outfit. So, not only are they a firm favourite of Audrey, they are also a firm favourite of mine.

12 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Wellies

Now that the weather’s cold and the mornings are frosty, with a high possibility of rain virtually all the time (and it never fails to disappoint), there’s one fashion staple that everybody could use: the wellington boot. No longer are these boots reserved for farming or outdoorsy types – you can wear them for walks with the dog, trips to the supermarket, and anywhere else you’d like to stop your feet from getting damp. They look much more fashionable too, with brands like Hunter bringing out lovely colours, patterns, and styles. Want to know more about wellies? Here are 12 weird things you didn’t know!

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1. To fill a size 10 wellington boot you’d need a whole gallon of custard.

2. Some crazy people fall so in love with their wellington boots, that they name each pair they have with a ‘welly naming ceremony’. I’d call mine: Fred.

3. The very first wellington boots were made for the Duke of Wellington, who requested a boot that would suitable for battle but comfortable at dinner. The result was the kind of welly that we know and love today!

4. Ever heard of ‘welly wanging’? It’s a bit of a mad sport invented by the British, and started in 1917 when soldiers who often fought on the front line got bored.

5. In 2003, a wellington boot race was held in New Zealand, and became the largest wellington boot race of all time with 981 people taking part.

6. In 1900, a millionaire named Nathan Schwab ordered a pair of wellington boots. They weren’t for him though – he wanted them for his dog! Perhaps more money than sense…

7. The biggest welly ever built was a total of 8 meters high, made by the people of North Queensland, Australia.

8. Famous author Oscar Wilde commented on wellies in 1888 when asked about women’s fashion. He praised them for giving women more freedom!

9. In the 20th century, you would have been able to sell your wellies for a pretty penny – rubber was more valuable than silver!

10. Take a sniff of scotch malt whisky. Smell familiar? The Scotch Malt Whisky Society describes their whisky as ‘the colour of golden syrup, with the scent of the inside of a welly boot’. Not a worn welly boot we hope…

11. In 2008 after the Olympics were held in Bejing, the Hunter Boot welly company sent specially made gold boots to every athlete who won a gold medal.

12. Miners in Africa do a ‘welly boot dance’ to cheer them up when they’re feeling low at work.

Interesting, huh? Wellies are the perfect accompaniment to a dreary day; not only will they keep you dry and warm, they’ll look great while doing so. You can buy wonderful designs for both adults and children – just take a look at Wellies and Worms to see for yourself! If you want more freedom to do the things you want to do, take a tip from Oscar Wilde and get yourself some wellies.

Taking Care of Your Dry Winter Skin: Do’s and Dont’s

Winter weather can be the skin’s worst enemy. Not only can it cause itching and scratching, winter can make it dry, flaky, cracked, and sore. Not fun for anybody! Luckily, there are things you can do to make sure that your skin doesn’t get that far, by simply following a few do’s and don’ts. A little bit of effort is all you need to put in to have lovely looking skin all year round!

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Taking Care of Your Skin in Winter: Do’s

  • Use a body brush to keep lymphatic drainage working, your blood flow pumping, and your skin soft and supple.
  • Exfoliate with a body scrub 2-3 times per week to rid your body of dead skin cells and instantly make it appear brighter.
  • Make sure you use a moisturising soap or body wash, and not one that dries out your skin. Dove is a great brand!
  • Pat yourself dry, never rub.
  • Apply a creamy body butter or moisturiser immediately after drying, or your skin could feel tight and sore.
  • Exfoliate your face twice a week with a facial exfoliator.
  • Consider switching your moisturiser for one especially made for dry skin.
  • If you have lines and wrinkles around the eyes, use an eye cream.
  • Use a hydrating face mask once a week to give your collagen and cells and extra boost for plumpness and brightness.
  • Always wear gloves to protect your hands, and apply a hand cream regularly.
  • Use a cuticle oil to moisturise and protect your nails and skin around your nails.
  • Always include your feet in your exfoliating and moisturising routine.
  • Exfoliate dry skin from your lips with a lip scrub or an old toothbrush.
  • Apply a thick lip balm every night before bed, and use one in the day when you can.

Taking Care of Your Skin in Winter: Don’ts

  • Spend longer than 10 minutes in a shower.
  • Try to keep your water warm, not too hot, as this can strip your skin of it’s natural oils.
  • Use a male’s shaving cream. Buy a shaving cream especially for women to have silky smooth legs.
  • Wait to moisturise after a bath or shower. This can really wreak havoc on your skin.
  • Use a face wash with harsh ingredients. Use a gentle cleanser in the winter months, like one from DermalSense.
  • Use the wrong products on your skin. Always use products suited to your skin type, and remember that your skin type can change with the seasons. Using a dry cleanser on oily skin can cause big problems, so make sure you pay attention to the changes.
  • Apply lipstick to chapped lips, as this can make them even worse and cause them to look old. Always exfoliate lips before applying anything.
  • Forget to buy products containing SPF. Just because it’s not summer, doesn’t mean our skin won’t get damaged from the harmful rays and free radicals in the environment.
  • Think that you’re too young for a good skin routine. You can never be too young; starting early is best to prevent wrinkles, imperfections, and other problems down the line!

Now you’re fully equipped with the knowledge to take care of your dry winter skin – go ahead and show it who’s boss!

I Wear My Sense of Humor Around My Wrist

I love wearing jewelry.  Any of my friends or family can attest to it.  I actually remember a friend of mine once asking me why I wore so much jewellery.  “Sarah, why are you wearing so much jewellery anyway?” she said.  I can’t remember what I said, most likely something standoffish or remote because I have a vague memory of feeling a bit hurt by the comment.  Now I realize at the time I was young and I didn’t have an answer because I just didn’t know myself well enough.  I’ve thought about that question from time to time over the years and if I was asked that question again I would look him or her in the eye and bravely say, “It’s because jewellery makes me feel beautiful and powerful of spirit, and it’s a chance to showcasemy inner characteristics; Like wearing your heart on your sleeve, except more like wearing your sense of humour or confidence around your neck or on your ears or wrist!”  

Of course I’m not so lucky as to get that chance again; or as well spoken to be able to pull that off in front of anybody but the page or a mirror.  That being said, I’m thankful for that awkward moment so many years ago because it made me look at myself and think about the reasons behind what came so naturally to me.

earingSomething about the metal silver speaks to me.  It’s shiny and beautiful.  It’s smooth and looks especially fantastic in its contrast with black, which I adore, but also with any colour of the rainbow.  I feel like a rock star when I put on multiple chunky silver rings and like a princess when I wear something delicate and solitary.  Silverjewelry has the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Buy handmade silver jewelry to strike any mood and for any person; it is the super metal!

If you’re like me and boarder on multiple personalities it is perfect because you can exhibit each and every different style and taste.  I am influenced all the time by the things I see everyday and I like to incorporate them into my look.  There is no easier way to do this than with my favorite material silver, and through jewelry.  Unless of course I have the chance to rock my super awesome scarf, chunky sweater, leather pants and motorcycle jacket! (But even then I would rock some silver jewelry.)

My office job would not support this individualism so I choose to assert my individuality in the bland world of financials through jewelry, because even CEO’s, accountants and bankers, (sometimes especially CEO’s, accountants and bankers), can appreciate handmade silver jewelry.  So I recommend iCraft handmade gifts when people ask me where I got my latest find.

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