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Style Guide for a Glowing Night Out

Sparkling during a night out is sort of like wearing reflective clothing when you were a kid on Halloween, except much classier.

With just a few small touches here and there, you can shine like the Northern Lights when you step out on the town.

If you’re looking to light up the night like a starry sky, here are some quick tips to dazzle in the dark:

Making Friends with Silver

Silver jewelry can be easy enough to match, but shiny silver clothing can be tricky, and it can become very tacky very quickly if you don’t know how to accessorize it.

The main trick here is to keep it simple, and keep it cool: silver with gold and blue looks great. Silver with red and green looks ridiculous.

There are many beautiful dresses for women, but it’s all about picking the right silver dress that isn’t overpowering while being chic and easy to accessorise.

The easiest way to do silver is to wear all silver: silver shoes, silver bracelets and silver earring. Feel free to experiment, but keep “all silver” in mind as a backup.

Browse some clothing stores and fashion Instagram accounts for ideas on how to create that “silver streak” appearance in the night.

Make Dark Eyes Pop

Having brown eyes doesn’t have to mean that you always have that “dark and mysterious” look about you.

Your eyes can shine just as bright regardless of color. Start with a base foundation coat, and from there you can add shimmer around the eyes and cheekbones.

Use a gold, smoky color for your eye shadow, use light-colored eyeliner like white or silver, and use a very dark mascara to contrast your brown eyes.

From there you need only select the right clothing to accentuate your bold new “look.”

This can be a perfect opportunity to try out some fun eye shadow techniques. Try an Egyptian Princess look or something similarly exotic.

You have a lot more leeway to play with more extreme looks when putting together a fun nighttime look.

Don’t Be Afraid to Flash

Night time is the right time to add a little more flash to your scale and whip out that flashy, scaled gold purse that you have, those dangly diamond earrings and the super shiny.

Anything reflective and fun will help you really stand out against the darkness of the night and the dim lighting of the night club.

Maybe in the daytime those rings make you look like one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but at night they can be just the thing to make you a bright, shining star.

Standing out at night is an ability that not everyone has. Some people practically become invisible as soon as the sun goes down.

With light colors, bold patterns, and a little bit of flash, you can light up any night club with a smile.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Why You Should Be Trying Out CoolWare’s TanThrough Swimwear



One of the most elusive things to find is the perfect swimsuit. It seems like you are faced with either having a super comfortable swimsuit that isn’t very stylish OR you find a super styling suit that is anything but comfortable. Plus, swimsuits typically aren’t very conducive to getting a great tan because you either have to deal with awkward tan lines or risk baring it all. That’s why we were so unbelievably excited when we discovered California-based company CoolTanⓇ and their line of TanThrough swimsuits. CoolTan is showing you just how easy getting a tan can be, all while looking amazing and not having to worry about sticky tanning lotions or annoying tan lines.


What we love most about CoolTan’s TanThrough swimwear has to be the ability to tan right through your swimsuit, meaning you can tan while walking along the beach, hanging out by the pool, or even going boating or kayaking. We think it’s incredible that you don’t have to worry about applying and then reapplying streaky tanning lotions or deal with tan lines that won’t go away.

The secret to what makes CoolTan’s suits so great is their specially formulated Microsol V fabric which is knitted to create millions of tiny pores to let in approximately half the sun’s rays to get you a tan about as fast as you would with a medium level SPF. The suit’s lightweight porous fabric also lets air and water pass through easily, keeping you cool and comfortable even on the hottest of days and drying up to 3x faster than normal fabric. This makes it the perfect suit for traveling because you won’t have to worry about waiting for your swimsuit to dry before packing it away in your bag. CoolTan still recommends wearing sunscreen on areas not covered by the suit to protect yourself from harmful UV rays but it’s nice to know that that won’t bring about tan lines from your swimsuit!


All suits are machine washable to make them super easy to keep clean and get out all that salt and sand you might carry home from the beach to make your suit last even longer. Plus, the durable stitching in the suit’s construction means you won’t have to worry about it falling apart on you while out on vacation or even just on a trip to the lake or the beach.

CoolTan has a number of different sizes, styles, and patterns to choose from all with a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee so you can make sure you find your absolute perfect suit. Whether you prefer one-pieces and monokinis or string and halter top bikinis, you are sure to find your new favorite swimsuit that will not only be super comfortable but incredibly flattering as well.

Definitely check out CoolTan’s website to see for yourself just how easy it can be to get an amazingly natural tan, all while being super comfortable and looking better than ever before.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Great Get Well Soon Package Ideas

get well soon

When someone you love is feeling low because they have recently been admitted to or discharged from hospital, one of the best ways to raise their spirits is by putting together a care package. Whether it is full of lots of tasty treats that they enjoy, some reading material for when boredom sets in, pampering and grooming accessories or whatever appeals to them individually, they are bound to love the thought and attention you put into sending that positive message of get well soon.

Care packages are a perfect gift idea because they are so versatile. You can put virtually anything in them, within reason. You obviously have to be careful if they are on a special diet or the ward they are currently in at hospital has specific rules about what can be given to patients, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating a great package.

Below are some great ideas for get well soon packages, to give you some inspiration if you are unsure of where to start.

Home Baking and Home Comforts

One great suggestion for items to include in a care package, especially if the recipient is currently in hospital is lots of home-made baked goods or other home comforts. Do they have a favourite type of muffin, cake or even donut? No-one likes hospital food much, as it not very inspiring or exciting.

If you are a dab hand in the kitchen, you could take some time out to bake some tasty treats for them. Not only will they appreciate having something delicious to bite into and the sugar rush that goes with it, they will appreciate the thought and time that went into your home-made creations. Even if you aren’t the world’s best baker or cook, the well-meaning sentiment behind a home-made gift will mean the world to someone going through a rough time physically and mentally.

Pampering and Grooming Goods

When you are stuck in hospital, although it is the healthiest place to be when you are ill, you often do not feel particularly nice in your own skin. Therefore, if someone has just got out of hospital, you could help them feel themselves again with a care package centred around personal pampering and grooming products. Perfumed luxury soaps, bath bombs and moisturising lotions are all great things to include along with scented candles and even other things aimed at helping them to relax.

Order a Pre-Made Gift Basket as a Care Package

Although it can be nice to make one from scratch yourself to send to someone you care about, we don’t always have the time. The alternative is ordering a get well package that has been pre-made. You can still put your heart into it by choosing a theme and items for it that you know will appeal to the recipient. Buying one that is made for you gives you the peace of mind knowing that your friend or relative is going to get a nice gift, delivered to them with lots of stuff they really love. It can also make you feel better if you feel you are unable to give them much of your time because of a busy workload.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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A Quick Guide to Caring for Your Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a crucial part of any wardrobe, with an ageless look that can be paired with a number of different looks, both casual and more formal.

However, they’re also very long-lasting pieces, as long as you look after them properly, so here are some top tips to ensure that yours stays in peak condition.

Know Your Jacket

First things first, not all leather jackets are the same, so it’s important that you know what type of material yours is made from, whether that be cowhide, sheepskin, or even something else.

Different materials will have different requirements and instructions, so be sure to check the label!

Check out this post from All About Leather for a little more information on the various types of leather, you might be surprised at just how many there are!


When you simply need to give the jacket a wash and perhaps remove a stain, good old soap and water is probably the best way to go, despite some of the old wives’ tales that you might hear.

Just wipe away at the jacket with a wet sponge and dry it off with a soft cloth when you’re done.

If this won’t do the job then you may need to give it a proper wash, although this can risk damaging, discolouring or shrinking the jacket, so only do this if you’re confident that you’ve got a genuine, tough leather jacket and if you do use the washing machine, be sure to use a cold wash and a delicate cycle.

Check out this article from wikiHow for more information on some of the ways in which you can clean a leather jacket.


Whether you’ve given your jacket a wash or have just got caught in the rain and need to dry it out, it’s best not to take the risk of tumble drying.

Instead, simply hang it up somewhere that’s well ventilated at room temperature to dry slowly.

Just be sure that the jacket is completely dry before putting it back in the wardrobe or you may run the risk of mildew developing.


Try to avoid folding your jacket if you can and always try to hang it up in a wardrobe, ideally on a wide, padded hanger.

You should also try to store it out of direct sunlight as this will dry the leather out and could cause discolouration too.


There are many leather care products out there, but according to leather experts Lakeland Leather, one of the most important ones is a good leather conditioner.

Conditioner comes in many forms, although spray-on ones are generally considered to be the best as you have much more control over how much you put onto the jacket.

Be sure to properly rub the conditioner in with a cloth so that it can really penetrate into the garment and get to work.

You may also want to invest in a waterproofer, because while it’s best not to take your jacket out in the rain, sometimes it’s unavoidable, especially here in the UK!

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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What is the Difference Between Gel, Acrylic, and Shellac Nails? 




When you go to the nail salon, there are a dizzying array of choices. However, one of the first decisions to make is what kind of manicure you want. The main reason that people choose to use anything other than their natural nail is because the manicure can last much longer with a fake or synthetic nail. It is not always easy to know the differences between gel, acrylic, and shellac nails. This article will prepare you with a summary of each, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they differ from each other.

Gel Nails

gel nails

Gel nails are fake nails applied with base and top coats and then a gel layer in the middle. People choose to get gel nails because they are more resistant to damage and can hold polish longer than regular nails. Other benefits of gel nails include a medium-length wear period, a more giving surface than acrylic nails, and less time to apply the nails. Disadvantages include being a higher price than other fake nails, being difficult to fix at home if they break, and long-term nail damage.

Acrylic Nails

acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are also fake nails. They make your nail as long as you want it to be and hide inconsistencies or nails that easily break. Acrylic nails are made of polymers that create a hard bond between the air and your natural nail. The acrylic nail must be painted after it is applied to the nail. Some key benefits of acrylic nails are that they are hard, last for a long time, are easy to take off, and easy to repair. The disadvantage are that they significantly weaken and ruin the natural nail bed and that there are chemicals involved when they are attached to the nail bed.

Shellac Nails

shellac nails

A shellac nail has gel in it, so many people get confused and think that it is, in fact, a gel. However, it is actually a composite of gel and nail polish. It was created and patented because of its composition. Shellac can be applied directly to nails and has a much faster drying time. Shellac is less damaging to the underlying nail then either gel or acrylic. Because it has less layers then other synthetic nails, it is more flexible. It lasts for around 14 days, and perhaps the biggest benefit is that it does not ruin the underlying nail bed at all. Some downsides to consider with shellac is that it is not useful for lengthening your nails and because it is proprietary it is not something that can be bought at home.

Which Should You Choose

The type of nail you choose at the nail salon will depend partially on your preferences and partially on your fingernails. If you want a longer lasting, less expensive option but one that definitely weakens the underlying nail bed then acrylic is a good choose. If you want a manicured look with a choice that is less damaging then gel nails are for you. Finally, if you want a product that does not actually weaken the underlying nail then shellac is ideal. For shellac nails, your underlying nail bed must be healthy.

Now you have been equipped with some more meaning behind words you have probably hear before. The choice is totally up to you between if you get any of these manicures, or if you just roll with your own nails!

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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How to Start Your Own Fashion Retail Business




There are so many great reasons to open your own fashion business. As the world of commerce changes, the opportunities for small enterprise are increasing.

Surprisingly, starting your own retail business is not as difficult as it may seem, as long as it’s done right.

Begin with a plan, understand your obligations, complete the necessary paperwork, and prepare to reap the benefits of working independently.

This short guide will take you through the basics.

Plan your Business:

Before launching your business, you’ll want to examine the basic format. Decide on the kind of business that will meet your needs.

At this stage, research is imperative. Don’t be afraid to compare different available options, evaluate the positive and negative aspects of each business opportunity, and of course, ask any and all questions you may have.

Creating your own brand is an option, but if you prefer to tread through a path that has already proven successful, look into opening a retail franchise.

Franchisors provide support throughout the planning stages and will help with the entire process, even after opening. This also means that your business’ brand has an existing reputation.

The first step to franchising is proper research. Look through sites that list franchise options with easily accessible and transparent information, such as this list of retail and store franchise opportunities:

Open your Business:


If you decided to establish an independent brand, you need to select a company name and begin to complete all the necessary paperwork for it, including registering a trade name.

On the other hand, if you acquire a franchise, you will receive assistance and training regarding the procedure.

You will be required to complete various forms depending on your whereabouts, and on the local and regional regulations. You will have to find out the business licence regulations that are specific to your city, region, and country.

It may be helpful at this point to speak with a financial consultant or a business advisor, in order to make sure that all your bases are covered.

Tax Forms and Permits:

Additionally, you will need to establish the specific permit and tax requirements for the retail business you are opening.

These requirements will depend on the kind of business you create, and on the regional requirements.

Each location will require the completion of specific forms. Determine the type of seller’s permit called for, if you plan to market a product.

Your regional business department’s website should list the exact forms and documents that are obligatory before you can open for business.

Bank Accounts and Accounting Spreadsheets:

Setting up a separate bank account for all business transactions will help to keep your personal finances separate from your business accounting.

Choose a credit union or bank service with a decent rate that is conveniently located, and meets your needs.

Also, you will want to format a spreadsheet, or accounting software, that easily facilitates all of your individual requirements.

If you are working with a franchisor, they will already have this worked out so the headache of researching and testing software is not relevant. Franchisors have all accounting needs set-up for their franchisees.


Once you get the process rolling, you’ll see just how doable it is to open your own fashion business. The key to getting off the ground is to make the right moves.

If you start out on the right foot you’ll be able to continue moving in the right direction.

Good decisions, skillful management, responsible practices, and excellent customer relations will help to ensure your ultimate success!

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Using Essential Oils as a Bug & Mosquito Repellant




With the uptick in mosquito-borne diseases such as Zika, dengue, and chikungunya, the need for effective mosquito repellent grows. One of the most common chemicals, known as DEET, has been known to cause many adverse side effects including encephalopathy, or impair motor capacity, memory, and learning ability, especially in children. So, to keep themselves and their children safe, many people turn to essential oils to prevent both the itchy bites and the harmful chemical side effects.

Which Plant-Based Products are Best for Bug Control?

Plants have been used to prevent mosquitoes and other annoying bugs for thousands of years. With the right combination and recipe, you can have a safe and strong bug repellent without causing further harm with chemicals.

For Mosquito Repellents, you can use:

  • Citronella
  • Cinnamon
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Eucalyptus
  • Rosemary
  • Clove
  • Sage
  • Pepperment

For Ticks:

  • Geranium
  • Melaleuca
  • Pepperment
  • Cedarwood
  • Thyme

And for flies:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Cedarwood
  • Geranium
  • Peppermint
  • Melaleuca
  • Rosemary

The best part about using essential oils derived from these plant products is that they are environmentally friendly, avoid the harmful side effects, and also reduce the risk of over-exposing the mosquito and bug populations to an overabundance of chemicals that can cause them to become pesticide-resistant.

Can mosquitoes resist chemical sprays?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) regularly monitors the mosquito population for resistance to the commercially sprayed pesticides. Their technique, known as the CDC bottle bioassay places mosquitoes from a single colony into a bottle coated with pesticides for two hours, and counts how many dies at a given dosage. While the chemicals such as DEET are very effective at killing mosquitoes, as the tolerance level rises, so too does the need for increasing the dosage spread over the cities and towns where mosquitoes are born.

Chemicals vs Plants: A Comparison

Obviously, we all know that natural oils are a safer alternative to DEET, but do they work as well? An Israeli study has found that a comparison of DEET versus an all-natural repellent of cinnamon, eugenol, lemongrass, geranium, and peppermint oils were equally effective at preventing mosquito bites in the test subjects. Nor are mosquitoes the only bugs affected by natural bug repellents. Ants, ticks, and flies can also be kept at bay using natural formulas.

How To Make Natural Mosquito Repellent

You can purchase all-natural bug sprays that are safe for kids and pets at almost any health or sporting goods store. If you prefer the DIY approach, you can also make your own by combining 30 drops of essential oils like geranium, citronella, lemon eucalyptus, lavender, and rosemary with a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, shake well then add 1/2 cup of water. Shake it again, and be sure to shake before every use so the oil and water do not separate.


Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Strategies for Succeeding at Job Interviews




Have you just landed a job interview? Congratulations to you for taking the next step in your career! Initiative, motivation, continued learning and perseverance are key components in advancing in our profession. You are either excited about the upcoming interview or are a bundle of nerves. Whether you are interviewing for a new position with your current employer or are seeking a position at a new firm all together, the same strategies apply for successful interviewing. Follow these recommendations from the professional headhunters and human resources executives and you’ll not only be prepared for the interview, but chances are you’ll walk away with an offer. Be aware of the fact that you most likely were given the opportunity to interview because your skill set and experiences match the requirements for the position. Don’t succumb to the insecurity of wondering whether or not you’re qualified. It’s also important to remember that the interview is a two way street. Not only is it an opportunity for the hiring manager to gage your character, drive and articulation, but it is also an opportunity for you to determine if this is a position that meets your interests to further your career and if the department or company espouses a culture in which you would be comfortable working.

Preparation is the key to successful interviewing. It is so important to research the hiring company, its products and services as well as values and mission. Do you have experience in the industry or does your skill set lie within the parameters of the job description? Either could have been the key to securing the interview. Start by thoroughly reading the company’s website. Understand the product offerings, client strategies and information provided on the website. Spend time on your professional networking website to determine if you have contacts within the company or industry that could provide valuable insight to your research. During this period of research, you will no doubt develop questions for the hiring manager about the company. Prepare a list of questions for the interview and ask them of the hiring manager at the appropriate time. The hiring manager will most likely have expectations that you have indeed researched the company as well as the position and have questions of your own.

At the actual interview, you only have one opportunity to make a first impression. Put your best foot forward the moment you walk in the building. The most important thing to wear to an interview is a quiet self-confidence and genuine smile.  Professional attire is a must. This shows respect for the company, the hiring manager and yourself. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a quality, well-tailored suit. Solid, muted colors are your best option. Leave the loud prints and bling for the weekends. Tone down make-up and hair styles.  Greet the hiring manager with a firm hand shake, eye contact and a genuine smile. Listen, ask questions and be honest throughout the interview. Send a handwritten thank you note after the interview thanking the hiring manager for their time and reiterating your interest in the position. Best of luck to you!

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Can I Apply Mascara to Eyelash Extensions?



Mascara On Eyelash Extensions: For The Sexiest Lashes On The Planet

Gorgeous eyelash extensions have revolutionized the way women enhance their eyes, and this beauty trend is a hot one that continues to soar in popularity.

Authentic extensions for eyelashes can be yours via a professional lash salon or spa. This is not a do-it-yourself kind of makeup technique. Instead, it’s an art that requires skill, pinpoint precision and a keen aesthetic eye to deliver unforgettable lashes.

Details Matter

These glamorous eyelashes are applied by an expert technician by hand one lash at a time, gluing extensions on top of your actual lashes. The results are stunning and look amazing on women of all ages with different eye shapes, eye sizes, eye colors and skin tones.

As women, we get tired of trying to boost our natural lashes with mascara or taking long times to beef them up with applying false lashes daily. With beautiful lash extensions, you don’t need mascara, but if you do apply some, your spectacular eyes will blow everyone away (more on that below).

Worthy Investment

Long, dark, full eye fringe is a game changer and one of the quickest and most effective beauty makeovers you can indulge in. With proper TLC, they can last up to eight weeks before your maintenance visit. In addition, you get to choose the kinds of lashes and lengths you desire.

Cosmopolitan magazine has written an excellent lash primer that illustrates the extension variety.

Designing Ideal Set

You can go super curly dramatic with the “D Curl,” or you might enjoy selecting lashes up to 14 mm. There is power in numbers, and that means you can also apply tons of lashes, from 80 to 120, for instance. This is like designing the perfect set.

Eyelash extensions come in synthetic (cheapest), silk or mink. Mink lash extensions are Hollywood A-list all the way, ladies. The mink hairs are the real thing and feel so soft, look fluttery and natural. Choosing mink lash extensions is like taking the Lamborghini over the Kia; there really is no comparison.

Professional salon extensions for the lashes do not require mascara to look luscious and long, but for those occasions you want to ramp up your eye makeup to the nth degree, mascara will make it happen.

Mascara On Mink

If you apply mascara to your sophisticated mink lash extensions, there are a couple of tiny rules to follow, say the experts at LashOutPro. First, never use waterproof or oil-based mascaras on your extensions because this will begin degrading the bonding solution, and your new lashes could begin falling out.

Water-based mascara is the only way to go, and there are plenty of choices you can find online or at the drugstore. Apply your mascara to the lashes but avoid putting it at the very base of them. Also, remember to pamper your eyelash extensions; never be rough or tug on them. To remove mascara, use an oil-free makeup remover product, and be gentle.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Bringing Sexy Back to a Long-Term Relationship




No matter how “old” your relationship is, you want it to be fulfilling and satisfying on all levels imaginable. There is however one area of togetherness that is believed to be deteriorating faster than others; and it is of course our sex life. Undoubtedly not all couples have the same concerns and worries, but for sure we all want to live in harmony with our loved ones and we want our nights of love making to be remarkable. Relationships are like beautiful flowers, they only grow and blossom while cared for tenderly; as soon as we leave them be, they fade away. That is why it is so important to keep the heat up in relationships and to take action before routine kicks in.

One way to either brighten up your sex life or to boost it with new energy after years of being together is to introduce some accessories to your bedrooms; and sexy lingerie is certainly the best choice to go with. Nowadays there are plenty of sexy lingerie items to choose from.

In this wonderfully rich offer of lingerie everybody will surely find something that fires this sexy sparkle in their partner’s eyes. If you are just beginning to build your future together, you might want to start with sexy, yet elegant, lacy bras and panties that perfectly complement your curves. There is a broad selection of bras that come in all shapes and colors.

If you are a shy type, go for a pushup bra or bralette; such models featuring either underwired demi cups or triangle cups with removable pads will give you a perfect combination of coverage and sex appeal. Their soft V-necklines with scalloped lace trims will nicely highlight your cleavage and give you delicate yet sensual look.

There is also a wide variety of bottoms to choose from. Each woman, regardless her age, shape and size, will find something that best accentuates her sexy bum. If you do not feel too confident about showing off your bare body, you can always go with sexy shorties with full back coverage.

Such feminine bottoms will perfectly highlight your curves, making you feel comfortable and alluring at the same time. More daring ladies may choose from a wide variety of panties and hot thongs; made of soft fabrics with lace trims or of elastic, delicate laces, adorned with tiny bows or shining crystals, they will boost your confidence and make you feel exceptional.

If you are in a stable and long-term relationship, you might sometimes feel that sexual energy you once shared has fled your bedroom. Each relationship has its ups and downs, level of excitement and mutual attraction is not constant; this is quite natural aspect of being a part of twosome. But there are ways to set your sexual life on fire again.

Don’t stay stuck in your old ways; go back to being this awesome, hot and enticing girl you used to be before you jumped into your sweatpants. Surprise your partner. In the evening when you are getting ready for bed, instead of comfy, cotton pajamas wear a skimpy, all-over lace chemise with garter straps and matching, lacy G-string.

If you are afraid that this look is too risky, choose a lace plunge satin chemise that will give you modest coverage, and spice it up a little with a pair of sexy garter stockings. This little trick may trigger your imagination and your nights will once again be full of passion and love.

Let your man know that sexy lingerie is a perfect gift – not only for you but undoubtedly for him as well. Tell him how you love to be spoiled with such sexy little gifts without him waiting for a special occasion. In a wide selection of sexy lingerie items, you both will surely find something that suits you the best. If you are looking for some inspirations go to

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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