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12 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Wellies

Now that the weather’s cold and the mornings are frosty, with a high possibility of rain virtually all the time (and it never fails to disappoint), there’s one fashion staple that everybody could use: the wellington boot. No longer are these boots reserved for farming or outdoorsy types – you can wear them for walks with the dog, trips to the supermarket, and anywhere else you’d like to stop your feet from getting damp. They look much more fashionable too, with brands like Hunter bringing out lovely colours, patterns, and styles. Want to know more about wellies? Here are 12 weird things you didn’t know!

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1. To fill a size 10 wellington boot you’d need a whole gallon of custard.

2. Some crazy people fall so in love with their wellington boots, that they name each pair they have with a ‘welly naming ceremony’. I’d call mine: Fred.

3. The very first wellington boots were made for the Duke of Wellington, who requested a boot that would suitable for battle but comfortable at dinner. The result was the kind of welly that we know and love today!

4. Ever heard of ‘welly wanging’? It’s a bit of a mad sport invented by the British, and started in 1917 when soldiers who often fought on the front line got bored.

5. In 2003, a wellington boot race was held in New Zealand, and became the largest wellington boot race of all time with 981 people taking part.

6. In 1900, a millionaire named Nathan Schwab ordered a pair of wellington boots. They weren’t for him though – he wanted them for his dog! Perhaps more money than sense…

7. The biggest welly ever built was a total of 8 meters high, made by the people of North Queensland, Australia.

8. Famous author Oscar Wilde commented on wellies in 1888 when asked about women’s fashion. He praised them for giving women more freedom!

9. In the 20th century, you would have been able to sell your wellies for a pretty penny – rubber was more valuable than silver!

10. Take a sniff of scotch malt whisky. Smell familiar? The Scotch Malt Whisky Society describes their whisky as ‘the colour of golden syrup, with the scent of the inside of a welly boot’. Not a worn welly boot we hope…

11. In 2008 after the Olympics were held in Bejing, the Hunter Boot welly company sent specially made gold boots to every athlete who won a gold medal.

12. Miners in Africa do a ‘welly boot dance’ to cheer them up when they’re feeling low at work.

Interesting, huh? Wellies are the perfect accompaniment to a dreary day; not only will they keep you dry and warm, they’ll look great while doing so. You can buy wonderful designs for both adults and children – just take a look at Wellies and Worms to see for yourself! If you want more freedom to do the things you want to do, take a tip from Oscar Wilde and get yourself some wellies.

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