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7 Things You’re Doing That Make You Look Years Older

Nobody wants to make themselves look older (unless you’re a teenager desperate to get into your local club night), so it might be a surprise to you to learn that people make themselves look older every single day. This is due to certain lifestyle choices people make every day, yet they don’t realise they are bad for them. Here’s 7 things you’re probably doing that make you look years older:


Photo author: flickr

1. Smoking

This is an obvious one: smoking is so bad for our bodies and skin, yet millions of people all over the world still do it. The nasty chemicals in smoking help to break down the skin’s collagen, amongst other things, making our faces appear more wrinkly and lined than they would normally. You get lots of little pucker lines around the mouth, as well as lines on the cheeks, forehead, and around the eyes.

2. Drinking in Excess

Many people drink way more than the recommended amount. People tend to have a couple of drinks after work here and there, as well as a binge on the weekend – the units all add up, and although you may not think you’ve had that much, it all helps to dehydrate your skin and body. You should drink a glass of water after each alcoholic beverage, and make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. Try to stick to the daily recommended amounts too.

3. Dying Your Hair Blonde

As we get older, our skin changes. People don’t take this into account, and still dye their hair the same old colour they’re always dyed it. This means that certain shades of blonde can really age us! When you go to the hairdresser next time, keep an open mind and ask for a shade that would suit your skin tone.

4. Wearing Boring Colours

Boring colours, especially those worn closest to the face (e.g. scarves), can age us – not to mention make our wardrobe look drab and boring. Avoid dusty pinks, greens, blues, and lavenders. Pastels are fine!

5. Eating Too Much Junk Food

Junk food not only contributes to weight gain, but to ageing too. The more you eat, the more your skin looks sallow, wrinkled, and unhealthy. Stick to eating junk food one day a week and eat healthily the rest of the week in order to keep your skin looking youthful.

6. Spending Too Much Time in The Sun

Sun damage is a huge factor in premature ageing, so you need to make sure you protect from it’s harsh rays properly. Apply a suitable SPF all over, including your face, and reapply throughout the day whenever you’ll face the sun.

7. Avoiding All Fats

Many women avoid fat in their diet to lose weight, but healthy fats contribute to collagen production, so avoiding them altogether isn’t wise. Make sure you include nuts, fish, avocado, and healthy olive oils in your diet in order to reap the benefits. Marine-d3 has a similar effect!

Avoid these 7 ageing sins if you want to look younger for longer!


How Lingerie Has Shaped The World And Women Today

The term lingerie, as we know it today, has only been in popular use since around the late 1850s, however it goes back much longer than that. Lingerie was originally introduced, into the English language, as a word that meant scandalous underclothing.

 At times lingerie has been painful, practical and empowering, and throughout history, from the Egyptians right the way through to the uplifted busts of the early 1990 supermodels, lingerie has been a part of our social and cultural development, and we have learnt a lot about people and history from that.

 Lingerie is now available to buy online, from sites like lebeau lingerie, or on the high street. But it has not always been like this.

 Lingerie in Ancient Egypt

It really is impossible to know exactly when the concept of lingerie started, but from records it seems that it first appeared in ancient Egypt (3,000 B.C.).

 During these times, clothing was very much a status symbol, especially for women. Higher ranking women would wear a shapelier, narrow tunic as an undergarment. This would highlight and mould to certain areas around the bust and waist, the tunic being supported by a crosswire shoulder strap. Slaves and servants would only wear simple loin clothes, or went naked.

 Certain artefacts have been found that certainly support the above, and have shown woman wearing these undergarments.

 Ancient Greece and Rome

History is recorded in a number of ways, and in Ancient Greece a lot can be drawn from their many well preserved figures and statues. One female figure, from around 2,000 B.C., which was found in Crete shows the first ever recorded corset. It consisted of a caged underskirt, which pushes the breast upwards. So, our beloved corsets actually stretch back four thousand years.

 The statues that can be seen in Rome, Greece, and the surrounding islands, often depict woman wearing a crossed band over the shoulder that supports the breast.

As well as the statues, there is plenty of writing to support the early use of lingerie. They are often described as bands of linen that support and control a woman’s body shape.

 Roman fashion followed the Greek very closely, and in Rome, there is evidence in a mosaic (A.D. 400) that show woman wearing a bikini. So, next time you wear yours on the beach, or around the pool, you can safely say that the bikini is two thousand years old.

 The Middle Ages

Just as in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, it was the privileged and nobility that wore undergarments. These were usually placed under very expensive outer dresses because people did not want to have their expensive clothes dirtied by their own skin, but the undergarment also provided an extra layer of warmth.

 There were two huge developments in the undergarment, or lingerie, during the middle ages: the smock (chemise) and later the corset. These were introduced, and widely used between the fourth and sixteenth centuries.

 The Golden Elizabethan Age

Lingerie quickly started to develop during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. This was partly down to the introduction of the skirt, during the mid to late 1500s. These skirts were named a ‘farthingale’ and were available in two types; the Spanish, and the French. The French farthingale quickly became the most popular choice, and many Elizabethans wore a roll or sausage of stiffened material known as a ‘bum roll’ to help hold up the skirt. During the fifteenth century women also wore a ‘basquine’ or ‘vasqine’, which, as you know, is a laced bodice that the farthingale was attached to.

 The French Revolution

During the late 1700s is where lingerie was turned on its head. French woman discarded their more traditional petticoats and corsets and returned to a more Greek approach to undergarments. They replaced the stiffened corset with a more flexible undergarment, where it was more about shaping the body with high-waisted muslins.

 The Innovative Victorians

In the 1800s woman saw the return of the boned corset, following the end of the Napoleonic wars. This form of lingerie was regarded as being part of the fabric of society, and had no class or social boundaries. This trend carried on from the end of the French Revolution to World War One – the corset ruled supreme.


(Image taken from Flickr: Minnesota Historical Society)

The Victorians were often seen as modest and prudish, however this was not the case for most people during this time. The corset allowed women, from all classes and backgrounds, to feel more empowered and feminine.

 The innovative Victorians, in 1829, created the first front fastening bask which allowed woman to put on or take off their corset without the help from anybody else. Victorian woman also started to wear lingerie which was laced trimmed, embroidered and frilled, as well as using silk in their underwear.

 During this time, the Industrial Revolution was starting and in full effect, allowing lingerie to be more mass produced, using moulding and dye to enhance the colour and shape of the lingerie.

 Also, during this innovative period of lingerie development, woman’s stocking were invented, together with the garter. Striptease shows became more popular, with French girls wearing the very latest, and more revealing lingerie items of the era.

 Twentieth Century

This is where comfort became more important than appearance. With social and cultural changes, woman needed lingerie that would support and fit in with their new lives. Woman participated in more sports and dancing, their lives and roles in society were evolving and changing.

 With this softer bra, which had been introduced, came cup sizes in 1935. The four cup sizes were A, B, C and D, with Double D, and Double A coming along later.

 21st Century

Now lingerie producers, and fashion designers had really got a hold on lingerie, bras and pants, they started to really push and develop for the mass market.

More importantly, lingerie started to be developed for every occasion, with the launch of a variety of different styles, types and cup fills. Pants started to be developed with this in mind too, varieties were launched that focused on different types to be worn underneath different clothing.

Over thousands of years lingerie has helped support, change and empower women. It has only been in the last century that lingerie has been made available to every woman.

 The big question is: what is next for lingerie?

Did You Know Dogs Can Be Fashionable Too?

The pet industry has taken the fashion world by storm, with more and more of us investing our time and money in both pets, and their outfits, that would leave most folk hiding in the shadows.

 We have all seen the likes of Paris Hilton carrying around her dog in her handbag, or other tiny dog breeds that have to be carried around like royalty. Dogs should never be treated as a fashion statement, or accessory to their owner.

 Far from it, our four legged friends now have fashion accessories of their very own.

 Over the last few years, there has been a huge leap from tartan dog coats (for cold winter walks) to dog boots and diamante encrusted collars. This huge leap has been driven from the fashion accessory dog. No more is it a fashion accessory for their owner, they now have a fully supported range of clothes, equipment and bedding that their owners are happy to provide to them.


(Image from Flickr: Vivian Chen)

 So, what fashion accessories for dogs are available?

 Well, dog boots and diamante encrusted collars are just the tip of the iceberg. You need to think big if you really want to know what is available for dog lovers.

 There is a wide selection of fashion accessories for woman, from rings and necklaces to hairclips and bows. Fashionable dogs also have these things.

 If you think about the coats, shoes, and costumes available to woman, then dogs have these items too.

 How about dogs wearing sportswear for exercising, just like you may do when you hit the gym? Yes, dogs have a wide range of sportswear, or walkwear, available to buy.

 The amount of products available on the market is truly inspiring. Gone are the days of celebrities using their dogs as an extension of their own fashion, an accessory to themselves, but your four legged friend can stroll into their own walk in wardrobe, and have just as much choice as you do.

 You may think this is a little over the top, but the way the market is going it is only going to get bigger and better for some dog owners.

 If you are a dog owner who likes their furry friend to look their best at all times then doggy fashion will only give you more choice, and drive down prices going forwards. Dog hair clips and bows, as well as precious metals encrusted in their leads, collars and bedding can all be purchased through a number of different online, and high street outlets.

 If you are dog owner who may only look at the very basics, then you are still spoilt for choice. If you like taking your dog for long, mucky, walks in the fields and other open spaces, then you have a variety of accessories available to you. The more traditional tartan coats, and walking harnesses and boots can still make your dog very comfortable, even though you may not see these things as a fashion accessory.

 Whether you want to get your dog looking their best through fashionable accessories, or you aim to be a bit more practical with what accessories you buy, the choices you have are growing each and every week.

Have You Just Booked Your Cruise? Here’s What To Pack

You have just booked your last minute cruise deal, so it is quite understandable that you want to start packing straight away. However, as you know, when you are excited it is more probably that you will forget certain things.

 Cruises are also different to other holidays and vacations, you must remember that you must dress appropriately when you arrive at your departing port, or that you are on a cruise ship with limited shopping areas (and the prices you pay will not be the same as your local grocery store), and you may be calling at a number of destinations that offer something different.

 Each cruise often has the ability to surprise, as the weather on the seas can be a lot different when compared to land based holiday resorts.

 If you have booked your last minute cruise deal, you may have done so by scouring the internet and finding deals on this page.


(Great photo from Pauls Imaging via Flickr)

 With this in mind, here is a useful packing guide especially for those who have booked a cruise.

 Be smart when packing your carry-on bags

This is especially important for those on a fly cruise, when you have to rely on airport staff to get your luggage to you at the first attempt.

 Pack important medications, toiletries and a light change of clothes to take with you. This way you are prepared for the worst case scenario of your luggage going missing in transit. You will have the ability to keep clean and stay healthy. What more could you want before your luggage is forwarded to your next port of call.

 Know the onboard dress codes

The dress code can be very different depending on which cruise operator you use, cruise liner you travel on, and even different areas of the liner itself. Knowing is half the battle before you start to pack.

 Some people still like to dress up, as cruising still holds a sense of class and nostalgia. Men will be in formal suits and tuxedos, while woman are in formal gowns. However, most cruise liners operate a more relaxed approach to dress code, with ‘smart casual’ being very much the theme.

 Do your laundry

If packing light is more your style, then you can make use of the laundry services onboard the cruise liner. Depending on your booking, and what class of cabin you are staying in, the laundry service could be free. However, if laundry is not covered you may want to consider packing a little more, and doing less laundry.

 If you do have to pay for your laundry, then pick up some travel detergent before you board. You can also rinse out shirts and underwear in the cabin’s bathroom or freshen it up with some Febreze to get more than one use out of it.

 Bring your favourite toiletries

Most toiletries are provided in your cabin, but if you have your favourite or preferred brands in soap and shampoo take them with you.

 Likewise, if you dry your hair using a hair dryer do ensure that you pack your own. The hairdryers that are offered as part of your cabin are often weak and not very powerful.

 Bathroom provisions

Each cruise operator and each cruise liner has the potential to offer something a little different to the next. So, if you are thinking about packing your bathrobe, read up on what is included in your cabin and your booking. Word of warning, do not take your bathrobe home as you will be charged for it.

 Some cruise operators will require you to stipulate your requirements before you book. Otherwise it is just a case of checking what bathroom provisions are included on their website or ask your travel agent.

 Dress for your destination

If your last minute cruise includes calling in at a number of destinations, then read up on them. Each destination will offer you something different, so it is important that you not only dress for the destination, but you also respect it too.

 If you are travelling across Europe, expect a more casual approach to attire, but it you are calling in at destinations which have a more strict approach towards your attire then dress appropriately.

 Also, you should think about what you plan to do at your destination. If you are planning on long walks, hiking, biking, exploring and taking in the sights, take comfortable footwear. However, if you plan to keep to the beaches and enjoy the view, then pack some flip flops.

 Save room in your suitcase

No cruise is complete without picking up a few souvenirs during your time at sea and at your destinations. So it is essential that you leave a little bit of room in your suitcase so that you may bring these souvenirs home with you.

 Mix up your clothes

Why waste room in your suitcase with entire outfits or fight over cabin space and who has the last hanger, instead pack clothing items that are easily mixed and matched with one another.

 Try and stick to a minimum selection of colours, for example; black goes with almost anything so try and pack a selection of black tops and bottoms to go with a few of your other items.

 Layers are important too. You may have a good idea what the weather will be like when you depart, but things change, so it is essential that you take items which have the ability to provide you with a number of different layers.

 Accessories are also important, take a small selection of jewellery with you to add a little something to your outfits.

 As the bigger cruise liners hold such a huge capacity of people, you have the ability to wear the same outfit twice without seeing the same person, or group of people again throughout the rest of the cruise.

 Keep your documents safe

When packing, keep all of your important documents with you. This is just common sense.

 Make sure that you pack passports, boarding passes, visas and any forms of identification and keep this with you at all times. Place them in your carry-on bag, rather than your luggage, as it means that you have access to them at all times.

 You are now ready for your last minute cruise deal. Go and enjoy it.

Hot or Not? A Guide To Mens Nightwear

This is an area that has been a thorn in a man’s side for the last decade – Nightwear.

 There has been very little development in fashion when it comes to men’s nightwear, in fact the only addition of note has been the onesie, and that has been modified from babies’ sleepsuits.

 And, every man probably remembers receiving some ‘extraordinary’ pyjama sets for Christmas and birthdays. Not only do you feel uncomfortable in them, if you have a partner just imagine how they feel looking at you, their reaction would be to laugh or cry.


With thanks to Vic for the image

 A man’s desire to look good in the bedroom should not only be restricted to sex. Instead it is important that a man feels good in what they wear, again this should apply to the bedroom with some great nightwear available at

 So, what is on offer in the bedroom for men today?

 This guide will run through several items of nightwear that should be considered. Every man is different, and will have their very own likes and dislikes. So, here we go:

 Lounge Pants

These are probably one of the most popular choices, and can be found in either a chequered or plain design.

 If you choose to go for chequered pants, ensure that you have a matching plain top (assuming that you want to wear one). The matching plain top will go well with nearly any pattern on your chequered lounge pants. Do not wear a patterned top, as matching the patterns can be incredibly difficult. Remember, you want to feel comfortable when you are wearing lounge pants, so it is important that they look the part.

 The Dressing Gown

Also known as a robe in some places, the dressing gown comes in two different types. Men have the choice between the traditional fleecy number, which is ideal for those cold days during the winter months. There is also a lightweight alternative, and you may be thinking of the silky, oriental types, but in reality you can pick up some great plain designs.


The footwear you can officially wear indoors, without the looks from your other half. There are two choices when it comes to slippers, the luxurious leather slippers or the more comfortable fabric loafers.

 Briefs and Boxers

Obviously not at the same time, it is one or the other. Underwear may not be classed as your more traditional nightwear, but many men do opt for briefs or boxers when hitting the hay.

 It is not surprising, as what is comfortable and confident during the day can be reflected during the evening and night. Fit is essential when choosing either briefs or boxers.


The classic woven pyjamas have been one of the mainstays of men’s nightwear. These can be very sexy and extremely comfortable, but are also very individual.

 Some men prefer the lounge pants, or shorts, with a t-shirt, whilst others will opt for the woven pyjamas. Some men will go for a combination or something in-between. Whatever you choose, be sure that your comfortable as this will breed confidence.

 Take pride in your nightwear.

How To Look Amazing On Your Big Day: Wedding Tips For The Modern Girl

I don’t get to write that many articles about fashion tips for brides, so I’ve been looking forward to this one for quite a while. At my own wedding, people were constantly telling me how beautiful I looked, and so I know how important it is to pick out the best possible dress. With that in mind, this post will draw attention to some of the items you may wish to consider, whilst also highlighting exactly why they work so well. At the end of the day, this is probably going to be one of the most special occasions of your life, so it’s vital you get it right.

 You might think that heading down to your local dress store and picking out the most expensive items would be enough, however; you need to put a lot more thought into your outfit. So, take a quick read through all the suggestions I’ve made here, and you should come away with a better understanding on the type of products that are guaranteed to make you look like a million dollars.


Photograph author link

Choosing The Perfect Dress

Presuming you’ve decided to get married during the summer, you definitely want to opt for a traditional white dress. However, you don’t have to pick something up with a huge tail, as this looks very 1980’s. Instead, ask to see some of the stores more fitted numbers because short and slinky is very much “in” at this time of year. Also, avoid anything with floral patterns.

Choosing The Perfect Jewellery

Unless you want to look like as natural as possible, it’s wise to pick out some great quality wedding jewellery. Personally, I like to see a diamond necklace and perhaps a small and elegant bracelet in the same style, but you should aim to find something that suits your choice of dress. As your wedding ring is probably going to be made out of gold, it’s best to wear silver jewellery to ensure your most prized possession is highlighted sufficiently.

Choosing The Perfect Shoes

Footwear can be a real pain on your wedding day, as even the shortest of dresses tend to hang very low. Obviously, you’ll need some attractive heels that match the rest of your outfit, so try to find white shoes with silver decorations if you can. Alternatively, consider having some specially made for your big day. While this might cost a lot, you can’t really think about the money too much on this occasion.

Choosing The Perfect Accessories

As you can see from the image I’ve included alongside this post, elbow length white gloves make for the ideal wedding accessory, and so you should most definitely purchase some for your big day. Try to find them in silk or velvet, as this will make you feel comfortable and luxurious.

Now you’ve read through all my tips, I’m confident you’ll look like an angel when your wedding day finally arrives. Just don’t forget to plan well ahead, and everything should go smoothly. Also, feel free to send me an invitation because I love a good knees-up.


I wish you the best of luck with your marriage!


Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Bargains At Outlet Stores

bargainThere has been a steady rise in the popularity of outlet stores in UK in recent years.  In response to the popularity, more have opened up all over the country including the likes of brand outlets, factory outlets and discount designer outlets.  The reason these are so popular is simple – if you want to save money and are not too worried about buying items and lines that are anything from 6 months to a year outside of the current trends, you can from these types of stores.

Discount outlet shopping malls are one of the most popular and normally have a minimum of around 30 stores with bigger malls having in excess of 100.  There is usually something for everyone with all bases covered such as housewares and linen, electrical goods, toys, sporting goods, handbags and luggage, jewellery and accessories, shoes as well as children’s, women’s and men’s clothing.  It is very easy to make a day of it at an outlet store as there are always a few inexpensive coffee shops, cafes and restaurants where you can make a pit stop.

Some Important Things To Keep In Mind

Although it is hard not to get carried away at a mall where there are so many reduced labels and the word sale plastered in every shop window, there are some important things you should keep in mind t so that you shop sensibly.

Remember not to get too caught up in the sale atmosphere.  It is safe to say that we all have at one time looked in our wardrobes to proudly gaze at our bargains only to think “What was I thinking buying this?”  Even if you say you haven’t, the chances are that you are in denial, so keep a level head and try to get the right bargains for you.

While tags that say 50% and 70% make you feel like you are getting an amazing bargain, keep in mind that this will be a percentage off the RRP.  The RRP is generally a lot of wishful thinking on the part of the retailer or manufacturer and not what you may pay in normal shops for the item.

Carefully look at and check items to make sure they are marked correctly if there is damage or the condition isn’t perfect.  If they are seconds they should be marked accordingly, but often aren’t.  It is important to make sure that the condition of items you are interested in is acceptable for you before buying them because almost all designer and discount outlets have “no return” policies.

One final word of warning is that you should note that many of the discount outlets in the UK are part of bigger operations with the same shops appearing in everyone.  Although this may not be very important, it is just something to keep in mind when something is perhaps marked as a one-off exclusive as the truth is it’s probably available in other outlets throughout the country.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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What Makes Slip-Resistant Shoes Essential to Use

Have you ever considered your choice when picking the right shoes to buy? For many professionals around, having the kind of shoes that goes with their profession and company’s uniform policy is important. However, not many are aware about the importance of using slip-resistant shoes. Or do they even realize what a slip-resistant shoe is.


What exactly is a slip-resistant shoe? It is a kind of shoe that provides safety benefits of not getting into any accident. Mainly, it is designed and made to increase traction through special sole materials that prevents slipping. Most work shoes are with slip-resistant technology to prevent accidents in the workplace. In order to give you better ideas about slip-resistant shoes, here are some of its advantages:

Prevents Accident

The percentage of employees being hospitalized due to slips and falls in the workplace are increasing. But with proper use of work shoes, specifically the kind of shoes with anti-slip design, accidents can definitely be prevented. The microscopic roughness on slip-resistant shoe sole allows proper gripping on the floor. It gives anyone the composure that you can work with proper protection.

Money Saving

Wonder why a slip-resistant shoe can help save some amount of money? Less accidents would mean less expense. The employee hospitalization cost that many companies pay every year for workplace accidents is undeniably big. But then again, using some slip-resistant safety shoes would mean savings. Companies should really think about implementing a slip-resistant shoe program. The use of floor mats to avoid slips can also be eliminated in case everyone in the workplace wears the safety shoes, reducing some cost.

Fashion Plus Safetyfashionable

If there’s something that everyone will love about the slip-resistant shoes is the fashion plus the safety that it offers. Yes! Slip-resistant

After knowing what a slip-resistant shoe can offer, do you wonder how can you buy one? There are obviously a lot of best professional and safety shoe shops around. The internet can give you massive options. You can specifically ask for slip-resistant shoes and you will absolutely find options that suit your taste and style. You can also find them at reasonable prices. The protection and the savings it provides are worth the cost that you have to shoes still come in style. The additional safety feature doesn’t have to ruin your fashion stylishness. They can be used in almost everywhere. Thus, there will be no reason why you should not buy one for yourself.

Jena Branch is a fashion enthusiast who believes on the importance of practical shopping. You can visit if you need more ideas about slip-resistant shoes.


Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Experience Katy Perry At The o2 Arena This Year

katie perry

It seems like there are very few people in the Western world who don’t know who Katy Perry (originally known as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson) is.  The singer/songwriter has, over the last 10 years, risen from a bright star with unfulfilled potential into one of the biggest and most adored global pop superstars.  Her road to music and success started when she was a youngster singing Christian gospel music.  Then she left home to seek out something different.

It was anything but easy in the beginning and Katy had to deal with many roads to many of the roads to success leading to dead ends.  That was until, surprisingly enough, she got dropped from a record deal with Columbia Records in ’06.  This was the catalyst for the turning point in her professional life.  Columbia’s publicity executive at the time was Angelica Cob-Baehler.  She realised the mistake that Columbia Records had made dropping Ms Perry and underhandedly made a passionate plea to Virgin Records boss at the time Jason Flom.  Ms Cob-Baehler recommended that Katy would be a big star and that Virgin Records should not pass up the opportunity.

It was soon after that Katy signed to Capitol Music Group, the company that resulted in the Virgin and Columbia merger, and this led to the writing, recording and release of One Of The Boys, her debut album under her new stage name.  There was 3 globally successful singles released from that album that you undoubtedly remember flooding all media outlets – Ur So Gay, I Kissed A Girl and Hot N Cold.

Following an extensive tour in support of her album, she also found time to record an MTV unplugged album, an album collaborating with production team The Matrix and make a number of appearances on other peoples albums, such as Timbaland and Gavin Rossdale.  She released the first single from her second major label album, Teenage Dream in ’10 – called California Gurls.  The song featured the West Coast rap legend Snoop Doggy Dogg and was a smash hit.  This was followed by the singles Teenage Dream, Firework, Last Friday Night and One That Got Away.  As with the last album, she toured for a long time round the world and also made her first appearance in a movie, voicing a female smurf in The Smurfs film.

Cut to 2013 when Ms Perry released one of the big hits of the summer, Roar.  This was followed by Prism, her third studio album.  Prism was supposed to be a lot darker than it turned out, as the sound and structure was inspired by the Swedish dance scene.  The songs Unconditionally and Dark Horse were also released as singles before the end of 2013.

Katy Perry begins the firstleg of her 3rd world tour, The Prismatic World Tour.  The tour starts in Belfast as the Odyssey Arena and features support from quirky pop act Icona Pop.  Ms Perry will also be stopping at Glasgow’s amazing Hydro.  If you are a big fan based in London you will want to get Katy Perry tickets at the O2, as that will undoubtedly be a highlight of the whole tour.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Beauty essentials for getting back into the world of dating


After a divorce or a messy break-up, lots of women swear they will never get sucked into another relationship. However, after spending enough time licking their wounds, the possibility of getting back into the dating game might seem appealing even though at first a little overwhelming. 

The thought of dating again shouldn’t stress anyone out. Here are some things that every woman should know before getting back into the world of dating.

Jumping right in

First things first: freshen up before stepping out. Get a new haircut, splurge on a mani-pedi, or get a fun new outfit. When a woman looks good, she feels good – and that’s what it’s all about in the dating game. But looking good isn’t going to generate dates, no matter how sexy that new hairdo is. Join a book club, let friends and neighbours know, and get online.

Dating sites are a great way to meet like-minded people, so check a few out. Maybe even start with the Global Personals LinkedIn page. Please remember, that your profile picture is actually pretty important.  Though it should be the last thing a prospective date looks at, it will always be the first. The secret to a good profile picture is to keep it simple – and a full-body shot can increase chances of receiving messages significantly. Just stay away from cheesy selfies.

Blushing away

Finding a cream blush in the right shade is one of the best beauty secrets a girl can learn – there’s no need to carry a brush, it’s long lasting, looks natural, and is easy to apply. In some cases, the cream blush can also be used on the lips. It’s a good idea when you go shopping during the day and the end results should look like the skin after a good workout or hot shower.

Vaseline is a girl’s best friend

Petroleum jelly has been around for years, and rightly so. This simple, inexpensive product can be used for dozens of things, such as softening lips and elbows, preventing the effects of hair dye along the hairline, and lengthening lashes (yes, some women believe that applying a small amount of Vaseline before bed can help lashes grow long and strong.)

No time? Dry shampoo

Sometimes, there just isn’t time to wash, dry, and style the hair – but who wants to walk out of the house looking like they just rolled out of bed? Dry shampoo is definitely the way to go – apply it close to the scalp and brush though to absorb grease and give a dirty head a nice, clean scent in just seconds.

Roll on the scent

Most perfume producers make small versions of their scents, often in a roller. This is a convenient, purse-sized alternative to carrying a full bottle of perfume around all day – perfect for freshening up on a quick trip to the ladies’ between the appetizers and main course. Perfume rollers are also a good way to test out a new scent without having to spend money on a full bottle.

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