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Most Beautiful Offices in the World and What They Have in Common


While the modern age had brought us office cubicles and working conditions that can only be described as borderline inhumane, it had also seen the idea of an office taken to the next level. A number of companies, having realized how much they stand to gain by making their employees feel right at home, have created workplaces that truly are masterpieces in their own right. What do they all have in common?

Besides being the envy of everyone who works in just about any kind of office on the planet, these are the places where people come first and our natural inclination to be more productive in an interesting and stimulating environment is more important than a few square feet of space or saving by buying in bulk, and where offices are fit out with the most comfort for people in mind.


The tech giant is well-known for its somewhat quirky and decidedly unconventional approach on the traditional office. Google’s offices feature bright colors, slides, lounge areas and often almost a childlike vision of what a perfect workplace would be. They are vibrant, comfortable, funny and warm, providing a working environment worthy of Google’s stature and famous sense of humor.

White Mountain Office – Stockholm

This former anti-atomic shelter located a hundred feet below Stockholm has the whiff of extravagance and grandeur no Bond villain would find insufficient. The 4000 square feet home to Swedish internet service provider has a very modern, sleek look with rustic elements reminiscent of steam-punk and makes for one of the most unique workplaces found anywhere in the world.

Red Bull Office – London

Situated in the converted building of five old pubs in the middle of London, this Red Bull office was bound to be interesting solely for the character and history of the structure. Initially the floors were not the same height and the former pubs were not even connected. The designers have kept some of the original charm with a nod to the old times reflected in the fact that the reception becomes a bar at night.Offices are spacious, colorful, with a lounge-like vibe and plenty of interesting features aimed at boosting creativity of about a hundred Red Bull employees that call this place their home away from home.

Parliament – Portland, Oregon

Parliament has provided their employees with a work environment that can only be described as a modern take on the combination of a mountain cottage and a game-room. It features plenty of recycled materials, primarily wood, some of it salvaged from and old barn and a church and given and exquisite, glossy finish. The walls are covered with old street signs, posters and various objects referencing to popular culture. Some modern furniture and elements of industrial style are also thrown in the mix here and there, with a bearskin to top it all off.

Although all of these companies are very successful, that is not what made them throw away the corporate office handbook and go wild with the interior design. If it was, more successful companies would do the same, and we all know that is not how the world works. These and other companies with similar approach to workplace design differ from the rest because they take pride in their workers feeling good, not just being good workers.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Fitting Jeans

I am sure you will agree with me readers that we feel a certain amount of unquantifiable joy when we put on a perfect pair of jeans. However, finding a perfect pair of jeans that make you look and feel trim and slim can be quite a difficult task. However there is help in the form of the 5 tips that I will talk you through in the article below.

Fabric Support

The key ingredient you need to hide imperfections and provide your body with the necessary support is to wear Spandex or Lycra as these will very literally hold everything in place and smooth it all out. This will give you the effect of having long lean legs, the main reason why we want to wear those perfectly snug jeans. This fabric will also help prevent sagging and give a lifting effect to your behind by contouring round it.

Waistband Placement

This is something that many people get wrong, both men and women. The waistband of your jeans should be just below your belly button and be made from a stretchy material. You should feel supported without there being any spill over or pinching. The best way to avoid the dreaded muffin top look is to avoid buying jeans that fit way too tightly.

Avoid Fading And Whiskering

Fading is something you will want to avoid if you are looking for a very clean look. Faded jeans discolouration will draw unwanted attention to areas like your butt and thighs and highlight/emphasise them. Whiskering is faded lines which are added to jeans around certain areas such as your knees, thighs and crotch, and although these can accentuate and widen your hips; as with the case of any type of discolouration, it might not work well with your particular body shape.

Look For Clean Washes

It doesn’t matter whether you choose a dark or light wash colour, although dark is generally considered more flattering. The important thing is that the lines are relatively simple. Excessive distress, embellished pockets and contrast stitching can all add volume; so be wary when choosing jeans that feature any of these.

Pocket Placement

Although the first thing we all do when we try on a pair of jeans is turn round and check out how good or bad our butt looks in them. However, more attention should be given to wear the pockets lie on your body. Ideally, the pocket’s bottom should be aligned with the top of your thigh. Pockets that are too low will cause sagging or flatten your butt rather than contouring it.

So there we have it ladies, some fine and helpful tips for you from Lady Rebecca for finding the perfect fitting jeans. As a bit of fun, you should head over to and try out the fun and quick quiz, which will help you discover the type of jeans you should be aiming for and then head over to Universal Store to have a look at some jeans! Yay, shopping!

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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The Lowdown on Lingerie

Lingerie: a sound investment or a waste of money? When you look at the lingerie market in the UK and beyond, it is easy to see why it is a million pound industry. Lingerie can make us feel confident and sexy, simply by slipping on a new pair of knickers. The emotions that are derived from wearing lingerie cannot be matched by other articles of clothing. For reasons that cannot be quantified, only lingerie can evoke unknown feelings in us that other garments simply cannot.


Thank you, ForgeMind Archimedia, for the image

 If you are in desperate need of a lingerie overhaul, then look no further. Be inspired by satin, silk and lace and so much more:


Satin is, undoubtedly, the most feminine and luxurious of all fabrics and relatively cheap when compared to silk. Women find that they love the feel of the soft, sumptuous fabric against their skin and can make them feel invincible when they wear it. The great thing about satin is that it is great for everyday wear too as it is not only sexy, but comfortable and practical too. However, this type of fabric is probably best worn in the cooler, autumn and winter months as it can be a little clingy during the heat of the summer. Popular patterns for autumn/winter 2014 include polka dots in vibrant reds and dusky pinks.



Without a doubt lace is the fabric for the ultimate femme fatale. If you are looking for understated, sexy lingerie then stick with classic black lace. The key to lace is to keep it looking expensive, so black is perfect for this. Cheap lace looks exactly that, so stick to classic black tones for maximum impact. Opt for a plunge bra and French knickers for a killer look overall. While it may not be practical for everyday use, it certainly can add a certain je ne sais quoi to your weekend shenanigans.

Do not be fooled into thinking that cotton undies are solely worn by the more mature lady, there are some seriously beautiful cotton lingerie designs for spring and summer 2014. Imagine you are in a sweet shop, now imagine all the colours in that sweet shop; pastel hues, candy stripes, vibrant sherbets. It is enough to make your mouth water. Now imagine cotton underwear for this spring/summer season. Think pretty pastels in pinks and lilacs, vibrant sherbets in vivid lemons and vivid red tones, all adorning cotton undergarments. Most cotton underwear is adorned with pretty lace trims and satin inserts to make the lingerie look even more fabulous. If you are looking for comfortable, everyday, wearable lingerie, then you should be looking at cotton picks. Great quality designer lingerie and underwear should be enjoyed on a daily basis, not just on an as and when basis. Treat yourself to sumptuous cotton underwear and feel confident every day.


Slimming Pants:

Forget Bridget Jones and those iconic, huge pants, slimming underwear can be seriously sexy too. If you feel that you need a little help in the slimming department, but still want to enjoy your food, then cheat! Invest in slimming underwear and you will feel wonderful. They come in a vast array of colours, bright and pleasant, coupled with beautiful designs; leopard print, Aztec and floral. There is a slimming pant of choice for you.

Clothes That Actually Fit You!

Clothes That Actually Fit You

Shopping can verge on the traumatic sometimes after trying on clothes that pinch in odd places or sag in other areas. Often times a frustrating trip to the mall can convince us that we really do need to hit the gym so that we will actually fit in normal clothes. And while weight loss can be a good goal depending on your current health, your body may not necessarily be to blame.

Why Don’t Things Fit Right?

New research seems to suggest that nationally, the basic shape of both men and women’s bodies seems to be changing. SizeUSA began as a research project to identify what the modern figure actually looks like. “We heard a lot of complaints from consumers about not being able to find clothes that fit them,” explains project director Jim Lovejoy.

After scanning the shapes of 10,000 American men and women of various races, sizes and areas, SizeUSA mathematically calculated a real “average” body type. And “not surprisingly” the size of the average person was not the same as that which the fashion industry bases clothing on.

Most clothes today are made with an hourglass shape in mind for both men and women. But Lovejoy reports that today men “are now leaning more towards what we call the inverted triangular shape, their shoulders wider than their hips, while women are going the other way, pear-shaped, with hips wider than shoulders.”

This might help explain why clothing at the store doesn’t always fit like a glove on our frames.

Tailored for Your Body

With clothes that are not made for your body and endless options, from slim fit to wide legs, some individuals feel at a loss when it comes to clothes shopping. Many people have turned custom clothing. For instance, some shop bras can be ordered in custom sizes, even half sizes, designed specifically for your shape.

When customized clothing is not available or you fall in love with a department style but want an individual fit, tailoring can be the perfect option. Designer Rebecca Moses points out that “clothes are made for an average form, certain generic measurements, and no one really has the ideal average form. We all have something different body-wise.” And that can make finding the perfect fit tricky, if not impossible sometimes. That is why having your wardrobe tailored can be a fantastic investment. Just like maintenance on a piece of equipment, alterations can help your clothing perform better.


Understanding how clothes are designed today and how your individual body might not match the “average” type—which it turns out no one’s frame really does anyway—can help you find custom garments or a good tailor. With clothes made for your body, you can feel more comfortable and confident.

Image from

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Biggest Trends for Weddings in 2015


I know it might seem ridiculously early to be thinking about 2015 already but in the fashion world seasons are thought of months and months in advance. The bridal catwalks for 2015 have just finished and the big trends have been released.

Let’s break them down into bite-size manly chunks. And don’t worry we haven’t forgot the men’s cravats or wedding attire!

Vintage Glamour

From the glamour of 20s Gatsby up to the flamboyant 70s, vintage and retro glamour is all go for weddings.  This means skinny ties and slim cut suits if you’re channelling a 60s feel with your bride in a fabulous full-skirted gown. For the 20s/30s there are deep V-Neck dresses with slim cut skirts and beautiful lace. For you, the Gatsby inspired theme is a super sharp three-piece suit and slick hair.

If you fancy an American Hustle 70s themed wedding, please send us an invite as we’d love to see this in action! Here you can go for the big collars and brown suits with fab yellow flowers as accents. This might not be to everyone’s taste though so be careful that it doesn’t look too fancy dress party. If 70s is your thing, perhaps go for retro inspired décor and stick to modern outfits.

Sparkling Embellishments

This ties into the 20s Gatsby theme if your bride is going with a vintage and an embellished number but these sparkles can be made modern with flowing silhouettes and tiny gems to create a sophisticated boho feel. For this trend, we don’t suggest going for an all out crystal embellished morning suit, don’t worry. Perhaps leave this one up to her!

This can be encorporated into the décor much more easily that your personal wedding attire so why not try embellished table runners for a really opulent feel? Or suggest this to your bride to be for some serious future husband points.

Pastel Hues

As seen on the catwalks by designers such as Monique Lhuillier and Veronica Shaefer (ask your Mrs.), pastels were everywhere. They’ve been a huge trend for both menswear and womenswear for years now, when springtime rolls around, so do pastel colours. This season coordinate with your bride with pastel hues of mint, lemon, pale pink and lavender.  Wedding ties and cravats can be easily picked up in coordinating pastels and look great juxtaposed against a grey suit.

This is a really pretty theme and looks fab encorporated into the whole of them wedding. Try pastel flowers and invitations if you don’t fancy going the whole hog with a pastel pink suit!

Visit here to know more about Weddings

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Wrinkle Busting Myths Debunked

So many of us are seeking different ways to make ourselves even more beautiful. While facials and beauty treatments are great for short term solutions, many of us seem to ignore the many wrinkle busting treatments we can obtain from our local plastic surgeon. While it may seem a slightly drastic approach, the treatments available are incredibly safe and non-invasive. Consider wrinkle busting treatments as a step forward from the mundane facial. If you are not entirely convinced, you will be after this article:

Wrinkle relaxers are going to be a big hit in 2014 and beyond, when people are looking for more permanent solutions to their big beauty dilemmas. Wrinkle relaxers cause minimal discomfort and are completely affordable. What is more, they can bust those pesky lines once and for all, without having to spend a fortune on lotions, potions and other miracle cures. You may as well clear you beauty shelf, as those products simply will not work.

In summary, wrinkle relaxers in Perth, is the way forward to busting those unwanted facial lines. A small injection is applied to the face, and eliminates lines accordingly. Of course, you do not want to overdo the injections, as you may end up looking frozen. However, a good reputable surgeon will not allow you to overdo the treatments, ensuring that your face retains all its movements as well as your natural beauty.

Specifically, the injections are applied around the eyes and mouth, where most problem lines occur within women. While the injection will iron out your wrinkles and lines, your facial movements will still have freedom, meaning that you will not be left looking like an expressionless zombie! Your face will retain all movements and your beauty will be there for all to see. Wrinkle relaxers act as though you have had a fully fledged brow lift, but without the invasive surgery.


Photo is courtesy of Greta PPP

Of course, this kind of treatment seems only to be available to celebrities, but why shouldn’t you treat yourself to something that you desire. You too can look like Jennifer Aniston in no time (although we cannot guarantee that her hot boyfriend will come as a part of the deal!)

So many women lack confidence in their looks and it is so sad to see. If you are feeling a little down on yourself and you need a lift, as well as boosting your confidence, then seek the advice of medical professionals who will be able to talk you through the process in its entirety. Of course, this guide should not act a replacement for surgeons and doctors, who are obviously the experts in their field.

Opting for a little lift is not cheating; it is giving you back years that you thought you had lost as well as giving you a huge confidence boost in the process. While many creams, lotions and potions claim to take over a decade from your face, the sad truth is, is that they do not. Treat yourself to a wrinkle relaxing treatment and you will never look back.

Creating the Ultimate Fashionable Walk in Closet


We all dream of the Carrie-inspired walk in closet from the movie – you know which one I’m talking about: when she steps into the new apartment with Mr.Big and discovers the gorgeous open space that’s meant to become her own personal closet.  Even her own walk in closet in the small Manhattan apartment was to die for. We’ve also seen scenes of celebrity walk in closets,designed by some of the best interior designers and filled with gorgeous shoes and closets… a girl can only dream!

So we don’t all have the amount of space and designer-wear of celebritiesand movies, but we can still create a beautiful area for our clothes and for ourselves.

How do we create the ultimate fashionable walk in closet?

First thing’s first – think like an interior designer. What colors do you want for your closet? If you have the freedom to implement furniture or shelving, which and what size? Think of the design options you have available based on the shape and space of your area.  Beautiful walk in closets will have a few mutual components: order, separation and color.  If you stick to these three elements, you will have a strong start with your design.

pinkwallpaperColors are important because they influence us psychologically. Is your closet a haven of relaxation or a trendy and fashionable spot? Pick the right color based on what you want your closet to ‘say’. If you’re all about glamour, an easy way to make the closet glamorous while adding a strong touch of color is by using wallpaper instead of paint. Wallpaper stores like will have a huge line of fashionable options to fit your design. They even have Versace-made designs available.. what could be a better fit?

Remember to maximize storage. Walk in closets are usually small and clothes and shoes pile up. Avoid this by ensuring that you’re maximizing use of the area and never keep any clutter in your closet. You will need an area for accessories to be stored neatly and safely, an area for shoes, for your pants, tops, seasonal clothing and other items. Everything must have a ‘home’ of it’s own where it’s easily and properly stored after use.

A great strategy is to look for inspiration online by searching for walk in closet designs. You will find a huge variety of ideas from both higher and lower end closets. Many sites offer DIY solutions, while others work with budget friendly products from affordable stores and yet manage to make their closets look so chic! HGTV (an interior design channel) has an entire section on walk-in closets that offers ideas for every budget and closet size.

Finally consider the smaller details. A full length mirror is a must – after all, how else will you be able to see how great you look in your attire? You also want a quality mirror, not one that gives you an unflattering reflection. Make sure you have proper lighting in your closet. If you don’t, glam up the space with a lighter bulb and consider a small chandelier to decorate the room.

Most importantly, enjoy your walk in closet and shape it to your needs and desires!

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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