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Hair Extensions: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Hair extensions are perfect when you’re looking for a bit of a change or when you weren’t quite quick enough to stop the hairdresser cutting your locks really, really short! Of course, like everything in a girl’s life, choosing the right hair extensions can be a tricky business. What length to go for? Clip in or flip in? Virgin or Remy? How is a girl to choose?! Lucky for you, I’ve got some hot tips to impart.


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The Good

For gorgeous locks it has to be Remy Hair. Also called Cuticle Hair, Remy is a collection of real human hair from a single donor, picked one strand at a time (I kid you not!). The cuticles all point the same way, which means they don’t tangle and they can be blended seamlessly with your natural hair. Since it’s real, you can abuse it in much the same way you would your own hair; dye it, straighten it, curl it and it’ll bounce back quite happily.

The best origin for your hair really depends on your background. Peruvian hair blends well with Caucasian textures, whilst Brazilian hair is a great match for Hispanic tresses. A good hairdresser will be able to advise you on the best match for you.

Now, how to fix it to your head? Micro-bead technology is really clever and ridiculously easy to maintain. Best of all, it doesn’t damage your natural hair. These babies connect to your hair with a little bead on the end of the extension, are happy to oblige any and all use of heat-styling appliances and last for up to four months. Of course they’re pricey, but beauty is pain.


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The Bad

Not all human hair is as lovingly treated as Remy. In fact, you can get some really rather atrocious examples. A lot of the cheaper alternatives undergo machine processing that strip them of the cuticle, leaving them brittle, dry and prone to tangling. These guys do not take kindly to dying and heat-styling is a definite no no.

Glue in hair extensions definitely belong to the bad category. The glue used can cause your natural hair to break and the weight of the extensions has been known to cause actual hair thinning. Add to that the fact that you can’t get any conditioner or styling products on the glue or go anywhere near it with a curling iron and you’ve got one bad option.


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The Ugly

It really doesn’t get much uglier than synthetic hair. Artificially glossy, flame retardant and often heat resistant (no perfect curls for you) this really is a last resort.

You know what’s coming now right? Yep. Its the clip ins. Ignoring the fact that they are a pain to put in (they are) and that the clips hurt your scalp (they do) the main problem with this quick fix is that they tangle easily. Matted dreadlocks anybody? Even the most expensive hair isn’t enough to rescue the clip ins. More often than not, when you swish your flowing locks for all to see, everybody will also get a glimpse of the big old clips holding them in. Definitely ugly.

New Breasts Need New Clothes!

If you’re planning on having, or have had, breast augmentation surgery, one of the most fun things you can look forward to is planning your new wardrobe. After all, your body has changed shape, and you’ll probably find that most of your tops and dresses (not to mention underwear) doesn’t fit anymore.

But before you hit the shops, here are a few hints and tips you might want to consider while you are recovering from a breast augmentation.

Take your time

It can take a couple of months for the swelling in your breast or breasts to go down, so be patient. There’s no point spending a lot of money on new clothes, only to have to do it again once everything has settled down.

See what still fits

First, try on your old clothes to see what still fits and what doesn’t. If the fabric is pulling across your chest, buttons are popping open, or you’re getting gaps between the front buttons of a shirt, it’s time for some new clothes. But instead of throwing your old clothes away, consider donating them to a charity shop or organising a clothes swapping party with your friends.


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Get measured

As soon as you think you’re ready, make sure you get measured for your new bra size. Most department stores and underwear shops will offer this service free of charge. And there’s no need to feel embarrassed, they have seen all sizes and shapes before! It’s important to get your bra size right so that you feel comfortable, and your breasts are well supported. This is particularly important for sports bras too as you will need some extra support.


Try on lots of different styles to figure out your new size – and to find out what flatters your new shape. If you’re used to wearing tight or low-cut tops, you may find that you now spill out of the top. So look for styles that accentuate your new bust without looking cheap or vulgar.

Avoid high necklines and double-breasted jackets as these can make you look top heavy. Also avoid fussy tops with ruffles or frills across the chest. Instead, try single-breasted styles or tops with a deep V-neck, which will elongate your body while also showing off your curves.

Take a friend – and a camera

Take a friend with you for a second opinion about your new clothes. It’s also an idea to have them take some pictures on your phone or camera, so you can see yourself from lots of different angles. Why not make a full day of it with lunch and some luxury beauty treatments too?


If your bust is bigger, but the rest of your body is the same shape, you may find it difficult to find one-pieces that fit. Instead, try bikinis or tankinis that allow you to buy different sizes in tops and bottoms. You may also want to go for a bikini top that has built-in support or underwiring.

Enjoy your new body

Most importantly, find new styles that flatter your new shape and make you feel great.

How To Choose A Good Plastic Surgeon

If you are considering undergoing cosmetic surgery, choosing the right surgeon is one of the most important decisions you will need to make.

To help you choose the best surgeon, we have put together a handy guide to help you.

San Diego Faceial Plastic Surgeon Amir Karam

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How do I go about choosing a surgeon?

Most cosmetic surgery procedures require a fully trained and highly skilled surgeon. It is important to consider a number of different factors when choosing your surgeon. One of the most important things to look for in a surgeon is medical training qualifications and surgical experience.

When choosing your surgeon ensure you pick one who has an excellent reputation and who you feel comfortable with. Breast enlargement procedures and tummy tucks require a long time in surgery, so it is important to fully trust your surgeon. As these procedures are performed in close proximity to some of your major organs, it is important that your surgeon takes extra care.

As each procedure requires a different amount of skill, it is a good idea to choose a surgeon who specialises in the procedure that you are having.

Do your research

Once you find a surgeon that you like and can trust, do your research on them. Ask around and if possible, get in touch with some of their previous patients. Speak to your doctor and ask whether they have heard of your surgeon before. If not, ask if they can recommend another reputable surgeon.

If you have a friend or family member who has had cosmetic surgery in the past, ask them to recommend the surgeon or clinic that took care of them. You will feel much more comfortable with your surgeon if a friend or family member can vouch for them.

Go for consultations

Before picking your plastic surgeon, go for at least three or four consultations. Look around each of the clinics and see what you think. Trust your gut instinct, if you feel uncomfortable with certain surgeon or at a certain clinic then choose a different one. There is no point feeling more anxious and uncomfortable before having a major medical procedure done. Choose a clinic that you feel completely comfortable at and a surgeon you know you can trust.

Ask lots of questions

Once you have picked your surgeon, go back and meet them a second time. Discuss your procedure, ask about your recovery time and the success rate of your chosen surgery. Before you come in for your procedure, ensure that you have all the plastic surgery information that the clinic can provide.

Ask how long the procedure will take, what aftercare the clinic will provide. It is also advisable to ask your surgeon about the process if your operation is not successful – do you have to pay for it to be redone? If your surgeon does not react well to these questions or refuses to answer them, then it would be a good idea to rethink your options and choose a different clinic or surgeon.

The Only Glowing Skin Guide You’ll Ever Need

Glowing skin is one of the most attractive ways to look pretty and healthy. But how do you find the line between glowing skin, and skin that looks like you’ve rolled in Wotsits? I’m going to tell you! Sit back, relax, and get your glow on…

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise

If you don’t already cleanse, tone, and moisturise regularly then you can’t expect to have glowing skin. You need to make sure that you’re doing this once in the morning and once at night for the best results. You should also ensure that you’re using products to suit your skin type, as products that aren’t meant for your skin type will only hinder your results. Check out reviews in magazines and online to see what products are the most effective too. For example, Alpha H moisturiser at Blow LTD has been in Vogue. With press like that you know a product must be good!


Exfoliating your skin is very important. It helps to improve blood flow and circulation, as well as get rid of dry, dead skin. You need to exfoliate your face and your body for the best results. However, you should use different products. Products that are perfect for the body will not be great for the face, and vice versa.

Face Masks

Use a face mask once per week to get rid of imperfections and leave you with a smooth complexion. I usually find that my skin looks much nicer after a face mask. An essential part of any skincare routine!

Spot Sticks

Spots can make our skin glow, but for all the wrong reasons. You don’t want your skin to glow because it’s red and sore, do you? A quality spot stick should help when you have a break out. They usually reduce size and redness in a matter of hours.

False Tan

A light false tan is a fantastic way to fake a healthy glow. It can take a little practice to master, but it gives a lovely finish once you’ve got it right. Here are some tips:

  • Use a mitt to stop orange palms.
  • Start from your feet and work your way up.
  • Apply slowly and evenly.
  • Concentrate on areas that are easily missed, such as the back of the arms and legs.
  • Leave the tan to dry wearing dark, old clothes.
  • Shower off excess in the morning.
  • Moisturise afterwards for smooth skin!

Clever Makeup

Clever makeup is a way you can create the perfect glow too! Here are step by step instructions:

  • Prep skin with regular routine.
  • Apply primer.
  • Use coloured concealer to hide imperfections such as dark circles.
  • Apply foundation or tinted moisturiser.
  • Apply regular concealer where needed.
  • Lightly dust over some bronzer on the areas of your face that the sun naturally hits.

Food and Drink

To go with your new glowing skin routine, make sure you’re making an effort to eat and drink well too. Try to avoid pre packaged junk and only eat natural foods. Get plenty of vegetables and water in your diet for the best effects!

I promise if you use this guide, you’ll have the most radiant complexion!

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