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Step-by-Step Guide To Achieving Soft Skin In Winter


Image from Johan Larsson

Let’s face it, the cold weather has it out for our skin. It makes us look and feel dry, tight, flaky and chapped. And when our skin is not at its best we feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. Well, we think it is high time that we fight back against the cold weather. If you want to join our army of glowing skinned ladies this winter, here is our step-by-step guide to achieving soft skin now.

Step 1: Warm, short shower

It is tempting during winter to turn the temperature up high and to stay in the shower for a long time in order to warm up. However, this is a bad skin habit to get into. The longer and hotter the shower is the more moisture will be stripped from your skin. And the cold weather exacerbate this by taking out even more moisture from your skin. Stick to a shower of no longer than ten minutes and make sure the temperature is just warm, not hot.


Image from Thiago A.

Step 2: Exfoliate

In the winter, it is important not to exfoliate too roughly. Your skin will already be delicate from being in the cold, so don’t add to the problem by scrubbing too hard. However, it is important to keep it up as part of your beauty regime, even in winter, to ensure glowing skin. Gently exfoliate in a circular motion using a light exfoliating sponge. Choose products that describe themselves as gentle exfoliants. If you have particularly sensitive skin, you may wish to try a natural exfoliant like honey and sugar or baking soda.

Step 3: Hair removal

You should always shave your legs after you have exfoliated. Exfoliating with remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin making it softer and easier to shave. However, even by exfoliating first, shaving can still lead to dry and irritated legs. If this is the case for you, something like a laser hair removal device might be a better option. You may wish to read a review of this hair removal product while you are researching. But if you are comfortable shaving in the shower a good tip to avoid razor rash is to add baby oil to your skin before applying shaving cream. The oil creates a coating on your skin to protect it from the sharp razor.


Image from

Step 4: Apply moisture

When you are out of the shower, pat your skin dry rather than rub, as this can irritate the surface of your skin. Also, apply moisturiser to your body when it is still slightly damp will help seal in the moisture. Opt for products that are oil based as these will lock in the moisture for longer and will protect your skin against the cold weather.

Step 5: Stay hydrated

It is important to drink plenty of water in winter to ensure that your skin is nourished and hydrated. You should be drinking at least 2 litres of water per day. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, drink herbal teas like peppermint or fennel, to keep you hydrated and warm at the same time.

And that’s it. Stick to this beauty regime during winter, and you will defeat the cold weather with your soft skin.

10 Fashion Items on My ‘To Buy’ List

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I just love fashion and shopping. I often make little lists, either in my head or on a piece of scrap paper, outlining the things I plan on buying. These might be items I’ve spotted on the catwalk, on Pinterest, or even on the street. I thought I’d share the most recent 10 fashion items on my ‘to buy’ list with you. Enjoy!

  1. Chunky ‘Going Out’ Boots

I just love how chunky, rock chick-esque going out boots can change the look of a pretty dress or playsuit. Don’t get me wrong; I still love a good old pair of court shoes. However, these boots have stolen my heart. They just look fierce!

  1. A Faux Mongolian Fur Stole

Imagining one of these around my shoulders sends me off into a long daydream where I’m sure I end up drooling like Homer Simpson. They look so luxurious and add such glamour to an outfit.

  1. Pretty Flats

Pretty flats are the perfect alternative to heels, and the latest trend in fashion. They come in handy especially when your feet begin to hurt from all of the partying that takes place over the festive season. They can still look dressy, you just need to find a pair with a luxury finish. Designer shoes might cost a pretty penny, but they sure last a long time. I’m waiting until I find the perfect pair before I hand my cash over.


photo from Raluca Marie Wolfski

  1. A Festive Jumper

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and I plan on doing just that. I’ll wear my festive jumper with pride this month, whenever I feel the occasion calls for it. I can wear it shopping, to a family get together, out with friends. I may even need more than one to keep up with the demand.

  1. A Sequinned Skirt

A sequinned skirt is a must this year, as I know it can make a more casual piece look dressed up. My festive jumper for instance, will look totally different paired with a sequinned skirt than when it’s paired with jeans. I’ll simply tuck it in and look like a Christmas angel (I tell myself)!

  1. 70s Flares

The 70s are set to make a roaring comeback next year, so I’m lusting after a pair of 70s flares. They look perfect when paired with a muscle tank and a choker.

  1. A Metallic Co-Ord

Have you read the most recent ASOS magazine? Then you’ll know how fierce Taylor Swift looks in her silver co-ord! I want one just like this, and I just know it’ll see me through this month nicely. The thing I love about co-ords is that I can pair each piece with separate items too.

  1. A Choker

As mentioned before, a choker is the ultimate accessory this year. They don’t have to give you that ‘goth’ look though; you can get cute chokers in pastel colors. There’s a choker for everybody!

  1. Ear Muffs

It goes without saying that I want a cute pair of ear muffs to keep my ears nice and toasty.

  1. A Bomber Jacket

Lastly, a bomber jacket to keep me warm while looking cool. Perfect for the sports luxe trend.

What do you think of my ‘to buy’ list? Let me know!




At Your Best: 3 Top Tips For Instant Radiance

We all want to look instantly younger and more radiant. There’s a huge cosmetics industry dining out on that fact. The reality is the way our skin looks, how shiny our hair is and how good we feel are all affected by a variety of external factors, many of them within our control. So save yourself some money and get instantly more radiant with these three top tips for beauty.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 11.12.46

Image Source: Taras Kalapun

  • Drink Some Water

Drinking the required amount of water (2 litres) a day is a fantastic way to perk up your skin. And perkier skin makes you look radiant and feel great. Water is essential to our bodies; it aids circulation, increases digestion, absorption and even excretion. Your skin is the very last organ in your body to see the benefits of the water you drink, so if you go without, your skin suffers. It becomes dry, tight and flaky. When skin is in this condition, it is more fragile and wrinkles quickly. Not a radiant look. Applying a moisturizer straight out of the shower and making sure you drink eight glasses of water a day are all great steps towards a more radiant you.

If you need a quick fix of radiance, cold water is also your friend. Splashed on your face, the temperature causes the blood vessels to constrict and makes your skin look smoother. It just doesn’t have a lasting effect unfortunately!

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 11.13.26

Image Source: Jeff Golden

  • Look After Your Eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul. They are also the first thing that suffers if we skip sleep or stop looking after ourselves. Using an eye cream at night is a great way to keep the skin conditioned and reduce wrinkling. There is also a variety of creams on the market that, used daily, can address the dark circles under your eyes that result from late nights and stress. Check out the hydrolyze review for a good example.

It is also worth mentioning the importance of taking your time with your morning routine. Using an eye cream in the morning as well can open up your eyes and help to wake you up properly ready for the day. Gel-based creams are the best for reducing morning puffiness. Choose a cream which contains peptides and caffeine and place it in the fridge overnight to get the full advantage.

No time to change your routine? Get an instant effect by curling your lashes. This opens up the eye and makes you look bright eyed and bushy-tailed – even if you aren’t properly awake yet.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 11.15.19

Image Source: Rob_rob2001

  • Feed Your Body

The reality is we are what we eat. The skin is one of the organs responsible for eliminating toxins in the body. If you load your body full of salt, fat and chemicals, the other eliminating organs become overloaded, and your skin has to work twice as hard. The outward signs of this differ from person to person. Some people suffer itchy red rashes whilst others get breakouts. Chances are you probably know which category you are in, and what foods cause it, by now. So stop eating them! A glass of lemon juice in the morning can help to flush out your body and kick-start your liver. Detox by drinking lots of water, eating fresh and organic produce and cutting out high sugar and salt foods. It’s amazing how quickly you will see a difference in the quality of your skin when it doesn’t have to battle toxins every day.

Ultimate Guide To Wearing Good Diamonds

Everyone is talking about them. Most of us can’t stop staring at them. Few of us would spend our money on them. But all of us would like to try a pair on in our size! Nick Cannon’s diamond slip-ons were certainly the center of attention on America’s Got Talent in September. They were hypnotic and dazzling. There was no way you could avoid noticing them. In fairness, most people found them vulgar. But the vulgarity was in the persistent poor taste of showing them off. They couldn’t be missed, so why arrange photo shoots?

Diamonds are, of course, the ultimate in class, elegance, and luxury, even on your feet. How you wear them is what defines you as classy or classless. Diamonds will always look good whoever wears them, but any persistence in ‘rubbing people’s noses in it’ will render you unpopular, not the gems. Some say they are a status symbol, others say they are a fashion accessory. Whatever your feelings on diamonds, very few of us ever go without a special piece of jewelry in our collections.

For a woman, earrings are a great way to bring glamor and sophistication to your ensemble. Whatever you are wearing, and however you style your hair, the brilliance of a genuine diamond will complete your look. For a big event, the real thing is essential. The way a real diamond catches the light cannot be beaten. Add a beautiful necklace diamond pendant for extra attention-grabbing sparkle.

There is a reason that engagement rings are usually diamond. Real diamonds last forever, like your partner’s love for you. The best gems feature virtually no imperfections, just like you. The clarity is high, like your husband’s clarity of mind to ask you to marry him. The heat to create a real diamond is the most intense you can find on this planet, which also represents the heat of his passion for you. And diamonds are expensive. You other half will need to spend a month’s salary to acquire your ring, which represents his hard work and sacrifice to win you over. Nothing says ‘I Love You’ like a good diamond ring.


Image provided by

There are many differing qualities of diamond out there but some of the very best can be found at high-end retailers, such as the Houston jewelry from Whiteflash. For beautiful engagement rings, you cannot beat designer diamond rings that feature the highest clarity and best cuts money can buy.

Every girl’s jewelry box should contain at least one diamond piece. Whether you choose a ring, earrings or a pendant, diamonds are definitely a girl’s best friend! Bracelets and ladies’ watches can also be beautifully elegant if they feature diamonds. While they may be more pricey, you cannot beat the effect genuine diamonds have on a piece of jewelry, or the lucky lady wearing it. If you have a good piece of jewelry, be sure to take it to a good jewelers for an insurance valuation. Diamond jewelry also makes for great heirlooms.

5 Simple Steps To Shake Up Your Winter Style


[Image Source]

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut during the colder winter months of the year. We are often tempted to stick with what we know, rather than branch out and try some new styles and looks. Winter fashion and beauty can be bold and daring and you don’t have to sacrifice your own personal sense of style in the process.

Statement Jewellery Pieces

Jewellery can be a real conversation starter, and during the winter months it is a great way to accessorize oversized jumpers to make them look less bulky and more feminine. Gold jewellery is especially on trend for the winter months as it goes perfectly with darker clothing and looks really festive. If you have piercings, why not try rocking some edgy new body jewellery from PiercingMania. Earrings and belly-button jewellery really allow room for the exploration of different jewellery designs.

Make-up Shake-up

From time to time it really does pay to have a serious make-up clearout. Winter is the perfect time to make some new purchases and there are plenty of sale bargains to be had at this time of the year. Try using products with argan oil to keep your skin soft and supple this winter and create the perfect base for your makeup to be applied on to. Dark, smokey eyes are great for colder months of the year and can create a seriously sensuous look in just a few minutes. The Urban Decay Naked Palettes are perfect for creating on trend looks in record time and have been raved about by bloggers worldwide!

A Splash of Color

Just because the weather is cold, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to dark colors in your wardrobe. Vamp up your style by adding a pop of colour. Try a bright necklace or a bag in an eye catching design to accessorize up with. You can find some great ways to match colors by looking online for color matcher tools and adapt them to suit your needs.

Selecting Shoes

Decide whether you are looking for the perfect designer shoes to make a real statement, or a cheap and sensible pair to wear to the office. Some shoe fanatics have been known to plan their whole outfit around a good pair of shoes and consider them to be the most important part of creating a stylish look. Look out for warm but edgy boots to keep your feet dry this winter. A good pair of biker boots and some killer earrings would make for an excellent way to really stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons this season.

Owning Your Style

Whatever you choose to wear and wherever your style takes you this winter, remember that confidence is key. Be proud of who you are and what you wear and the rest will follow. Keep your skin clear and hydrated by drinking lots of water and not overindulging too much on the Christmas treats and your body will thank you for it this year.

Taking Care of Your Cashmere Clothing

Taking Care of Your Cashmere Clothing

As the winter months approach, women all over Britain will be digging out their cashmere clothing designed to keep them warm until spring. Some may even be looking to invest in a few new luxury pieces, in order to keep up with the latest trends.

Cashmere is a very beautiful material, but it is also quite delicate. It requires a great deal of care and attention in order to stay in excellent condition for as long as possible. Here, we go through a few basic tips for looking after you’re cashmere clothing.


Generally speaking, you want to avoid putting your cashmere in the washing machine. The one exception is if your particular device has a hand wash setting, but otherwise, you should be doing this yourself. If you’re willing to spend some money, however, you do have the option of utilising a dry cleaning service.

When washing by hand, here are a few things to consider:

  • Use lukewarm water – no hotter or it will damage the material. Apply the same temperature when rinsing.
  • Use a clean sink, or preferably a brand new wash basin.
  • Turn the clothing inside out.
  • Be gentle – gently press the material to rid it of water. Don’t squeeze too tightly.
  • Find detergent specially made for cashmere clothing, and use only a small amount.

Finally, it’s important to point out that cashmere with traces of dirt, or things like food, can attract clothes moths – which can have a negative effect on your items.


Again, for the best results, you’ll want to avoid a machine when it comes to drying. You shouldn’t hang it up either, as the water will flow the bottom and this could reshape the clothing. Lay it down flat, possibly on a towel, and lightly press to remove any excess fluids.

Keep in mind not to place it near any form of heat, whether that be a radiator or outside in the sun. Allow it to air dry naturally – this may take longer, but otherwise the standard of your cashmere will be seriously reduced.


This may seem like a less important issue, but the way you store your cashmere clothing can have a big impact on its condition. As mentioned previously, moths can cause you a lot of problems, so you want to ensure there’s no chance of them being attracted to your items while they’re put away.

One thing you can do is make your drawer clean – hoover it out, then give it a polish and make sure it’s sparkling before using it. You can also buy anti-moth paper that should prevent them from ruining your designer gear.

Should you already have a moth problem, then there are productive steps you can take. Simply wrap your clothes in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer – this will kill all the moths, and won’t damage the material in any way. Allow it to defrost slowly and you’ll be able to wear your pristine cashmere again in no time.

Are you looking for some luxury cashmere clothing before the winter comes? Check out the excellent range available at Winser London.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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How To Hide Your Stretch Marks

If you have recently been pregnant or managed to lose a lot of weight, the toll on your body may still be showing. Injury, illness, pregnancy and excess weight affects our skin in many ways. In fact, our skin may still be showing signs of changes within us on the outside.

 Injuries can cause the joint to swell with fluid. This stretches the skin and adds to the pain as we are healing. Illness too can leave us bloated or dehydrated. The skin gives us away every time and is a good way for a medical professional to determine if something is wrong with us. When we are pregnant, the skin has to stretch considerably over a short period, and can become damaged. Equally, when we lose weight quickly such as when we diet or give birth, the skin does not recover quickly, if at all.


Image source Flickr

 Damage to the surface of the skin from acne, insect bites, cuts, burns and grazes also take their toll on the quality and appearance of our skin. Our skin is an amazing organ, protecting us in many ways every day, but all that hard work can leave its marks. Nobody wants to see anything but flawless skin, so when our skin is marked, we feel obliged to hide it.

 There are ways you can look after your skin to prevent permanent damage and marks. Keep hydrated inside, and moisturise your skin on the outside. Eat well, so your skin cells are fully nourished from your diet. The younger your skin is, the easier it is for it to heal. Elasticity is key for some marks like stretch marks. Treatments like TriLastin-SR stretch mark cream can help improve the appearance of this kind of marking.

 If you are thinking of having a baby, you may want to get a head start and protect your skin. Start a rigorous buffing and moisturising routine around your belly and hips. You will get bigger, but you can help your skin stay as elastic as possible by keeping it hydrated and rejuvenating the skin with gentle buffing. Perhaps you are considering a drastic diet or slimming surgery. You may also want to start a similar routine to keep the skin looking refreshed as what is underneath starts to shrink away.

 Substantial excess skin may need to be surgically removed, but this is rare. Instead, look after your skin, and keep in mind, it may look a little deflated for a while. Some new moms who have stretch marks after pregnancy feel proud that they have earned their ‘stripes’ through their pregnancy. This is a positive approach to natural processes that may permanently leave a mark on your body. There is no need to feel ashamed.

 If you are looking for a solution to sagging skin or skin that is marked, you may want to try surgery. Alternatively, you may want to think about dressing to make the most of what you do like about your body. We all have bits we dislike, but none of us is getting any younger!

Fabulous Hair Can Be Yours: 10 Tips that Really Work

Something many women lust after is thick, luxurious hair. Unfortunately, we aren’t all born with that kind of hair. It isn’t always easy to come by either! Getting extensions is an option, but they can be expensive and it’s difficult to find a good extensionist. These tips should help you to get fabulous hair without spending too much money.

  • Don’t Use Too Much Heat

Using heat on your hair can really take the shine and moisture out of it. Leave your hair to dry naturally when you can, and try not to use heated appliances on it everyday. When you must use heat, make sure you use a good spray to protect it.

  • Avoid Covering Hair in Product

Again, using too much product can be bad for your hair too. Take it easy on the mousse, hairspray and other products.


Picture Credit: Helga

  • Don’t Tie Hair Up Too Tight

When we can’t be bothered to style our hair, tying it up is a natural solution. However, you shouldn’t tie your hair too tight. This can cause your hair to become damaged and fall out, especially if you’re always putting it in the same place. Try tying it loosely and varying the height of the pony.

  • Use Rollers

Rollers are a quick and easy way to get a great hair style. Just pop them in after drying, leave them while you do your makeup, then take them out for a lovely bouncy, wave.

  • Visit Your Hairdresser Ever 6 Weeks

People try to save money by not visiting a hairdresser, but you should visit one every 6 weeks to keep your hair in optimum condition. Get a cut and professional colour and you should notice a big difference.

  • Take Supplements

Supplements such as Hairjelly can help if you’re struggling to make your hair respond to everything you’re trying. You can also try supplements such as multivitamins.

  • Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet

Eating the right food will have an effect on your hair. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruit, and lean meat. Food like fish and avocados are supposed to be good for the hair.

  • Invest in Great Products

If you use cheap products on your hair, you’ll more than likely get a cheap finish. Investing in great, salon quality products is the key if you want your hair to look amazing. You’ll be surprised at what a difference they can make!

  • Don’t Wash Your Hair So Often

Your hair doesn’t need to be washed every day, or even every other day. In fact if you do this, you can make it more greasy as it becomes accustomed to frequent washing. Try to only wash your hair when it needs it. Some women don’t wash their hair at all. This sounds gross, but they use dry shampoo and their hair is in amazing condition.

  • De-stress

Stressing out can cause hair to fall out. Take time to relax!

Try these tips and you won’t regret it. Leave a comment if you think they’ve worked for you!