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How To Make Your Feet Beautiful In Time For Summer

Summer is just around the corner and thoughts of lazy summer afternoons, floaty dresses and sandals are on the horizon. But wait, what sort of state are your feet in after being cooped up in boots and wellingtons all winter long? Don’t fret! My super guide on how to get your feet beautiful in time for summer will help.


Our delicate feet don’t get the attention they deserve in the winter months. Many women have admitted to hardly even washing them during the colder months of the year unless they become particularly smelly. This is a bad move, treat your feet as you would any other part of your body that is visible. Take a nice long shower or bath and make sure to firstly scrub your feet followed by an intensive exfoliation session. One of the best ways to do this is to get a nice foot scrub from your favourite vendor. The best ones are usually tea tree and peppermint scrubs, they clean off your feet brilliantly and leave them smelling fresh. If your feet are quite dehydrated consider using a sugar scrub instead as salt dehydrates. Remember, once your foot beauty care begins, don’t stop – make sure to exfoliate them at least once a week. Keep a pumice nearby for use after your bath or shower.


Give your nails a nice trim, being careful not to remove too much of the nail, that can leave them looking horrible and also create problems for you later down the line. If your nails are yellowing and brittle, it can be a sign of a fungal infection. You can buy Zetaclear online here to help removal.


If your feet haven’t seen the light of day since around September, they are going to need some serious TLC. Use a good quality moisturiser on your feet and nails. Allow this to soak in and then before bed apply a good layer of Vaseline to your feet before popping them into bed in some nice 100% cotton socks. These will keep the moisture in and help to repair any damage the harsh winter has caused to your feet.


feet image link

Sun Protection

Like any other part of our skin, your feet need protection from the sun. Many people think because the skin is tougher that you won’t cause damage. This is wrong, and you should always wear some form of sun protection on your feet while out and about in the Summer months. This will prevent them becoming burnt and ageing excessively.

Avoid Salt

Salt can as we mentioned before have a bad effect on your feet. This is also true if your diet contains too much salt. Steer clear of the processed foods and avoid adding any at the table to give your feet the best possible start to the season.

Now your feet are looking gorgeous you need to keep them that way. Remove nail polish as and when and give yourself enough time to clean, exfoliate and trim. The key is to ensure you moisturise and also treat and cuts and grazes as soon as possible.

What is The Difference Between Clarity Enhanced Diamonds and Natural Diamonds?

ringThere can be few more beautiful things you could buy than a stunning diamond. Whether you are buying one as a gift for a loved one or to wear on a special occasion, a sparkling new diamond is something you are unlikely to ever regret purchasing.

However, do you know how to go about getting the best and most suitable diamond? You presumably already know about the fact that they are classified by carats but what about the difference between natural diamonds and clarity enhanced diamonds, also known as color enhanced diamonds?

Treated to Enhance the Color and Look

These different types of precious stone both start off life in exactly the same way but the big difference comes with the treatment given to enhanced diamonds. They are treated to enhance their color and to remove any flaws that might have occurred naturally in them.

Of course, this means that they look great after they have been worked on, just as natural stones do. Whether you choose a natural diamond or a clarity enhanced one comes down to personal preference but it is fantastic to have such choice.

The Cost of Different Types of Diamonds

So what about the cost issue? No matter how keen you are to buy a diamond you may be wary of the fact that these are usually seen as luxury, exclusive items of jewelry that only the very rich can buy.

While it is true that some of the world’s biggest and most expensive diamonds are worth millions, there are plenty of others around that are far more affordable. So, what is the difference in cost between natural diamonds and those that have been clarity enhanced?

The truth is that the ones which have been worked on to skillfully improve their clarity and color are often better value than natural diamonds, such as the range of color enhanced diamonds by Dianer. While this might seem like a contradiction in terms, it means that it is possible to buy a wonderful diamond that looks fabulous without spending as much on it as you might think.

Of course, you will want to look after any diamond you buy with a lot of care and attention. When it comes to the ones that have had their color and clarity enhanced you need to be a little bit more careful with them. This is because they can´t be cleaned using some of the chemical products currently available for cleaning jewelry. You also need to be careful not to damage the stone by wearing it while playing sports or doing some manual work.


Bearing all that in mind, it has to be said that any diamond you can afford is likely to turn out to be a great purchase that gives you or your loved one a lot of pleasure over the years. When it comes to choosing between natural and clarity enhanced stones there just are a few different factors to take into account. A simplistic way of looking at it is that if you want a fantastic looking diamond for a good price and are going to look after it well then a clarity enhanced one is an excellent choice to go for.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Achieve Radiant Glowing Skin For Spring

A healthy glow from inside out is something that most of us wish we could achieve every day. Sometimes when I have a day where my skin looks dull or in bad condition, I’ll look at ways to improve it and get that healthy glow back again. Here are just a few of the things that work well to get that healthy spring glow.

First you should look at the way in which you take care of your skin. A good starting point for creating that healthy, glowing look is to make sure that you have exfoliated all of the dead and dry skin from your face and body. Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips as this will leave them soft, supple and ready to create that perfect pout. More celebrities turning to surgery to get their perfect look, but do you need to go that far? Watch as Dr. Holcomb performs a facelift in Sarasota to consider all of your options.

Next, take into consideration the importance of a good moisturiser. You don’t need to spend a fortune on one, but do your research and find one that works well for you. You can often buy small tubs or travel sized samples. Take advantage of these as a great way to try them before you buy a full-sized version.



Next up is your foundation and makeup application. Create a good base by using a high-quality primer. Sweep this over your skin and follow with a light reflecting foundation. You can buy various different products that will help to capture the light and show your complexion off in the best possible way.

Contouring is the new beauty craze of the moment. Celebrities are doing it, bloggers are doing it and we’re all hesitantly thinking about doing it ourselves! The truth is, if you get it right, contouring can be amazing. You can create a sculpted, flattering look. However, if you get it wrong, you could end up looking a little worse for wear. Take your time to earn about all of the techniques before you get in there and start wielding your brush around like a mad woman! Add a touch of highlighter to your cheekbones and brow bone for a polished finished look.

To finish the whole thing off, you could invest in a good bronzing powder. There are some beautiful bronzer palettes on the market right now that not only do the job, but look great on your dressing table! A good blusher can make all of the difference. Benefit do a fantastic range of blushers to suit every skin tone. Test them out first in your local drugstore though as there are always plenty of samples on the counter. This is a great way to make sure that you’re picking up a colour that matches your skin tone perfectly.

Drink plenty of water and get out there in the fresh air as often as possible, and this will also help your skin to look its best. Consider using makeup with high SPF to protect your skin if you want to keep it healthy and blemish free. I look forward to hearing how you get on!

The Essential Guide To Avoiding Split Ends

Split ends can be a nightmare. If you don’t want to get a haircut every five minutes, you need to do everything you can to stop your hair splitting. It is not easy to make sure that your hair is in excellent condition, but you should work on it every single day. If you enjoy styling and playing with your locks, they need extra care and attention. When you get split ends, they spread, and so you might have to get a drastic cut to fix them. Here is everything you can do to stop that happening.


Image – Elise Muller

Get the right brush

When you brush your hair, you ought to be careful with it. If you use a fine brush on your hair, you will find that it breaks all the time. Instead,  you need to get a wide tooth comb so that you don’t damage your hair when you brush it. It is that simple. You should make sure that you carry a brush with you in your bag so that you don’t end up messing with your hair all the time. You should also be careful when dealing with wet hair. Much of the time, it is best not to comb wet hair at all.

Use heat protection spray

When you are styling your hair using hot irons, it is vital that you protect your hair. You can buy a broad range of protection sprays and gels, and so you should use them each time you decide to mess with your locks. If you are a fan of the poker-straight look, you will need to ensure that you get the best hair straightener for you. Some straighteners damage your hair when you use them, and so you need to get a mainstream brand that you can trust.

Condition the ends of your hair

How is your washing technique? You might think that there is only one way to wash and condition your hair, but you are wrong. You should make sure that you massage shampoo into your scalp, but avoid the rest of the hair. When it comes to conditioning, though, you should pay close attention to the ends of your hair. You need to cover them with conditioner and leave them for at least two minutes before you rinse your hair. That way, you can keep the ends of your hair in tip top condition.

Don’t wash it too often

You should only wash your hair once every three days or so. If you wash your hair every single day, you will strip it of its natural moisture and nutrients. That means that you will end up with dry and brittle hair. You need to ensure that does not happen. If you find that your hair gets greasy between washes, you can use dry shampoo or even moose to style it. Try a fancy up-do when you have second or third day hair.

Use hair masks

When you notice that your hair starts to split, it is time to take action. You can get loads of different hair masks that you can use on your locks to keep them looking incredible. You should look for a mask that uses natural ingredients so that it does not damage your locks. You could also try using henna on your hair if you want to see some amazing results. If you follow these simple rules, you should have beautiful, healthy hair all the time. Keeping your hair in excellent condition will give you a new found confidence. Now that you know what you need to do go ahead and do it. You are just a few steps away from hair perfection!



Effortless Ways To Help Flawed Skin

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 15.11.39


Our skin is one of most beautiful features. We do our best to look after it and ensure that we always look our best. However, sometimes we’ll have a breakout or a skin problem that won’t allow us to look our best. Here are a few top ways that you can disguise or improve flawed skin and get back to feeling great about yourself.

First we need to look at the ways in which we can prevent our skin from having issues in the first place. Look at ways to try and tackle your skin problems before they become too bad. This will ensure that you can keep on top of your skincare and avoid breakouts and skin problems in the future. Some top preventative tips include the below.

Drink more water

Drinking water is the obvious tip here. It will help keep your skin healthy and hydrated and it also aids concentration. If you are busy at work all day then drinking water or juice will help improve your mood, concentration and your skin.

Have a break from makeup

Having a break from makeup sometimes can be a good thing. We all love beauty products and looking our best, but sometimes our skin just needs to breathe! Giving our skin just a little time out can sometimes make all the difference.

Clean your brushes

This is so important. Cleaning your makeup brushes can help stop the spread of bacteria and spots. Germs and bacteria can breed on our brushes and after a period of time they will collect dead skin and grease. Wash them with a little warm soapy water or buy some makeup brush cleaner.

Throw away old makeup

Even if an item of makeup is your favorite, you still need to throw it away when it gets old. Think about what you are putting on your face or near your eyes.

Tattoos and scars are one area where it is important to take care. If you have a tattoo that you now regret, all is not lost. You can either cover it up or take some real action to remove it. A simple google search of terms like tattoo removal in Chicago or wherever you are based will give you a good starting point. You don’t need to feel like you are stuck with a tattoo that leaves your skin flawed. There is usually a solution that will help your confidence.

Breakouts of acne can be annoying, painful and embarrassing. Try using tea tree products on your skin and avoiding scrubbing areas of acne. Gently dab any areas that are affected and use a clean cloth each time. This will prevent the acne spreading to other areas of your body and halt the bacterias breeding.

You can purchase some great concealers that will cover up areas of acne, scarring and blemishes on the skin. Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation is a great starting point. If you have red skin then a green tinted base is also beneficial.

Four Top Tips That Will Improve Your Complexion

We all dream of having an effortlessly clear complexion. Unfortunately, very few of us are blessed with naturally flawless skin; most of us have to work hard for it. Our skin is exposed to many environmental factors such as the sun, wind and pollution on a daily basis that all have an effect on the condition of our complexion. It is up to us to protect our face from these elements by following a robust beauty regime and leading a healthy lifestyle. If you want to do what you can to get a clear complexion, here is your guide to doing so.


Photo –

1. Deal with stress effectively

It is not a coincidence that when you have an important event on the horizon, whether it’s your wedding or a job interview, you often experience a breakout of blemishes. If your stress levels are consistently high, this can wreak havoc with your complexion. Stress can also lead to a lack of sleep which, as we all know, leads to visible problems with our skin such as bags under our eyes. It is important to incorporate stress management techniques into your lifestyle. For example yoga and controlled breathing may help you deal with stress effectively and leave your skin looking and feeling radiant.

2. Be mindful of your digestion

Impurities in the skin are often the result of digestive problems. Poor digestion can arise from a number of dietary issues. Perhaps you are eating a high number of dairy products, drinking too much alcohol or eating food that you may be sensitive to, like gluten. If you suffer from poor digestion, and complexion problems as a result, your doctor may able to help you work out how you can amend your diet to deal with these issues effectively.

3. Use good quality products

Many skin care products available include problem ingredients that have an adverse effect on our complexions. Some ingredients block the pores that contribute to blemishes or they strip the natural oils from the skin leaving it dry and damaged. It is important to educate yourself about your skin type and any skin conditions you suffer from so you can use the right products for you. You should also become knowledgeable on the ingredients in skin care items that you should avoid. Good quality products may cost you more money, but they will improve your complexion.


Photo –

4. Deal with permanent marks

Unfortunately, there are only so many preventative measures we can take. We all suffer from permanent skin marks due to ageing or skin conditions. However, many of these blemishes can be dealt effectively. For example, you could introduce some skin conditioning products like a whitening cream mask into your regime that can treat age and sun spots. Visible blood vessels can be dealt with using laser and other light therapies. It is worth contacting a dermatologist if you permanent marks that are causing you stress.

A clear complexion is achievable by all with a little effort, a few lifestyle changes and some appropriate products or treatments.


Ladies, Start Dropping Hints: Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day is on the horizon ladies, and I’m sure you’re desperately trying to think of things to ask your man for. Well, I thought I’d put together a little list of things I deem the best gifts to receive on V day. Take a look and then get hinting!

A Weekend Break

A weekend break could be just the ticket for you and your other half to go and spend some quality time together. There are a ton of places to choose from, and by looking on a site like Groupon, you won’t break the bank either. You could even stay somewhere on Airbnb; accommodation here is luxurious yet priced up better than hotels.

A Personalised Adult Novel

Let’s face it; 50 Shades of Grey was a hit. Although it is not by any means a well written book, it was the first of its kind. If you like that kind of thing, why not ask your other half for a personalised adult novel? He doesn’t need to write it for you…he simply inputs your details and orders one. Simple. You could soon be starring in your very own saucy novel!

A Dainty Piece of Jewellery

I love jewellery to add to my collection, especially when my other half has picked it himself. You have lots of sterling silver jewellery in the UK to choose from, so why not pick a few to add to your wishlist? You could then send him a friendly email reminder.

Sexy Lingerie

Perfect for Valentine’s night, and just feeling good about yourself in general.


picture author

A Spa Visit

Visiting a spa is a real luxury treat. Using the jacuzzi, pool, and other facilities is so relaxing, and if you’re lucky you can have a massage/facial/manicure to boot. What better gift than having a pamper and making you feel special for the day?

Bath Stuff

If a spa visit is too expensive, then why not ask for some bath stuff? You can have your very own spa day at home! There’s a ton of gorgeous bath stuff out there that you can try. Add some salts to your bath or maybe a bath bomb, apply a face mask, lie back and relax! Don’t forget to add some candles and relaxing music, either.

Customised Confectionary

If you’ve got a big old sweet tooth like me, then some customised confectionary is a thoughtful and tasty treat.

New Lounge Wear

Lounging round the house doesn’t need to be a messy or unattractive affair. Hint at new lounge wear so you can look great even when you’re just doing the dishes. Pyjamas, dressing gowns, and top/trousers sets are all acceptable gifts.

A Gorgeous New Dress

If you’re going out on Valentine’s, ask for a gorgeous new dress to wear. I’d give him a shortlist if I were you, just to make sure you don’t end up with something hideous.

Remember ladies; if you don’t get what you want, it’s the thought that counts. Then dump him. See you next time!


Clothes Shopping Made Simple!

Clothes shopping can be an absolute nightmare for some women. It can be made even worse if you’re indecisive and don’t know exactly what you’re looking for! This post aims to make clothes shopping simple for you, so you can buy yourself some nice new garments without pulling your hair out!

Give Yourself a Budget

By giving yourself a budget, you leave yourself less likely to go bankrupt. It’s so easy to overspend when clothes shopping, so by giving yourself a realistic budget you can be sure you won’t need to live off toast for the rest of the month. I suggest drawing it out of the bank so you don’t need to take your card with you. If you have any money left over, you can put that towards your next shopping trip.

Write a List of Items You Need

What items do you really need? Fair trade clothing? Jeans? Scarves? Write a list and take it with you so you can actively look for those things while you shop. If you don’t write a list, you could end up buying absolutely anything. When I go on random shopping trips with no plan, I always end up coming home with something that I don’t get enough wear out of.

Double Check Your Wardrobe Before You Go

I have that many items in my wardrobe, I nearly always forget what I already have. I have to double check it before I go, otherwise I run the risk of buying something similar to what I already own. There’s nothing more frustrating!


Seth Noreman

Try Things On

Even if you’re sure about something on the hanger, you should always try it on. You never know what it’ll fit like, and you don’t want to have to go through all of the hassle of returning it. I always see things I love on the hanger, only to try them on and realise that I look hideous!

Go on Your Own

Ladies enjoy shopping with friends, but if you want to do some serious clothes shopping, go alone. You can look solely in the stores you are interested in, and you won’t get a mix of different opinions clouding your view. If you like something, you should just buy it. You’ll get things done much faster too.

Always Keep Your Receipts

Make sure you keep your receipts. Even if you don’t think you’re going to be returning something. Some items aren’t made to a very high standard, and you can’t wear something once and find all of the detailing has fallen off. You have the right to return an item if this happens, so keep your receipts for a week or two afterwards so you don’t end up out of pocket.

There you go. Now you should be able to go shopping for new clothes without getting too stressed out and confused. Don’t let it get the better of you by using these tips! Have any tips of your own? I’d love to hear them in the comments section. Bye for now!


Look to Workwear Suppliers UK for the Right Shoe and Suit Pairing

If you were to look in your wife’s or female partner’s closet, you’re likely to find many more shoes than you have in your closet. Americans, in particular, are crazy for shoes. The average woman in the U.S. owns 27 pairs (although some surveys say the figure is closer to 39 pairs), nine of which she never wears. In Australia, it’s 20 pairs (five of which she wears regularly) and in the UK it is 21 pairs. Women, it seems, will have no problem coordinating their outfits to their shoes. But the issue of matching shoes to clothing presents more of a problem for men.


Image by: Kevin Morris

Men? They’re just less fixated on footwear. One of the richest men in the world, New York’s Michael Bloomberg, whose personal wealth is valued at £11.2 billion, owns two pairs of shoes. Two. “You do something called resoling and reheeling,” he told the New York Post. “You don’t have to throw them away and get new ones; you can use the old ones.”

But Bloomberg is a bit of an anomaly. The average American man owns 12 pairs of shoes and the men’s magazine of note, Esquire, suggests the average man should have exactly that, a dozen pairs. But the website is probably closer to the mark, and suggests that each man has three to four pairs of shoes. Workwear Suppliers UK are likely to have just what a man needs. Men are much more likely to say that they wear shoes until the shoes wear out. And, apparently, if you’re Michael Bloomberg, you simply take them to the cobbler.

However many pairs you own, you need to use them to your advantage at work. The male equivalent to the female must-have requirement, the LBD (little black dress) is the BDS – the black dress shoe. Black may not be the ideal colour to wear with any colour suit, but suffices in a pinch.

Even if a man was blessed with a variety of coloured dress shoes, he’s more likely than not to rely on his partner to help him choose an appropriate colour combination.  In Britain, approximately 2.7 million people — mostly men – are colour blind. That’s 4.5-percent of the entire population.

Choosing men’s shoes can become an arduous task because there are so many variables. Our feeling is, if you’re only going to have a minimal number of pairs of shoes, you absolutely need to opt for a very good pair – that means, very well made. There’s no doubt that the shoes that Bloomberg keeps re-soling and re-heeling are quite pricy. Shoes should be comfortable. You’re going to be walking in them all day, nearly every day and you want to be able to focus on work, not the pinching of your feet.  Quick tips

  • Don’t wear square-toed shoes. Toss ‘em
  • Must have a pair of black lace-ups
  • These days you can get a dress shoe with both a thick all-leather sole or a well-made rubber one.
  • Wingtips never go out of style.

Real Men, Real Style points out that the most common suit colours are navy, medium-to-mid-gray, charcoal, brown and black, and notes that you only need three different colouredshoes to pair with those suits.


Image by: thinkretail

Consider the most basic business formal wear for men: a charcoal gray or navy blue suit with plain black shoes. Some men prefer this easy-to-choose option. It makes their lives easier. But you can “mix-it-up:”

  • Navy blue suits can be matched with black, brown or burgundy shoes
  • Medium and light gray suits pair well with black, brown or burgundy
  • Brown suits should never be paired with black shoes, but work with brown or burgundy shoes. There is a caveat: if the brown colour leather shoe is too close to the brown of the suit, it just looks weird, so choose the burgundy.
  • Charcoal grey suits work with black or burgundy shoes, but not brown. Brown shoes with this suit is a big no-no.
  • Black shoes may look funereal paired with a black suit, but they don’t go with either brown or burgundy.

Then again, fashion rules are meant to be broken, and if you can do so without upsetting the balance of professionalism in the workplace, all the better.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Girls’ Night Out: Beauty Tips

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.29.22

(Photo credit)

So, you’re planning on heading off for a girl’s night out, and of course you want to look your best. But, for some reason you never end up looking quite as good as you want to… Don’t worry, that’s where we come in.

To help you look your best, we have come up with some handy beauty tips that are perfect for a girls’ night out. To find out more, have a read of this.

1. Choose the perfect outfit

Before picking out an outfit think about where you are going and what type of style would work best. For example, for a night out on the town a little black dress would be perfect, but for dinner and drinks a pair of skinny jeans and a nice top would be the better option.

Choose an outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in, such as your favourite dress. Don’t be tempted to wear something that you don’t feel happy in, as you may spend the evening feeling self-conscious, instead of enjoying yourself.

2. Pick some jewelry

Once you have your perfect outfit picked out, the next step is to use your jewelry to add some extra sparkle to your look.

Before you choose your jewelry, think about your outfit. If you have opted for a plain dress or top, then bold and bright is the way to go. However, if you have opted for more colorful design, subtle jewelry is probably the best option.

A necklace, a pair of earrings or clip on earrings and a bracelet are all essential, no matter what outfit you are wearing. However, the outfit you have chosen will delegate what style of jewelry you should wear.

3. Apply your makeup

Before doing anything else, start by applying a moisturiser to your face. Make sure to cover your entire face, including your mouth and around your eyes. As you apply your moisturiser, use your fingers to gently massaged your skin – this will stimulate your blood flow and give you a nice glow.

Before you start applying your makeup, give your moisturiser a good five minutes to properly sink into your skin.

To ensure that you makeup stays on all night, start off by applying a primer. Not only will primer make your makeup stay on for longer, it will also reduce skin shine and give your face a matte look.

Once you have finished applying your primer, then follow this up with concealer if needed, and foundation. To even out your skin tone, opt for a liquid foundation and blend it into your skin thoroughly.

To set your makeup and keep it in place all night, gently apply some pressed powder to your face. Make sure to take special care of the area under your eyes.

Apply a subtle shade of eyeshadow from the lash line to the crease of your eye, and then use a darker tone of eyeshadow in the crease and blend upwards. To add a touch of glamour to your eyes, carefully apply a black or brown eyeliner to your waterline. Follow with two coats of mascara to make your eyelashes look long and bold.

To make your eyes look bigger, use an eyebrow pencil to enhance the look of your brows, and use tweezers to get rid of any stray hairs.

4. Do your hair

Don’t be tempted to leave your hair until the last minute, as that’s when you end up in a mess.

Give yourself at least 40 minutes to play around with your hair and get the look right. Especially if you are trying a style that you haven’t done before.