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6 Ways to Drastically Change Your Look for Summer

As the weather warms up and people get more free time, everyone is inspired to let loose and do something they would have never done before. In many women’s cases, this means creating a whole new image to jump into summer with.

Making a drastic style or beauty change can be scary for anyone. Additionally, everyone wants to make sure the change will be successful, not a huge disaster. There are a few ideas everyone can use to make their change dramatic but positive. Here are six ways to drastically change your look for summer.

6 Ways to Drastically Change Your Look for Summer

Go under the knife

This is possibly the most dramatic change a person can make. However, with the extra time off in the summer, it can be the best time for people to have that surgery that they have been thinking about. Some women may consider rhinoplasty and others might consider liposuction, but either way women will be able to walk into summer this year with confidence.

Try out a new hair color

A woman’s hair is often the first thing that people will notice about her. Everyone can make a better first impression by trying a completely new hair color for summer. Traditionally, women will choose to go lighter than their natural shade in the summer, but either way it should still compliment a woman’s skin tone.

Take off some length

Another of the most common changes that women make in the summer is to take off a good amount of length from their hair. Shorter hair is much easier to maintain, and many women like the freedom it provides them during the hot months of summer. Try pinning it up to fake a long bob to test out the look before committing.

Invest in a new staple accessory

Sometimes, making a change to one’s appearance does not have to have anything to do with their body or face. A new, bold accessory can make a huge difference in every outfit that a woman wears and how her overall look is presented. Try a new handbag or a bright-colored jacket for a complete and fun look.

Bring in some bright-colored makeup

Summer is the best time to try out some new, bright colors. Though a lot of women may love to wear bright colors in their clothing, not everyone is brave enough to try out bright-colored makeup. Women can attempt to try out a new colored eyeshadow or lip color to make a big difference.

Go a shade darker

A tan seems like an essential part of every woman’s summer look. It is important for everyone to protect their skin from sun damage, so the best alternative is to invest in a good sunless tanner. These can be used throughout the year to help women maintain the healthy glow that they love while still keeping their skin healthy can fresh. All of these ideas can help anyone create their best summer look yet.



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Use These Hair Care Techniques for Beautiful Locks

Some women would rather do the bare minimum to look after their hair, but for others, it’s their pride and joy. Sometimes, you might want to have perfect, model-like hair, but you have no idea how to get it. If you want your hair to beautiful and soft at all times, you have to learn the right way to look after it. Everyone’s is different, from tight and curly to straight and thin and from naturally dry to more oily than most. As well as caring for your hair properly, choosing the right style for you will help you manage it and keep it looking beautiful every day. Try some of these tips to get the hair you want.

Caring for Your Health

One of the most important things to get healthy, shining locks is to look after your general health. There are lots of things that could affect your hair, from your diet to whether you smoke or spend too much time in the sun. Even not getting enough sleep could hurt your locks. If you want your hair to be healthy, make sure the rest of you is too, in body and mind. Care for your body physically, and try to minimize stress too.


Shelin Graziela

Using the Right Products

Some people underestimate how important it is to use the right products for your hair. You need to think about what you use both to clean and style your hair to make sure they’re right for you. To get it right, you need to consider the style and behaviour of your hair. It might be affected by your ethnicity, age and other factors. Some things you’ll need to think about include its texture, dryness or oiliness and whether you experience any hair loss. If your hair does fall out, a shampoo containing minoxidil could help you. Look for products that are specially designed for your hair type, whether it’s a conditioner or a styling mousse.

Choosing the Right Style

Finding the right hairstyle is also important if you want to keep your hair looking beautiful. The cut you choose could make a significant difference in how full your hair looks or how it falls around your face. Of course, there’s more than one style to suit everyone. When you’re choosing how to have your hair cut, think about the shape of your face and how your hair behaves. For example, if you have thin hair, having it cut to one length could make it look flat.

Regular Haircuts and Treatments

Some women are happy to have two haircuts a year, but if you want to keep it looking the same, you need to visit a salon more often. As well as having regular cuts to tidy up your hair, you can treat yourself to some spa treatments too. You might like to have a hot oil treatment or a hair wrap to give your luscious locks some special attention now and then.

If you want glorious hair, you have to put in the time and effort to care for it. Get to know your hair and how to treat it to keep it looking stunning.

Get Beautiful Eyes with These Top Techniques


Guilherme Yagui

People say the eyes are the window to the soul, and a lot of women like to think theirs are their best feature. But if you’re not happy with yours, you don’t have to settle for them as they are. From getting more sleep to wearing the right makeup, you can get the look you want, whether you want bright and wide awake or smoky and sultry. Try these different methods to get beautiful eyes. You can make them look younger and healthier or go for the perfect makeup look, whether you want to choose natural methods or something else.

Sleep and Exercise More

If your eyes look tired, it’s probably because they are. Getting enough sleep is essential to keep your eyes looking wide awake and healthy. Not only will plenty of rest help to keep your eyes and skin hydrated, but they’ll feel much better too. They’ll look bright and feel less gritty and strained. Exercising more can also help to give you healthier skin around your eyes, increasing your circulation and giving them enough oxygen and nutrients.

Food and Drink for Healthy Eyes

The right vitamins and minerals will help you keep your eyes and your skin healthy. Lots of fruits, and especially those containing vitamin C, will keep your eyes healthy and your skin glowing. Vitamin A is excellent for your eye health, so eat carrots, spinach and other foods containing it for bright eyes. It’s also a good idea to get enough zinc, which you can find in chicken and yoghurt, and vitamin E, contained in nuts and sunflower seeds, among other things.

Find Your Makeup Look

Of course, even if you have healthy skin and eyes, you might not be satisfied with how they look. That’s where makeup can come in, to help you get the look you want. Maybe you’re a minimalist, and you only want a natural look. Concealer and foundation can help you cover blemishes and wrinkles or brighten up tired eyes. A little bit of mascara is great for a simple look too. But if you want something more impressive, you’ll need to experiment with different styles to find the one that suits you.

Get Rid of Wrinkles

Tiny wrinkles around your eyes can be a sign that your life is full of laughter. But not everyone wants being happy to leave a permanent mark. If you want to smooth out those lines, there are a few options you could look at. A lot of women choose anti-aging and toning creams, but there’s also surgery. Practices run by surgeons like Dr Richard Peck MD offer eyelid surgery to tighten up the skin around your eyes that begins to sag as you age. It can sort out the bags under your eyes that get more prominent when you’re older too.

Tired and lifeless eyes can make you looked drained. Whether you want a permanent solution or just a short-term fix, you can put the life back into your eyes. Get some sleep, wear makeup or even opt for surgery for brighter eyes.

Four Summer Beauty Tips For Busy Girls


image source

Girls, summer will soon be here, and that means a lot of work. Yes, the rise in temperature is amazing. But, you can’t just stroll into the summer sun without doing a bit of personal grooming first. In the winter, you could cover up and mask those blemishes, but you’d die of heat exhaustion if you did that in the middle of July.

Because women’s grooming is hard work, you need to find the easiest and most effective tips and techniques to get your in tip top shape for the months ahead. If the thought of spending half your summer in the bathroom getting ready to go out turns your stomach, check out these beauty tips.

Plan Wisely

Heading to the beach for a couple of days? Or, maybe going on holiday for a week or two? You have to plan wisely to make your life easier. If there are a few of your friends going, talk to each other and divvy up the responsibility and share the workload. After all, they will appreciate it just as much as you. Decide who’s going to take the hairdryer, who’s got the shampoo and conditioner, and who’s got the sunscreen.

Holidaying has never been as easy.

Disposable Toiletries

You can’t have the same comforts in a hotel in Ibiza than you can at home. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can’t look as good; you just need a few life hacks. Baby wipes are an essential part of any girl’s beauty routine. They quickly remove any makeup, no matter how long it has been on, and leave skin moisturised and looking healthy.

Plus, you obviously want to have a bit of a tan before you hit the beach. But, self-tanners are messy and hard work. Pre-soaked tanners in disposable towels are easy to apply and incredibly neat and tidy.

Shaving Routine

Shaving sucks. It is never enough, and it always leaves your skin irritated and feeling unhealthy. There is an easy alternative because all you have to do is buy a razor with built-in shave bars. You can lather, shave and moisturise all in one simple step. Before you know it the hot pants won’t seem as daunting at all.

If the entire shaving process is too much for you, there are other options such as permanent hair removal. It is a little bit drastic, so you have to take the decision seriously. But, if you decide it is for you, check out Remington and Tria hair removal systems for two of the best on the market.

Hair Do

Hair is the worst in the summer; you just don’t know what to do with it. To get the best from your hair, start your routine in the shower by choosing the correct shampoo and conditioner. Next, start drying immediately with wide tooth combs that work through wet hair and push out excess moisture.

If you just can’t be bothered sprucing your hair up during the day, wear it casually. The top knot is uber stylish this season and looks great.


Five Steps To Flawless Skin


image source

Everyone wants flawless skin, don’t they? It is like one of those qualities that only a select handful of people have, but never you. You can try whatever products you like, but it doesn’t make any difference. Is amazing skin just something some women have?

No, like you these women are going through a beauty regime. The only difference is they have found what works best for them. Don’t get down heartened if the process doesn’t work straight away. Do your research and find out what works best for your body.

Here are a few steps to consider if you haven’t found the beauty routine that makes your skin glow yet.

Drink Green Tea

If your skin is blotchy and inflammatory, you need to watch what you are ingesting into your body. Skin is very sensitive, and what you eat and drink has a huge effect on how it looks and its health. Green tea is full of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories that are great for your body. The tea’s compounds sooth your conditions and skin, leaving it looking shiny and radiant.

Calm Down

Stress is horrible. It has a knock-on effect on almost every part of your life, including your health. You might be aware of the effect stress can have on your body, such as your heart and other major organs. But, your skin is just as prone to the negative effects of stress. It increases the output of hormones like cortisol that leaves the skin oiler and unable to fight harmful bacteria.

Watch The Sun

The sun is great, isn’t it? It is bright, hot and improves your mood markedly. How could anyone not like the sun? Well, it is incredibly bad for your skin. If you are planning to go on holiday, there is no question that you would wear protection. But, the skin is as much at harm when you are not on holiday. If it is hot, whether you are leaving the house of not, wear a moisturiser with SPF for all day protection.

The Cosmetic Option

The word cosmetic is taboo when it comes to your skin. For whatever reason, all cosmetic options have been targeted as being unhealthy, but that is not the case. There are cosmetic skin options on the market that are helpful and are well worth the money.

Microdermabrasion is a great example. A lot less aggressive than dermabrasion, microdermabrasion is a technical procedure. They spray tiny crystals onto the body that gently removes the outer layer of the skin. It leaves skin looking softer and brighter.

It is an incredibly gentle and non-harmful way of keeping your skin looking younger and healthier. Don’t believe me? Check out April Kuhlman’s personal micro derm experience for more information.

Get Some Sleep

Sleeping is the body’s way of recovering after a long, hard day. If you don’t get the right amount of sleep, your body’s cells will not regenerate. Plus, being sleep deprived will add to your stress levels, and we all know how much of an effect that can have on your skin.

If your skin is not as you would like it, don’t get down. Just give these a try and marvel at the improvements.


5 Summer Inspired Fashion Ideas!

With the start of Summer looming near, it’s time to start shopping around for fashion ideas. All those long coats and thick jumpers are a thing of the past. It’s time to get creative and breathe new life into your attire. Summer is a season full of bright colours and warmth, so try and capture that in what you wear. Here’s my pick of some fantastic fashion ideas this summer.


A jumpsuit is the perfect summer wear for a nice evening out. They’re light, yet retain some warmth for when the sun goes down. It’s everything you need in good summer clothing. Also, they happen to look fantastic and come in many varieties. You can go from flowery and bold, to a simple, elegant all white number.

Ocean Look

What is one of the biggest things we associate with summer? Beaches! Base your look around the sands and the sea’s this summer. Go for vibrant blues to stand out from the crowd. One of the trends right now is sea-inspired yoga gear. A comfortable, fashionable way to look good and turn heads.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 09.52.09

(Image via pixabay


One of the perfect colours for summer. Wearing white tops are always a popular trend come summer. Not only do they keep you cool, but they also show off your tan. The white top/blue jeans combo is a favourite to many and epitomises summer style.

Sunglass Style

When you were a kid, your parents used to always bang on about wearing sunglasses. Now you can do that and look good too! Sunglasses are a staple of any summer outfit. They don’t only protect your eyes from the sun’s rays, but they’re a glorious summer accessory. You can go for a classy chic look in wayfarers or a more bold statement in aviators. These aren’t the only choices; there are many other varieties to make you look good on the beach.

Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is perfect for any summer occasion. It’s the wonderful blend of smart and casual. You can purchase a cute maxi dress just to walk around town in, but also a more classy number for a night out or summer prom.

These are some popular trends guaranteed to make you look good this summer. Summer is my favourite time of the year, and I’m sure plenty of you agree! It’s the best season for fashion too, as everyone is looking to get outside. During the summer months, you can finally look bright and beautiful and not hide under three layers of clothing. Summer dresses are also a fabulous reason to love summer. We all like getting fancy and wearing a dress, but it’s sometimes hard to find the right time during certain months. Luckily, in the summer we can wear summer dresses whenever we like and not worry about feeling cold! There’s a lot to get excited about, fashion wise, when summer comes around. Honestly, there’s just a lot to get excited about come summer! Nothing beats that feeling of sitting outside sipping on cocktails with your friends on a hot summers day.