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September 2015 archive

Apple Turns on the Style with Fashionable New Products

Gradually Apple has been transforming itself from a tech company into what many are now billing as a ‘tech fashion’ company. In no small part, this newfound reputation that it has developed is due to its new products that have started to push a consistent approach towards being fashionable.

Make no mistake, Apple has always been the ‘trendy’ tech company ever since Steve Jobs launched the very first iconic iMac, and quickly followed it up with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. So in many ways this shift to fashion isn’t exactly ‘new’, but what is ‘new’ is the consistency with which Apple is approaching it.

In short, Apple is now emphasizing the importance of its products as fashion accessories.

Nowhere is this clearer than the recently launched Apple Watch, which not only comes in several different fashion-oriented variants, but also features Apples new line of color options that have now been implemented across some of its other devices too – such as the new iPhones.

And now that Apple is pushing out updated versions of its other products – it is becoming clear that the fashion-centric approach that they are taking is very likely to eventually encompass all the products in their stable, from the iPhone to the iPad, iMac, MacBook, and so on.

Already most MacBook owners generally love how it pairs a lightweight and slim exterior with high performance levels and an appealing aesthetic. The only downside is that it and other Mac products do accumulate some junk over time, and assuming you haven’t cleaned out that junk in the past then it is a safe bet that it has piled up to the point where it is may even be having a serious impact on your system resources. When optimizing your Mac, you need to wipe these junk files from your hard drive and the easiest and most hassle-free way to do so is by using software like the Movavi Mac Cleaner.

The trick to keeping your MacBook optimized is to consistently scan it on a regular basis. In so doing, you will be able to ensure that junk files never get the chance to accumulate to the point where they start to slow it down. Now that you know how easy it is to clean your MacBook, it should be easy enough to do so on a monthly or even weekly basis.

5 Secrets Professional Makeup Artists Don’t Want You To Know!

We all feel the same exasperation when it comes to our makeup, we try so hard, but we still don’t ever look like Angelina Jolie. You can spend forever surfing Pinterest looking for the perfect smokey eye, only to replicate it and look like you have been given two black eyes. You may have gotten to the point where you just think ‘it’s me that’s the problem. Practising in front of my mirror in my bedroom just doesn’t cut it, I will never get that professional look.’ Well, that’s where you’re wrong. I have found these tricks that the experts use! Here are the secrets that makeup artists are keeping to themselves.

  1. Work To Your Face Shape

This is so important! We are all individuals, and what works for one person definitely will not for the next. Beauty comes in many different forms, and the makeup artists know this! The huge beauty trend right now is contouring. But you can’t just copy how Kim Kardashian has done hers, as she most likely has a very different face to yours. Contouring is all about exaggerating your best bits. Scour Google for a girl contouring with your face shape, and copy her instead!

  1. Mix Your Foundation Color

Again, everyone is different. It’s impossible for cosmetic companies to cater for everyone, meaning the majority of us have to compromise. The professionals, however, would do no such thing! They mix different shades together to match their client perfectly. So why don’t we do this too! Using products like skin illustrator makeup, we can mix shades together to match our own shade of skin. No more embarrassing lines!

  1. Primer Is Your Best Friend

Primer is a very underrated piece of kit. We should be applying primer before beginning our makeup so it lasts longer. But do we ever bother? Do you ever see us bloggers reviewing the latest primer? No! But we should be. Primer should be applied all over your face to give your makeup some durability. You should also get a separate primer for eyeshadow. Industry experts recommend this to be applied right up to our eyebrows, so they hold their shape and color too.


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  1. Stock Up On Tools

Tools are an absolute must for any makeup lover! You may think that your one lonely eyeshadow brush has got you covered, but you are wrong. Ideally, for eyes you should have at the very least small brush to apply the eyeshadow, and a larger fluffy one to blend shades. Lip brushes are another must, as a lipstick just isn’t accurate enough to give that professional finish. Other tools such as eyelash curlers and eyebrow brushes are other must-haves if you want your makeup to have the edge on everyone else.

  1. Learn Your Color Matches

This part does need some research. It is very important to match the colors you are applying with your face. Eyeshadow, blush, and lip color should all have this consideration. Your tone of skin, hair color and eye color will all determine this. One general rule of makeup artists is to play with opposites when it comes to your eyeshadow color. Go for a shade opposite to your own eyes on the color wheel. So for example, if you had green eyes you should consider reddish eyeshadow according to the experts!

So what do you think? Could any of these expert secrets help you to sort out your slap? Let me know!


Why You Should Worry About Ageing Now

Taking care of your looks may be easy when you’re young. But as we get older, those little signs of ageing start creeping in. And they can turn up sooner than you think! Look after your body while you are young. It’s thought to contribute greatly to how well your appearance holds up through your thirties and your forties.

If you’ve already gone through that ‘horror’ moment of finding a grey hair, then now could be the time to make changes to your lifestyle. A lot of girls have found a grey hair on their head by the time they are twenty-five. It’s rare that you find more than that all in one go, but it is a sign that you’re not going to stay young forever.

Most people will tell you that prevention is better than cure. This could be true. Taking care of your body is important to prevent illness and excess weight. It is thought that a healthy diet and plenty of activity and exercise is the best way to prevent being overweight. Eating the right nutrition can help your immune system fight off germs and viruses.

There are also a few ‘superfoods’ out there that are thought to have extra benefits. Some are good for the immune system. Others are good for your skin. There are some fruits and vegetables that can form part of a detox juice when you want an internal cleanse. Including fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet can help keep you looking and feeling young.

Life does have a habit of throwing curveballs at us, though. Things change, and routines get interrupted. Your priorities might change as well. This is especially true when you have a family. One day you might look in the mirror and be confronted with a set of fine lines and wrinkles. If you’re determined to stay young or die trying you can always turn to cosmetic treatments to help improve the appearance of wrinkles.


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Are you a firm believer that you’re as young as you feel, and age is just a number? As the body gets older, the joints can become achier, and the muscles are less flexible. To maintain good mobility you need to make sure your body is stretched and moved daily. Office jobs leave us prone to sitting in one position for hours every day. This is bad for the circulation and bad for your body. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. Try to fit in activity and exercise every day.

Smoking, drinking and drugs are known to age the body. They each can cause damage to the body at the cellular level. If you are a smoker, you may be shortening your life by years. This may not be something you’re thinking about in your early twenties. But many smokers can look much older than their years by the time they reach their mid-thirties.

Now may be the time in your life when you want to have fun and even go wild. But your actions now might have an effect on your body that you won’t see for many years. Take care of the future you.


Tips for a Beautiful Evening Makeup Look!

Evening makeup is so much fun to do. It’s nice to wear natural makeup from time to time, but I always have the most fun experimenting with my evening look. You can get away with so much more if you’re going out! With that in mind, here are some of my favourite tips for a beautiful evening makeup look:

Focus on Achieving a Flawless Base

If you’re going out for the evening, chances are people will take pictures. If you want to look your best in them, a flawless base is a must. There’s nothing worse than thinking your makeup is perfect, only to look back at pictures and see a horrible tidemark. To get a flawless base, you need a product that suits your skintone. You also need a product that suits your skin type, so you’ll need to shop for the perfect product! I like to apply my base with a wet sponge!

Pick an Eyeshadow to Make Your Eyes Pop

Take a look at eyeshadow colours to suit your eye colour and you’ll make a huge impact! You don’t need to go for anything too crazy; there are lots of neutral colours that will suit your eyes. If you feel confident, you can create a smoky look with a bold colour! I love experimenting with my eyes when I have a special event coming up.


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Apply False Lashes

False lashes open up the eyes and add some instant glamour. One thing I can’t stand though, is really fake looking lashes that reach up to your eyebrows. Go for something more natural and you’ll still make an impact. You definitely don’t want to risk looking like a drag queen!

Apply Lipstick with a Brush

When I apply lipstick with a brush, I find it goes on so much smoother. I can also really define my cupids bow, helping it to look perfect with no bleeding whatsoever! Your lipstick will last a lot longer, especially if you use one with a formulation from a place like

Take Your Face Shape Into Account

Different makeup looks suit different face shapes. Something that suits somebody with a round face wouldn’t suit somebody with a square face. Make sure you learn your face shape and then look this up to find things that look best on you!

Define Your Brows the Right Way

Defined brows are a must for an evening look, but you need to get it right. I like to use a special brush, and this basically takes all the work out of it for me. A good product helps too, but it isn’t essential. Make sure you use a light hand, as you can always go back in with more colour if you need it. Afterwards, you can brush them through to help them appear more natural!

Ready to get your makeup on for your evening out? Have fun with it, but remember to keep it looking natural. The goal isn’t to get as much on your face as possible. See you next time!