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Know your diamond shapes


Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian or Angelina Jolie love to flash their latest piece of diamond jewelry when they step out onto the town or arrive to a red carpet award ceremony. Usually pretty sizeable items, they are designed in an array of shapes to draw the eye and make a fashion statement.

If you’ve decided you want to treat yourself to a new diamond ring and you don’t know the difference between a marquise, pear, princess or asscher, here’s the guide for you. When you have found your favorite shape, talk to a specialist company such as Whiteflash and they can help with the choice of rings to really set the diamond off and make you feel like a Hollywood star every time you wear it.

Round diamonds

The most popular shape of diamonds; it’s the choice for 75% of all diamonds sold. With 58 facets, this is the choice for the girl who really wants to sparkle; the cut of the stone lets the optimum amount of light through and this is the classic choice for anyone wanting an elegant and traditional look.

Princess cut diamonds

First designed in the 1980s, this is the second most popular shape of diamonds for jewelry. It’s a very flexible style for designers to work with and is usually seen in engagement rings. The shape is a four-sided pyramid and square (or very occasionally rectangular). If you choose a princess cut diamond, opt for a 4-prong setting where the claws will hold each corner as this will protect the stone from being chipped if it suffers a knock.

Oval diamonds

This is a shape of diamond for someone who loves to see brilliance and fire in their gemstones. The advantage they have over other shapes is the elongated style; they give the illusion of being much larger than they actually are so a smaller carat weight can be purchased but the resulting diamond will still look impressive.

Pear diamonds

The pear shaped diamond is very classy and currently gaining popularity in the fashion stakes due to a number of famous celebrities choosing this teardrop shape for their engagement ring. It’s a design which the wonderful optical effect that it makes fingers seem long and slender and is a shape which is set to be a timeless classic.

Marquise diamonds

Another diamond which looks larger than it actually is due to the elongated style it is shaped into, the marquise diamond has just about the largest surface area of any diamond and so makes it the top choice for anyone who wants to really shout ‘size matters’.  The name comes from King Louis IX of France who named it in honor of Madame de Pompadour. He said it was a shape which resembled the shape of the beauty of her lips and the use of this cut of diamond has stayed as one of the top choices for those who want upper class elegance ever since.

Asscher diamonds

First produced in 1902, the Asscher diamond is square in shape, has large stepped facets and a high crown. It is a cut of diamond which gives much more brilliance than similar shapes, has slightly cropped corners and can often looks octagonal in shape. This unusual choice makes it great for contemporary and quirky ring creations.

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