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5 Secrets Professional Makeup Artists Don’t Want You To Know!

We all feel the same exasperation when it comes to our makeup, we try so hard, but we still don’t ever look like Angelina Jolie. You can spend forever surfing Pinterest looking for the perfect smokey eye, only to replicate it and look like you have been given two black eyes. You may have gotten to the point where you just think ‘it’s me that’s the problem. Practising in front of my mirror in my bedroom just doesn’t cut it, I will never get that professional look.’ Well, that’s where you’re wrong. I have found these tricks that the experts use! Here are the secrets that makeup artists are keeping to themselves.

  1. Work To Your Face Shape

This is so important! We are all individuals, and what works for one person definitely will not for the next. Beauty comes in many different forms, and the makeup artists know this! The huge beauty trend right now is contouring. But you can’t just copy how Kim Kardashian has done hers, as she most likely has a very different face to yours. Contouring is all about exaggerating your best bits. Scour Google for a girl contouring with your face shape, and copy her instead!

  1. Mix Your Foundation Color

Again, everyone is different. It’s impossible for cosmetic companies to cater for everyone, meaning the majority of us have to compromise. The professionals, however, would do no such thing! They mix different shades together to match their client perfectly. So why don’t we do this too! Using products like skin illustrator makeup, we can mix shades together to match our own shade of skin. No more embarrassing lines!

  1. Primer Is Your Best Friend

Primer is a very underrated piece of kit. We should be applying primer before beginning our makeup so it lasts longer. But do we ever bother? Do you ever see us bloggers reviewing the latest primer? No! But we should be. Primer should be applied all over your face to give your makeup some durability. You should also get a separate primer for eyeshadow. Industry experts recommend this to be applied right up to our eyebrows, so they hold their shape and color too.


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  1. Stock Up On Tools

Tools are an absolute must for any makeup lover! You may think that your one lonely eyeshadow brush has got you covered, but you are wrong. Ideally, for eyes you should have at the very least small brush to apply the eyeshadow, and a larger fluffy one to blend shades. Lip brushes are another must, as a lipstick just isn’t accurate enough to give that professional finish. Other tools such as eyelash curlers and eyebrow brushes are other must-haves if you want your makeup to have the edge on everyone else.

  1. Learn Your Color Matches

This part does need some research. It is very important to match the colors you are applying with your face. Eyeshadow, blush, and lip color should all have this consideration. Your tone of skin, hair color and eye color will all determine this. One general rule of makeup artists is to play with opposites when it comes to your eyeshadow color. Go for a shade opposite to your own eyes on the color wheel. So for example, if you had green eyes you should consider reddish eyeshadow according to the experts!

So what do you think? Could any of these expert secrets help you to sort out your slap? Let me know!


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