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5 Simple Steps To Shake Up Your Winter Style


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It can be easy to get stuck in a rut during the colder winter months of the year. We are often tempted to stick with what we know, rather than branch out and try some new styles and looks. Winter fashion and beauty can be bold and daring and you don’t have to sacrifice your own personal sense of style in the process.

Statement Jewellery Pieces

Jewellery can be a real conversation starter, and during the winter months it is a great way to accessorize oversized jumpers to make them look less bulky and more feminine. Gold jewellery is especially on trend for the winter months as it goes perfectly with darker clothing and looks really festive. If you have piercings, why not try rocking some edgy new body jewellery from PiercingMania. Earrings and belly-button jewellery really allow room for the exploration of different jewellery designs.

Make-up Shake-up

From time to time it really does pay to have a serious make-up clearout. Winter is the perfect time to make some new purchases and there are plenty of sale bargains to be had at this time of the year. Try using products with argan oil to keep your skin soft and supple this winter and create the perfect base for your makeup to be applied on to. Dark, smokey eyes are great for colder months of the year and can create a seriously sensuous look in just a few minutes. The Urban Decay Naked Palettes are perfect for creating on trend looks in record time and have been raved about by bloggers worldwide!

A Splash of Color

Just because the weather is cold, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to dark colors in your wardrobe. Vamp up your style by adding a pop of colour. Try a bright necklace or a bag in an eye catching design to accessorize up with. You can find some great ways to match colors by looking online for color matcher tools and adapt them to suit your needs.

Selecting Shoes

Decide whether you are looking for the perfect designer shoes to make a real statement, or a cheap and sensible pair to wear to the office. Some shoe fanatics have been known to plan their whole outfit around a good pair of shoes and consider them to be the most important part of creating a stylish look. Look out for warm but edgy boots to keep your feet dry this winter. A good pair of biker boots and some killer earrings would make for an excellent way to really stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons this season.

Owning Your Style

Whatever you choose to wear and wherever your style takes you this winter, remember that confidence is key. Be proud of who you are and what you wear and the rest will follow. Keep your skin clear and hydrated by drinking lots of water and not overindulging too much on the Christmas treats and your body will thank you for it this year.

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