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5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Fitting Jeans

I am sure you will agree with me readers that we feel a certain amount of unquantifiable joy when we put on a perfect pair of jeans. However, finding a perfect pair of jeans that make you look and feel trim and slim can be quite a difficult task. However there is help in the form of the 5 tips that I will talk you through in the article below.

Fabric Support

The key ingredient you need to hide imperfections and provide your body with the necessary support is to wear Spandex or Lycra as these will very literally hold everything in place and smooth it all out. This will give you the effect of having long lean legs, the main reason why we want to wear those perfectly snug jeans. This fabric will also help prevent sagging and give a lifting effect to your behind by contouring round it.

Waistband Placement

This is something that many people get wrong, both men and women. The waistband of your jeans should be just below your belly button and be made from a stretchy material. You should feel supported without there being any spill over or pinching. The best way to avoid the dreaded muffin top look is to avoid buying jeans that fit way too tightly.

Avoid Fading And Whiskering

Fading is something you will want to avoid if you are looking for a very clean look. Faded jeans discolouration will draw unwanted attention to areas like your butt and thighs and highlight/emphasise them. Whiskering is faded lines which are added to jeans around certain areas such as your knees, thighs and crotch, and although these can accentuate and widen your hips; as with the case of any type of discolouration, it might not work well with your particular body shape.

Look For Clean Washes

It doesn’t matter whether you choose a dark or light wash colour, although dark is generally considered more flattering. The important thing is that the lines are relatively simple. Excessive distress, embellished pockets and contrast stitching can all add volume; so be wary when choosing jeans that feature any of these.

Pocket Placement

Although the first thing we all do when we try on a pair of jeans is turn round and check out how good or bad our butt looks in them. However, more attention should be given to wear the pockets lie on your body. Ideally, the pocket’s bottom should be aligned with the top of your thigh. Pockets that are too low will cause sagging or flatten your butt rather than contouring it.

So there we have it ladies, some fine and helpful tips for you from Lady Rebecca for finding the perfect fitting jeans. As a bit of fun, you should head over to and try out the fun and quick quiz, which will help you discover the type of jeans you should be aiming for and then head over to Universal Store to have a look at some jeans! Yay, shopping!

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