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6 Ways to Drastically Change Your Look for Summer

As the weather warms up and people get more free time, everyone is inspired to let loose and do something they would have never done before. In many women’s cases, this means creating a whole new image to jump into summer with.

Making a drastic style or beauty change can be scary for anyone. Additionally, everyone wants to make sure the change will be successful, not a huge disaster. There are a few ideas everyone can use to make their change dramatic but positive. Here are six ways to drastically change your look for summer.

6 Ways to Drastically Change Your Look for Summer

Go under the knife

This is possibly the most dramatic change a person can make. However, with the extra time off in the summer, it can be the best time for people to have that surgery that they have been thinking about. Some women may consider rhinoplasty and others might consider liposuction, but either way women will be able to walk into summer this year with confidence.

Try out a new hair color

A woman’s hair is often the first thing that people will notice about her. Everyone can make a better first impression by trying a completely new hair color for summer. Traditionally, women will choose to go lighter than their natural shade in the summer, but either way it should still compliment a woman’s skin tone.

Take off some length

Another of the most common changes that women make in the summer is to take off a good amount of length from their hair. Shorter hair is much easier to maintain, and many women like the freedom it provides them during the hot months of summer. Try pinning it up to fake a long bob to test out the look before committing.

Invest in a new staple accessory

Sometimes, making a change to one’s appearance does not have to have anything to do with their body or face. A new, bold accessory can make a huge difference in every outfit that a woman wears and how her overall look is presented. Try a new handbag or a bright-colored jacket for a complete and fun look.

Bring in some bright-colored makeup

Summer is the best time to try out some new, bright colors. Though a lot of women may love to wear bright colors in their clothing, not everyone is brave enough to try out bright-colored makeup. Women can attempt to try out a new colored eyeshadow or lip color to make a big difference.

Go a shade darker

A tan seems like an essential part of every woman’s summer look. It is important for everyone to protect their skin from sun damage, so the best alternative is to invest in a good sunless tanner. These can be used throughout the year to help women maintain the healthy glow that they love while still keeping their skin healthy can fresh. All of these ideas can help anyone create their best summer look yet.



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