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A Quick Guide to Caring for Your Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a crucial part of any wardrobe, with an ageless look that can be paired with a number of different looks, both casual and more formal.

However, they’re also very long-lasting pieces, as long as you look after them properly, so here are some top tips to ensure that yours stays in peak condition.

Know Your Jacket

First things first, not all leather jackets are the same, so it’s important that you know what type of material yours is made from, whether that be cowhide, sheepskin, or even something else.

Different materials will have different requirements and instructions, so be sure to check the label!

Check out this post from All About Leather for a little more information on the various types of leather, you might be surprised at just how many there are!


When you simply need to give the jacket a wash and perhaps remove a stain, good old soap and water is probably the best way to go, despite some of the old wives’ tales that you might hear.

Just wipe away at the jacket with a wet sponge and dry it off with a soft cloth when you’re done.

If this won’t do the job then you may need to give it a proper wash, although this can risk damaging, discolouring or shrinking the jacket, so only do this if you’re confident that you’ve got a genuine, tough leather jacket and if you do use the washing machine, be sure to use a cold wash and a delicate cycle.

Check out this article from wikiHow for more information on some of the ways in which you can clean a leather jacket.


Whether you’ve given your jacket a wash or have just got caught in the rain and need to dry it out, it’s best not to take the risk of tumble drying.

Instead, simply hang it up somewhere that’s well ventilated at room temperature to dry slowly.

Just be sure that the jacket is completely dry before putting it back in the wardrobe or you may run the risk of mildew developing.


Try to avoid folding your jacket if you can and always try to hang it up in a wardrobe, ideally on a wide, padded hanger.

You should also try to store it out of direct sunlight as this will dry the leather out and could cause discolouration too.


There are many leather care products out there, but according to leather experts Lakeland Leather, one of the most important ones is a good leather conditioner.

Conditioner comes in many forms, although spray-on ones are generally considered to be the best as you have much more control over how much you put onto the jacket.

Be sure to properly rub the conditioner in with a cloth so that it can really penetrate into the garment and get to work.

You may also want to invest in a waterproofer, because while it’s best not to take your jacket out in the rain, sometimes it’s unavoidable, especially here in the UK!

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