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A Rock Chick’s Guide To Accessorising (Warning: Will Turn Heads)

If you’re a bit of a rock chick and like to turn heads with your badass outfit choices, we salute you. The rock chick look is SO now, with models all over the catwalk strutting down the runway in black leather and heavy jewellery. However, sometimes rock chick style outfits can seem to lack a little in something…accessories! Just because you’re channeling a ‘laid back, I don’t give a funk’ attitude, doesn’t mean you can forget your accessories. They totally make or break an outfit! Here’s a rock chick’s guide to accessorising:


Heavy Metal Jewellery

For rock chick accessorising, you simply must wear tons of heavy metal jewellery. This means chunky ear cuffs so it looks as if you have about 20 piercings, spiky necklaces and bracelets, and just about anything that makes a statement. Forget dainty bracelets and rings – if it ain’t big and bold, you can’t wear it!

Stack Rings and Bracelets

Stack plenty of rings and bracelets high on your fingers and wrists. It doesn’t matter if they match – do rock chicks care? No they don’t! Pile ‘em on, both hands and both wrists if you like!

Drip in Leather

Leather is the rock chick material to be seen in. Leather joggers are huge this year, as are leather look jeans and disco pants. Buy yourself a staple leather jacket, leather skirt, leather t-shirt – just make sure you have something of everything in leather! Don’t forget about the shinola leather collection either.

Experiment With Pattern and Texture

Looking funky and interesting like a rock chick involves experimenting. Sure, sometimes you’ll get it wrong…but that is what it’s all about! Fearne Cotton admits that she gets it wrong at least once a week, as she gets papped going in to work at Radio 1. Mix different patterns and textures to make a big impact in your rock chick outfits! Fur, suede, tartan, floral, polka dot – anything you like.

Chunky Boots

A rock chick must have a pair of chunky boots in her collection; it’s the law. White chunky sandals and boots with mesh socks looks amazing on!


As briefly mentioned, mesh is a huge trend this season, so any mesh items you find should be snapped up immediately!

Black Nails

You shouldn’t forget, you also accessorise with your nails and makeup! Black nails are of course the most rock chick way to go, but you can also choose a metallic ‘gun metal’ style, or grey.

Smokey Eyes

Practice smokey eyes using Youtube tutorials to get the look spot on, without piling too much on (sorry Taylor Momsen, it’s a bit much for us). You’ll still look like a badass rock chick, but you’ll turn heads for all of the right reasons!

If you want to channel this look this season, make sure you accessorise properly by following our guide. Bear in mind that only girls who want to turn some heads should follow our advice. Happy accessorising!

Image taken from Flickr

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