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Amazing Hair Care Tips That You Never Knew Existed

Luscious silky locks seem completely unobtainable to the average woman. Us mere mortals find it nigh on impossible to have shiny locks like Kate Middleton. For many, it is an impossible dream. What if I were to tell you about the beauty industry’s biggest secret, that is now making big waves in the UK? Intrigued? So you should be:



Tell Me the Secret!

For years, everyday women have wondered how so many celebrities achieve perfect, shiny locks. We have tried to manage our manes and make them as perfect as can be, but we have been unable to do so.

Emu oil has been heralded by the Ozzie’s for years, and now, in 2014 the UK has seen increased sales of emu oil. Emu oil is a product that is taken from the fat of the bird. The emu is sold as a healthy alternative to beef in Australia, and the by-product of the meat production is the emu oil that derives from the fat.

It has been said that emu oil has many benefits for hair. Largely, it is used as a nourishing hair mask but some men have claimed that they have seen prosperous hair growth when they have used the mighty oil. That is a serious claim to make. So, should your hair be thinning it is important that you seek out the best emu oil that money can buy to ensure that you have lustrous locks in no time.

For best results, sleep with emu oil in your hair and shampoo thoroughly the next morning. If you want a quick fix, or you are in a rush, simply leave in your hair for five to ten minutes, wrapped in a towel. You will have gorgeous hair, instantly.

Emu oil stimulates and wakes up hair follicles, meaning that is perfect for those that are losing their hair, and  want to stimulate growth. What is more, women are putting aside coconut oil and using emu oil as the new alternative for making their hair grow.

Natural Remedies Rule

If you want a beauty basic, then it has to be emu oil. As it is a natural remedy, you will not only be getting a great product that is free of harsh chemicals and pungent odours, but you will also be able to use emu oil in a number of different ways. For those that love the idea of alternative medicine, emu oil acts as natures ibuprofen. Emu oil has fantastic anti-inflammatory properties and is used for both cosmetic and medical treatments. There is a lot to be said about the humble tub of emu oil.

Origins and Resurgence

For years, the indigenous people of Australia had utilised the amazing uses of emu oil. For many years, we had seemingly forgotten about its incredible qualities. Within the last five years, the sales of emu oil have seen a steady increase. What is more, an increasing number of people are now purchasing emu oil outside of Oz. They are using it cosmetic, beauty and medical purposes.


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