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How to Start Your Own Fashion Retail Business




There are so many great reasons to open your own fashion business. As the world of commerce changes, the opportunities for small enterprise are increasing.

Surprisingly, starting your own retail business is not as difficult as it may seem, as long as it’s done right.

Begin with a plan, understand your obligations, complete the necessary paperwork, and prepare to reap the benefits of working independently.

This short guide will take you through the basics.

Plan your Business:

Before launching your business, you’ll want to examine the basic format. Decide on the kind of business that will meet your needs.

At this stage, research is imperative. Don’t be afraid to compare different available options, evaluate the positive and negative aspects of each business opportunity, and of course, ask any and all questions you may have.

Creating your own brand is an option, but if you prefer to tread through a path that has already proven successful, look into opening a retail franchise.

Franchisors provide support throughout the planning stages and will help with the entire process, even after opening. This also means that your business’ brand has an existing reputation.

The first step to franchising is proper research. Look through sites that list franchise options with easily accessible and transparent information, such as this list of retail and store franchise opportunities:

Open your Business:


If you decided to establish an independent brand, you need to select a company name and begin to complete all the necessary paperwork for it, including registering a trade name.

On the other hand, if you acquire a franchise, you will receive assistance and training regarding the procedure.

You will be required to complete various forms depending on your whereabouts, and on the local and regional regulations. You will have to find out the business licence regulations that are specific to your city, region, and country.

It may be helpful at this point to speak with a financial consultant or a business advisor, in order to make sure that all your bases are covered.

Tax Forms and Permits:

Additionally, you will need to establish the specific permit and tax requirements for the retail business you are opening.

These requirements will depend on the kind of business you create, and on the regional requirements.

Each location will require the completion of specific forms. Determine the type of seller’s permit called for, if you plan to market a product.

Your regional business department’s website should list the exact forms and documents that are obligatory before you can open for business.

Bank Accounts and Accounting Spreadsheets:

Setting up a separate bank account for all business transactions will help to keep your personal finances separate from your business accounting.

Choose a credit union or bank service with a decent rate that is conveniently located, and meets your needs.

Also, you will want to format a spreadsheet, or accounting software, that easily facilitates all of your individual requirements.

If you are working with a franchisor, they will already have this worked out so the headache of researching and testing software is not relevant. Franchisors have all accounting needs set-up for their franchisees.


Once you get the process rolling, you’ll see just how doable it is to open your own fashion business. The key to getting off the ground is to make the right moves.

If you start out on the right foot you’ll be able to continue moving in the right direction.

Good decisions, skillful management, responsible practices, and excellent customer relations will help to ensure your ultimate success!

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Using Essential Oils as a Bug & Mosquito Repellant




With the uptick in mosquito-borne diseases such as Zika, dengue, and chikungunya, the need for effective mosquito repellent grows. One of the most common chemicals, known as DEET, has been known to cause many adverse side effects including encephalopathy, or impair motor capacity, memory, and learning ability, especially in children. So, to keep themselves and their children safe, many people turn to essential oils to prevent both the itchy bites and the harmful chemical side effects.

Which Plant-Based Products are Best for Bug Control?

Plants have been used to prevent mosquitoes and other annoying bugs for thousands of years. With the right combination and recipe, you can have a safe and strong bug repellent without causing further harm with chemicals.

For Mosquito Repellents, you can use:

  • Citronella
  • Cinnamon
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Eucalyptus
  • Rosemary
  • Clove
  • Sage
  • Pepperment

For Ticks:

  • Geranium
  • Melaleuca
  • Pepperment
  • Cedarwood
  • Thyme

And for flies:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Cedarwood
  • Geranium
  • Peppermint
  • Melaleuca
  • Rosemary

The best part about using essential oils derived from these plant products is that they are environmentally friendly, avoid the harmful side effects, and also reduce the risk of over-exposing the mosquito and bug populations to an overabundance of chemicals that can cause them to become pesticide-resistant.

Can mosquitoes resist chemical sprays?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) regularly monitors the mosquito population for resistance to the commercially sprayed pesticides. Their technique, known as the CDC bottle bioassay places mosquitoes from a single colony into a bottle coated with pesticides for two hours, and counts how many dies at a given dosage. While the chemicals such as DEET are very effective at killing mosquitoes, as the tolerance level rises, so too does the need for increasing the dosage spread over the cities and towns where mosquitoes are born.

Chemicals vs Plants: A Comparison

Obviously, we all know that natural oils are a safer alternative to DEET, but do they work as well? An Israeli study has found that a comparison of DEET versus an all-natural repellent of cinnamon, eugenol, lemongrass, geranium, and peppermint oils were equally effective at preventing mosquito bites in the test subjects. Nor are mosquitoes the only bugs affected by natural bug repellents. Ants, ticks, and flies can also be kept at bay using natural formulas.

How To Make Natural Mosquito Repellent

You can purchase all-natural bug sprays that are safe for kids and pets at almost any health or sporting goods store. If you prefer the DIY approach, you can also make your own by combining 30 drops of essential oils like geranium, citronella, lemon eucalyptus, lavender, and rosemary with a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, shake well then add 1/2 cup of water. Shake it again, and be sure to shake before every use so the oil and water do not separate.


Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Strategies for Succeeding at Job Interviews




Have you just landed a job interview? Congratulations to you for taking the next step in your career! Initiative, motivation, continued learning and perseverance are key components in advancing in our profession. You are either excited about the upcoming interview or are a bundle of nerves. Whether you are interviewing for a new position with your current employer or are seeking a position at a new firm all together, the same strategies apply for successful interviewing. Follow these recommendations from the professional headhunters and human resources executives and you’ll not only be prepared for the interview, but chances are you’ll walk away with an offer. Be aware of the fact that you most likely were given the opportunity to interview because your skill set and experiences match the requirements for the position. Don’t succumb to the insecurity of wondering whether or not you’re qualified. It’s also important to remember that the interview is a two way street. Not only is it an opportunity for the hiring manager to gage your character, drive and articulation, but it is also an opportunity for you to determine if this is a position that meets your interests to further your career and if the department or company espouses a culture in which you would be comfortable working.

Preparation is the key to successful interviewing. It is so important to research the hiring company, its products and services as well as values and mission. Do you have experience in the industry or does your skill set lie within the parameters of the job description? Either could have been the key to securing the interview. Start by thoroughly reading the company’s website. Understand the product offerings, client strategies and information provided on the website. Spend time on your professional networking website to determine if you have contacts within the company or industry that could provide valuable insight to your research. During this period of research, you will no doubt develop questions for the hiring manager about the company. Prepare a list of questions for the interview and ask them of the hiring manager at the appropriate time. The hiring manager will most likely have expectations that you have indeed researched the company as well as the position and have questions of your own.

At the actual interview, you only have one opportunity to make a first impression. Put your best foot forward the moment you walk in the building. The most important thing to wear to an interview is a quiet self-confidence and genuine smile.  Professional attire is a must. This shows respect for the company, the hiring manager and yourself. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a quality, well-tailored suit. Solid, muted colors are your best option. Leave the loud prints and bling for the weekends. Tone down make-up and hair styles.  Greet the hiring manager with a firm hand shake, eye contact and a genuine smile. Listen, ask questions and be honest throughout the interview. Send a handwritten thank you note after the interview thanking the hiring manager for their time and reiterating your interest in the position. Best of luck to you!

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Can I Apply Mascara to Eyelash Extensions?



Mascara On Eyelash Extensions: For The Sexiest Lashes On The Planet

Gorgeous eyelash extensions have revolutionized the way women enhance their eyes, and this beauty trend is a hot one that continues to soar in popularity.

Authentic extensions for eyelashes can be yours via a professional lash salon or spa. This is not a do-it-yourself kind of makeup technique. Instead, it’s an art that requires skill, pinpoint precision and a keen aesthetic eye to deliver unforgettable lashes.

Details Matter

These glamorous eyelashes are applied by an expert technician by hand one lash at a time, gluing extensions on top of your actual lashes. The results are stunning and look amazing on women of all ages with different eye shapes, eye sizes, eye colors and skin tones.

As women, we get tired of trying to boost our natural lashes with mascara or taking long times to beef them up with applying false lashes daily. With beautiful lash extensions, you don’t need mascara, but if you do apply some, your spectacular eyes will blow everyone away (more on that below).

Worthy Investment

Long, dark, full eye fringe is a game changer and one of the quickest and most effective beauty makeovers you can indulge in. With proper TLC, they can last up to eight weeks before your maintenance visit. In addition, you get to choose the kinds of lashes and lengths you desire.

Cosmopolitan magazine has written an excellent lash primer that illustrates the extension variety.

Designing Ideal Set

You can go super curly dramatic with the “D Curl,” or you might enjoy selecting lashes up to 14 mm. There is power in numbers, and that means you can also apply tons of lashes, from 80 to 120, for instance. This is like designing the perfect set.

Eyelash extensions come in synthetic (cheapest), silk or mink. Mink lash extensions are Hollywood A-list all the way, ladies. The mink hairs are the real thing and feel so soft, look fluttery and natural. Choosing mink lash extensions is like taking the Lamborghini over the Kia; there really is no comparison.

Professional salon extensions for the lashes do not require mascara to look luscious and long, but for those occasions you want to ramp up your eye makeup to the nth degree, mascara will make it happen.

Mascara On Mink

If you apply mascara to your sophisticated mink lash extensions, there are a couple of tiny rules to follow, say the experts at LashOutPro. First, never use waterproof or oil-based mascaras on your extensions because this will begin degrading the bonding solution, and your new lashes could begin falling out.

Water-based mascara is the only way to go, and there are plenty of choices you can find online or at the drugstore. Apply your mascara to the lashes but avoid putting it at the very base of them. Also, remember to pamper your eyelash extensions; never be rough or tug on them. To remove mascara, use an oil-free makeup remover product, and be gentle.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Bringing Sexy Back to a Long-Term Relationship




No matter how “old” your relationship is, you want it to be fulfilling and satisfying on all levels imaginable. There is however one area of togetherness that is believed to be deteriorating faster than others; and it is of course our sex life. Undoubtedly not all couples have the same concerns and worries, but for sure we all want to live in harmony with our loved ones and we want our nights of love making to be remarkable. Relationships are like beautiful flowers, they only grow and blossom while cared for tenderly; as soon as we leave them be, they fade away. That is why it is so important to keep the heat up in relationships and to take action before routine kicks in.

One way to either brighten up your sex life or to boost it with new energy after years of being together is to introduce some accessories to your bedrooms; and sexy lingerie is certainly the best choice to go with. Nowadays there are plenty of sexy lingerie items to choose from.

In this wonderfully rich offer of lingerie everybody will surely find something that fires this sexy sparkle in their partner’s eyes. If you are just beginning to build your future together, you might want to start with sexy, yet elegant, lacy bras and panties that perfectly complement your curves. There is a broad selection of bras that come in all shapes and colors.

If you are a shy type, go for a pushup bra or bralette; such models featuring either underwired demi cups or triangle cups with removable pads will give you a perfect combination of coverage and sex appeal. Their soft V-necklines with scalloped lace trims will nicely highlight your cleavage and give you delicate yet sensual look.

There is also a wide variety of bottoms to choose from. Each woman, regardless her age, shape and size, will find something that best accentuates her sexy bum. If you do not feel too confident about showing off your bare body, you can always go with sexy shorties with full back coverage.

Such feminine bottoms will perfectly highlight your curves, making you feel comfortable and alluring at the same time. More daring ladies may choose from a wide variety of panties and hot thongs; made of soft fabrics with lace trims or of elastic, delicate laces, adorned with tiny bows or shining crystals, they will boost your confidence and make you feel exceptional.

If you are in a stable and long-term relationship, you might sometimes feel that sexual energy you once shared has fled your bedroom. Each relationship has its ups and downs, level of excitement and mutual attraction is not constant; this is quite natural aspect of being a part of twosome. But there are ways to set your sexual life on fire again.

Don’t stay stuck in your old ways; go back to being this awesome, hot and enticing girl you used to be before you jumped into your sweatpants. Surprise your partner. In the evening when you are getting ready for bed, instead of comfy, cotton pajamas wear a skimpy, all-over lace chemise with garter straps and matching, lacy G-string.

If you are afraid that this look is too risky, choose a lace plunge satin chemise that will give you modest coverage, and spice it up a little with a pair of sexy garter stockings. This little trick may trigger your imagination and your nights will once again be full of passion and love.

Let your man know that sexy lingerie is a perfect gift – not only for you but undoubtedly for him as well. Tell him how you love to be spoiled with such sexy little gifts without him waiting for a special occasion. In a wide selection of sexy lingerie items, you both will surely find something that suits you the best. If you are looking for some inspirations go to

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Are Chemical Face Peels Safe?



Are Chemical Face Peels Safe

How to Ensure You Get The Best Possible Treatment

Chemical face peels sound scary, but by following a few simple steps you can ensure yours goes smoothly.

As a self-confessed beauty junkie, I love to try out new treatments. A chemical peel has been on my beauty bucket list for some time, but there is so much conflicting information out there about whether they’re safe. Not wanting to put myself in any danger, I read up a lot on the procedure before I went ahead and booked one. Was I nervous? Yes, a little! After having my chemical face peel in Chelmsford though, I honestly could not be happier with the results. So if you’re thinking of treating yourself to one, here’s everything that you need to do to ensure that your peel is carried out safely.

Only go to a professional

It’s vital that you find a qualified beauty therapist to carry out your chemical peel. They’ll have plenty of experience of carrying out chemical peels on people with all kinds of skin types. When I went to have my chemical peel done, I was impressed by just how clean and tidy the treatment room was as well. I felt much more comfortable here than if I was to attempt it at home or visit someone who wasn’t fully qualified. I was made really comfortable too, which helped me to relax before the treatment began.

Honesty is the best policy

When you do visit your beauty therapist, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Whether it’s about the tools that they’re using or how to look after your skin post peel, a reputable and experienced beauty therapist shouldn’t have any problem with keeping you fully informed throughout. Just as they’re being honest with you, you should in turn be honest with them too. If you suffer from any conditions that could mean you react adversely to the peel, tell them. If you are able to have it done, they’ll be able to put your mind at rest; and if you can’t they’ll be happy to suggest other treatments. Luckily, I don’t suffer from any conditions that interfered with my treatment, but my therapist was very open and encouraged me to tell her as much as I could about myself.

Care carries on at home

Chemical peels are incredibly safe and effective as long as you take the aftercare seriously. Yes, your skin will need some TLC afterwards! While peels are immediately effective, that potency does take a lot out of your skin. It’s not all doom and gloom though! My beauty therapist gave me a list of instructions to follow in the days and weeks following my peel. I was told to expect increased sensitivity on the skin that had been treated and to wear sunscreen to prevent any burning. I was also told to treat my skin more gently, so made the switch to sensitive cosmetics and skincare to ensure I didn’t irritate it.

Enjoy the results!

It’s been around eight weeks since I had my chemical peel, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Any discomfort I felt during and immediately after the treatment was pretty short-lived, and my skin is looking better than ever. My imperfections are much less visible, and my skin is a lot more even. It was the perfect treat before my summer holiday, where I’m sure to look great in any pictures! Hopefully, by following my advice, you’ll have a peel that’s safe, comfortable and effective.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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What to Take into Account When Choosing a Vibration Plates Machine

What to Take into Account When Choosing a Vibration Plates Machine

Do you feel that the time is right to start using the vibration plates method of working out? If you do, then you will be joining the huge amount of people around the world who have already discovered this fun way of losing weight and looking great.

However, maybe you feel a bit daunted by the idea of having to choose one in particular. After all, if you aren’t a fitness expert then they might all look pretty much the same to you.

So, what factors should you be looking to taking into consideration?

The Cost

For most of us, the cost of our home exercise equipment is a big issue to take into account. Many people work out at home to save money on gym membership fees, so it makes no sense to pay a fortune for the devices that you use.

The good news in this respect is that there are numerous great value vibration plates for you to choose from. Even if you are working to a fairly restricted budget you should still find a few different machines that you can choose from.

The Size

Of course, few people can afford to fit the sort of big machine seen at gyms into their home. This is why there is a booming market right now for small and portable vibration plates that can fit effortlessly into any home.

Do you want a handy device that you can store under the bed or even take away from home with you whenever you want to? If you do then you will be absolutely delighted to find that there are compact vibration plates that you can fit into your lifestyle in the way that best suits you.

The Functions

As with any type of exercise machine on the market, it is vital that you get the range of functions and settings that make it a pleasure to use. This means you will have a range of different speed settings and be able to customise your workout in the way that best suits you.

Some of the better models also have the likes of heart rate monitors, although not everyone sees this as being a benefit that they are particularly interested in. Therefore, it makes sense to have a think about the functions that really matter to you.

What Other People Say

Finally, it is worth having a look at some online vibration plate reviews to see what other people think about the models you are thinking of buying. While we all have different opinions on what we want to see, it is clear that there are issues such as the durability and ease of use that other people’s opinions can help us to get a grasp on.

By taking some time to look at good reviews you can get a far clearer idea of which models are most likely to suit your needs both now and in the future. This will stop you from having to buy blindly and with more hope than confidence.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Is Melania Trump America’s Most Stylish First Lady?



melania trump

Style secrets of Melania Trump

With chic tailored outfits, signature stilettoes and fashionable accessories, the First Lady is proving herself a force to be reckoned with in the style stakes.

Since he became the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has frequently been the centre of worldwide attention – very often for all the wrong reasons. But his wife, Melania has been quietly making an impact of her own, and her glamorous, impeccably turned out appearance is prompting the fashion world to ask if Melania Trump could be America’s most stylish First Lady.

Style Pedigree

When it comes to style and fashion, Melania Trump certainly has pedigree. Prior to meeting Donald Trump she worked as a fashion model, modelling for well-known fashion houses in Paris, Milan and New York and appearing on the cover of a range of fashion magazines, including Philadelphia Style,  Vanity Fair and Vogue. So she certainly has an insight into high-end couture, not to mention plenty of high profile designers falling over themselves to dress her.

Style Secrets

Melania has always been glamorous, but her pre-FLOTUS style edged more towards, high slit dresses, plunging necklines and expensive furs. However, on the campaign trail and beyond, her style has evolved, presenting a more sophisticated yet still eye-catching look that is perfectly suited to the high profile role of First Lady.

Melania knows what looks good on her, and shows off her enviable figure with strongly tailored pieces, and fit and flare dresses that emphasise her lean limbs and slim waist. Coat-dresses, with their combination of strong tailoring and delicate silhouette are also a firm favourite of Mrs Trump and she has been pictured in several different designs, including a cute gingham number.

When it comes to colour, the First Lady tends to stick to monochrome palettes and block colour, as evidenced by her much-admired powder blue inauguration outfit, a Stella McCartney black jumpsuit worn on a visit to Saudi Arabia, and the vibrant red dress she wore to a dinner with the President of China and his wife.

Monochrome outfits can run the risk of being boring, but Melania is an expert at adding interest with accessories, particularly Italian fashion accessories, such as patterned silk scarves, eye-catching jewellery, oversized Gucci shades and, of course, her signature stilettoes which add even more height to her 5 foot 9 frame.

The Competition

It’s undeniable that Melania is incredibly stylish, but when it comes to taking the title of ‘most stylish First Lady’, she faces some stiff competition. One of her biggest competitors is arguably her immediate predecessor, Michelle Obama. During her time as First Lady, Michelle frequently won praise for her sense of style, particularly her trademark sleeveless look, and was well-known for supporting up and coming American designers (in contrast to Melania, who tends to wear international designers such as Dior, Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana). And then, of course, there’s the inimitable Jackie Kennedy – the ultimate First Lady style icon whose timeless, elegant look Melania channelled so effectively at the presidential inauguration ceremony.

We are still in the infancy of Donald Trump’s presidency so it may be a little premature to award Melania Trump the title of ‘most stylish First Lady’ just yet. However, she’s taking stylish strides in the right direction and is certainly a strong contender for the First Lady fashion crown.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Advantages of Choosing Dental Implants Over Dentures

Dental implant

Dental implant

If you have missing teeth then two of the popular options to replace them involve dental implants or dentures. Most people tend to be somewhat familiar with dentures or ‘fake teeth’ as they’re known colloquially – but dental implants are less widely known.

That being said there are several advantages that come with choosing dental implants over dentures – and you should be aware of them before making your decision:

  • Close to natural teeth

Dental implants are often described as being the ‘next best thing’ to natural teeth due to the fact that they are designed to look, feel and work just like regular teeth do. After you get used to them, odds are you won’t even feel the difference.

  • Can last a lifetime

Unlike dentures that may need to be changed from time to time, dental implants are built to last a lifetime – provided you take care of them and brush and floss regularly. At very most they may require an adjustment at some stage or other.

  • Preserves your natural facial structure

In many cases, dentures actually end up altering your facial structure due to the fact that they don’t ‘fit’ the way your natural teeth did. With implants you won’t need to worry about this, and your natural facial structure from before you lost your teeth will be preserved.

  • Hassle-free

Where dentures can slip out, prevent you from eating certain foods, and need to be removed and cleaned – implants require no such maintenance. Essentially they are completely hassle-free.

  • Protects teeth and jaw bone

Unlike other treatment options that can affect your other (healthy) teeth or your jaw bone, dental implants actually do the opposite and protect them. Because your jawbone will be supporting the denture, it won’t end up deteriorating the way it would with dentures – and your healthy teeth won’t be jostled about either.

It may seem as though using dental implants is a fairly cut and dry decision considering all the advantages of doing so. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case and sometimes dental implants simply aren’t going to be on the table for various reasons.

That is why the first step you need to take to deal with missing teeth is to get in touch with your dentist and arrange a consultation session. By doing so, you’ll be able to get their professional opinion on how it would be best to proceed – and you can ask them about the possibility of dental implants too.

If you’re after dental implants in Fareham you could head over to the VIDA Dentistry, South Wing, Fareham House, 69 High St, Fareham, Hampshire PO16 7BB. Not only do they deal with implants and dentures, but they also carry out other types of cosmetic dentistry that may help you to improve your smile further.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Miranda Baby Clothes are Perfect for Spring



A Touch of Spain for Your Child’s Wardrobe

You may not have heard of Miranda before, but they’ll soon be your favourite children’s clothing label.

Spring is here at last now, which means that you can treat yourself to some new clothes! While you’re adding to your own wardrobe, you’ll want to buy some gorgeous new clothes for your little one too. If the high street is a little uninspiring or you just want to invest in something a little different, then you should take a look at Miranda children’s clothes. Refreshing unique with a focus on quality and design, they’re the perfect additions to your child’s spring wardrobe. Interested? Then here’s everything that you need to know about this wonderful brand.


About Miranda

Miranda are a Spanish label specialising in beautiful clothes for children. Modern but with a traditional twist, their pieces are perfect for both every day and special occasions. Ranging in age from a tiny 3 months to a more fashion-focused 12 years, this is a brand that will grow with your child. With both boy’s and girl’s clothes available too, no one misses out! As all Miranda pieces are made from the finest quality material as well, you can expect them to stand up to everything from climbing trees to crawling – a must for children’s clothes.

A strong heritage

Miranda’s strong roots in Spanish tradition are what makes them such a popular choice. With lace detailing, traditional silhouettes and luxurious fabrics, they’re a beautiful nod to Spanish style. They’re handmade in Spain too, adding to their authenticity. So if you want to buy that special little person in your life clothes that have a history and heritage, then Miranda is the perfect brand for you. You don’t have to be Spanish to appreciate it either, as the appeal that these clothes have really is universal.

A great alternative to the high street

It’s the attention to detail and special finishing touches that make Miranda pieces so different to high street clothes. For those who just don’t like the constantly changing trends and poor quality of big brand children’s clothing, Miranda are a firm favourite. Many parents say that they’re stopped by passers by who want to know where their child’s clothes are from. In an age where a lot of children’s clothes are just scaled down versions of what we adults find in our own wardrobes, Miranda clothes are a real breath of fresh air. This is brand that is passionate about letting children be children, and doesn’t want to design clothes that are too grown up. Bright, cheerful, eye-catching and playful – these are clothes that will be the key to many happy childhood memories.



Make your next purchase a Miranda one

So with spring well and truly upon us and summer on the way, why not buy some gorgeous clothes from Miranda for your little one? For a brand that focuses so much on the quality of both the design and craftsmanship of their clothes, Miranda pieces are really reasonably priced. So you’ll be able to buy a few different outfits for your child to enjoy as the weather warms up. So shun the high street this spring and go for something a little different. Your child will soon be a little trendsetter!

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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