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15 Things You Need To Know About Cosmetic Surgery

Most people have considered the idea of having cosmetic surgery. After all, we’re perfectionists. It doesn’t matter how beautiful we are, we still want to refine our look and be even better. Cosmetic surgery allows us to completely transform our appearance. We can become what we want to be.

There are many reasons for considering plastic surgery. You may have suffered an injury. Or maybe your appearance is affecting your confidence and mental health. Some people try very hard to lose weight through diet and exercise with little success. Surgery could be the answer they’re looking for.

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery in the future, then make sure you know all there is to know about the procedure first. Here are fifteen things you need to know about cosmetic surgery:


It’s not cheap. After all, you’re paying for a medical professional to provide you with a surgical procedure that will leave no marks or evidence of the work done. That takes skill and experience. A single procedure could cost thousands of dollars. If you’re having more work done, you could find that you are spending far more than you thought. Many surgeons offer payment plans to allow you to finance your procedure. This can help make the surgery more affordable for you.


Photography by DodgertonSkillhause

Recovery Time

When you book in to have a cosmetic procedure, be sure to ask what the down time is. All surgery requires a period of time for recovery. It may be just a couple of hours for an anaesthetic to wear off. Or you may be in for weeks of healing. Bruising, bleeding, and swelling can all appear quite unsightly. If you’re keeping your procedure a secret, you need to make sure you have booked enough time off work for everything to heal.


Don’t be afraid to have a couple of consultations before you commit to your surgery. It’s common to forget things you were told or to come up with questions after you’ve left the doctor’s office. A good consultation will clearly detail the procedure and the recovery time needed. The payment plan will be described to you and agreed. Most importantly, you’ll get to meet the person who will be performing the surgery.


Photography by LilJoel

How Many People Have Cosmetic Surgery?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons say 15.6 million cosmetic procedures were undertaken in 2014. This figure continues to rise as more procedures are developed. New technologies allow for simpler and more effective surgeries. It also means the cost of treatments is falling, making it more affordable for everyone.

Boob Job

Breast enhancement remains to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries available. Breasts are never naturally even. Pregnancy and nursing can cause this lack of evenness to be even more pronounced. Sagging can occur after pregnancy and as women age. You can find out more about breast augmentation at ROXY Plastic Surgery. This is when the chest is enhanced with implants to create a larger cup size. It can also help even out the breasts to make the chest appear more attractive. If you feel your chest size is not big enough, this could be the best procedure for you.

Face Lift

Aging can be cruel. It leaves the face saggy and the eyes puffy. Fine lines and deep wrinkles eventually become quite prominent, giving away our age. A face lift can be performed in a number of different ways. The most common way to lift the face is to pull the skin back at the hairline. This physically lifts the skin. It’s virtually impossible to tell you’ve had a lift once the incisions have healed. The effects can be quite striking, but the procedure sometimes needs to be repeated after a few years.


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Botox has had a lot of bad press. Things can go wrong when the procedure of injecting Botox is handled by someone with limited qualifications. It can be a great way to remove the fine lines and deeper wrinkles in areas like between the eyebrows or across the lips. However, as with all other surgical procedures and cosmetic treatments, it’s best left to the professionals to do. Botox, like fillers, is merely an injection rather than a full surgical procedure. This makes it a popular treatment to have done in your lunch break!

Weight Loss

Some cosmetic procedures can offer weight loss. Gastric bands have become more popular. However, this is still considered a medical procedure for those whose lives are in danger from overeating. Fat removal is still performed by plastic surgeons. There are numerous new technologies for this now. Fat freezing has had positive reviews, particularly for stubborn thigh fat.


Photography by Wax115

Nose Job

Rhinoplasty is a very popular procedure. After all, many of us are not keen on the shape or size of our noses. It is also considered a medical procedure for those who suffer from a deviated septum. Changing the shape of your nose can drastically alter your appearance. If you want to change your nose, consult with a rhinoplasty surgeon to see if this kind of surgery is right for you.


Many people wish they could have straighter or whiter teeth. Some medical conditions cause the teeth to become easily damaged or prone to decay. There are many different forms of dental treatments that can restore and improve your smile. One of the most popular ways to achieve a perfect smile is to use dental implants. Artificial teeth are implanted into the jawbone to replace natural teeth that are weak and unsightly. The implants offer a good looking smile as well as health benefits.


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How Young Is Too Young?

Many people use cosmetic surgery to fight the signs of aging. But there is no upper or lower age limit really. All qualified and registered surgeons will base their decision to operate on your health. This means that a young woman could take advantage of procedures to augment her breasts. And an older woman could still be eligible for weight loss surgery. Each case is unique and every patient will require a different treatment plan. Use your consultation to confirm that surgery is right for you.

How Much Is Too Much?

The cases of Joan Rivers and Michael Jackson may have highlighted some issues about excessive cosmetic surgeries. There is a possibility that too much surgery can be detrimental to your health and appearance. However, their cases are unique and nobody really knows the full details of what went on there. The decision to undergo surgery should not be taken lightly. But if the procedure enhances your appearance and improves your confidence, it may be worth the risk. Always speak to your surgeon about the risks that may be involved in your procedure. If you think you might want other treatments in the future, be sure to discuss that too.

Mommy Treatment

It’s not just aging that can change our appearance. Having children drastically alters our bodies. This can be really hard to deal with when you’re still young and vibrant. Repairing the damage to our appearance after pregnancy may require several surgical procedures. You may want your tummy tightened and your breasts restored. There may be one or two other things that you are not happy about as well. Most cosmetic surgeons offer some sort of Mommy package that can offer you a discount on multiple procedures. Speak to your surgeon today.

Tell The Truth

Not everyone admits they have had cosmetic surgery. There is still a stigma about it. Perhaps some people are embarrassed to admit they needed the treatment in the first place. It’s up to you if you admit that you’ve had surgery. It can be tricky to get time off work. Some bosses won’t offer you paid leave for a cosmetic procedure anyway. However, if you are likely to have mobility problems following your surgery, you will have to tell someone so you can get the help you need.


More and more people are considering cosmetic treatments to be a great gift for a loved one. There are times when this may be a less than welcome idea. But as such procedures are becoming more popular and more effective, giving a treatment as a gift could be a good idea. Teeth whitening and Botox are quite quick and easy as procedures. This could make them the ideal gift for a loved one. Breast enhancements have also been given as gifts by husbands for their wives. It might be best to discuss the gift idea with your loved one first.

Cosmetic surgery can change lives for the better. Not everyone is body confident. Having the freedom to change something you really don’t like can make a huge difference for some people. Sculpting the body to appear more attractive is something that celebrities have been doing for decades. Now the technologies are available for everyone, the price has become more affordable. Instead of being an exclusive thing, cosmetic surgery is now available to anyone who needs it. We can all be what we want to be. Be happy in the skin you’re in.


4 Secrets Beauty Experts Swear By For Photoshoots

We live in a world where every day we take photos of ourselves – pictures to post on Instagram and selfies to send to our friends. So with that in mind, it’s only natural that we want to look flawless in our photos. The problem is that no matter how hard we try to take the perfect picture, sometimes, we just can’t seem to get it right.

The key to looking flawless on camera is simple – using the right beauty products. As any beauty expert will tell you, when it comes to looking good in photos, all you need to do is tweak your daily beauty regime. To ensure that your face has the wow factor in your next photo or selfie, take these four beauty secrets on board.


Image source

  1. Eliminate puffiness

Have you ever wondered why your face looks a little too full in photos? Well if you’re prone to puffy skin, this can have a major impact on how good you look in pictures. It’s not just our eyes that are prone to puffiness, although the eye area is the most common place for puffiness to occur. As any beauty pro will tell you, any area of our faces can puff out, thanks to excess water.

The key to reducing facial puffiness is removing the excess water from your face to help give it a slimmer look. There are plenty of products on the market that can help you to do this. However, facial masks and wraps tend to have the best results. To find the most suitable one for you, do some shopping around.

  1. Prime your skin

If you want a smooth and clear complexion in pictures, never go without a primer. Cleanse your face and then apply a perfecting primer – this will help to blur imperfections and give your skin a smoother finish. You can wear primer alone, or under foundation, depending on how much coverage you need.

  1. Perfect your makeup

The key to looking good in photos is perfecting your makeup. As any beauty expert will tell you, for the perfect picture, knowing how to properly apply your makeup is a must.

Start off by creating a beautifully blended base. Be choosy about the foundation that you pick, opt for a product that works well with your skin’s tone and texture. To change the shape of your face, to make it look more streamlined, don’t forget to contour.

With the right contouring product, you can create a photogenic v shape face for perfect selfie. So it’s crucial that you pick what contouring product that you use, carefully. If you’re unsure how to contour correctly, check out a couple of tutorials online. (Youtube has some amazing ones, so it might be worth looking on there.)

If you suffer from dark under eye bags, use a yellow-toned concealer to hide them. There’s nothing worse than looking tired in photos, is there? That’s why it’s so important that you learn to hide dark circles so that you don’t look tired in your pictures.

  1. Bronze and highlight

If the camera that you use to take your pictures and selfies uses flash, you may end up looking washed out in photos. Camera flashes might make images clearer, but they’re a nightmare when it comes to the look of your skin.

On your cheek bones, dust a little bronzer to add color. This will help to prevent you from looking too washed out in photos, for this, a cream blusher tends to work better than a powder one. To draw attention away from ‘problem areas’ use a highlighter. Well applied highlighter will reflect the light from the flash away from those areas that you want to hide, helping to give you a more flawless look.

So what do you think? Could any of these tips from the experts help you to take a more beautiful photo or selfie?


Stay Stylish And Save Money With These Tips

December is finally here, which means that it’s now officially winter. As well as dreaming of snow, chic tree decorations and all that yummy Christmas food. There’s probably one other thing on your mind –  your winter wardrobe.

Come winter, and all the most beautiful scarves, polo necks, ankle boots, and bobble hats appear, as if by magic. Not to mention all those beautiful sparkly dresses, perfect for those office parties you’re sure to attend.


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We would all love to treat ourselves to a whole new winter wardrobe.  But sadly, with presents to buy, the reality is that many of us can’t afford to treat ourselves. Or can we? Money might be tight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade your winter wardrobe.

Want to stay stylish this winter without breaking the bank? The good news is, with these tips, you can.

Buy from wholesale sites

Have you ever wondered how some people always stay in style, even when they’re skint? Wholesale sites are the answer – these are the gems of the fashion world.  These sites offer reduced prices on various items, making it easier and more affordable to stay stylish. From clothing sites to online accessory stores, if you look around you can find some incredible deals.

The best part about buying from these sites is the fact that the quality tends to be high. Although items, like wholesale bags, are affordable, they tend to be well made, and of course, stylish. They’re not knock off designs; they’re well-designed items sold at discounted prices. Pretty amazing, right?

Sell unwanted clothes

The chances are that you have a few items in the back of your wardrobe that you never wear, am I right? If money is tight, but you need to update your wardrobe, have a clear out and sell what you don’t want.

As long as the bits you’re selling are in good condition, you should make a tidy profit.  Obviously, the brand of the item will affect how much it’s worth – designer items will always go for more money than high street ones.

Where you choose to sell your old clothes is up to you, but websites like eBay and Vinted are great for selling pre-loved items on. Facebook selling and swap groups can be great for selling unwanted clothing  – so make sure to check these out. Any money that you make from selling your unwanted items can go towards your new wardrobe.

Take advantage of discounts

The key to being fashionable when money is tight is shopping the sales. Oh yes, sales really are a skint girl’s best friend. If you notice that a store is having a deal day, take advantage and have a browse. The chances are that if you look hard enough, you’ll find the odd gem to two.

To ensure that you don’t miss any discounts offered by your fave stores, sign up for email updates. That way, you’ll automatically be notified when there is a sale or discount day on.

When it comes to sales, many stores offer as much as 50 percent off. When money is a little tight but you still want to look stylish, taking advantage of these deals is a must.

It may seem almost impossible to be stylish when money’s tight, but it doesn’t have to be.


5 Secrets Professional Makeup Artists Don’t Want You To Know!

We all feel the same exasperation when it comes to our makeup, we try so hard, but we still don’t ever look like Angelina Jolie. You can spend forever surfing Pinterest looking for the perfect smokey eye, only to replicate it and look like you have been given two black eyes. You may have gotten to the point where you just think ‘it’s me that’s the problem. Practising in front of my mirror in my bedroom just doesn’t cut it, I will never get that professional look.’ Well, that’s where you’re wrong. I have found these tricks that the experts use! Here are the secrets that makeup artists are keeping to themselves.

  1. Work To Your Face Shape

This is so important! We are all individuals, and what works for one person definitely will not for the next. Beauty comes in many different forms, and the makeup artists know this! The huge beauty trend right now is contouring. But you can’t just copy how Kim Kardashian has done hers, as she most likely has a very different face to yours. Contouring is all about exaggerating your best bits. Scour Google for a girl contouring with your face shape, and copy her instead!

  1. Mix Your Foundation Color

Again, everyone is different. It’s impossible for cosmetic companies to cater for everyone, meaning the majority of us have to compromise. The professionals, however, would do no such thing! They mix different shades together to match their client perfectly. So why don’t we do this too! Using products like skin illustrator makeup, we can mix shades together to match our own shade of skin. No more embarrassing lines!

  1. Primer Is Your Best Friend

Primer is a very underrated piece of kit. We should be applying primer before beginning our makeup so it lasts longer. But do we ever bother? Do you ever see us bloggers reviewing the latest primer? No! But we should be. Primer should be applied all over your face to give your makeup some durability. You should also get a separate primer for eyeshadow. Industry experts recommend this to be applied right up to our eyebrows, so they hold their shape and color too.


Image Credit

  1. Stock Up On Tools

Tools are an absolute must for any makeup lover! You may think that your one lonely eyeshadow brush has got you covered, but you are wrong. Ideally, for eyes you should have at the very least small brush to apply the eyeshadow, and a larger fluffy one to blend shades. Lip brushes are another must, as a lipstick just isn’t accurate enough to give that professional finish. Other tools such as eyelash curlers and eyebrow brushes are other must-haves if you want your makeup to have the edge on everyone else.

  1. Learn Your Color Matches

This part does need some research. It is very important to match the colors you are applying with your face. Eyeshadow, blush, and lip color should all have this consideration. Your tone of skin, hair color and eye color will all determine this. One general rule of makeup artists is to play with opposites when it comes to your eyeshadow color. Go for a shade opposite to your own eyes on the color wheel. So for example, if you had green eyes you should consider reddish eyeshadow according to the experts!

So what do you think? Could any of these expert secrets help you to sort out your slap? Let me know!


Why You Should Worry About Ageing Now

Taking care of your looks may be easy when you’re young. But as we get older, those little signs of ageing start creeping in. And they can turn up sooner than you think! Look after your body while you are young. It’s thought to contribute greatly to how well your appearance holds up through your thirties and your forties.

If you’ve already gone through that ‘horror’ moment of finding a grey hair, then now could be the time to make changes to your lifestyle. A lot of girls have found a grey hair on their head by the time they are twenty-five. It’s rare that you find more than that all in one go, but it is a sign that you’re not going to stay young forever.

Most people will tell you that prevention is better than cure. This could be true. Taking care of your body is important to prevent illness and excess weight. It is thought that a healthy diet and plenty of activity and exercise is the best way to prevent being overweight. Eating the right nutrition can help your immune system fight off germs and viruses.

There are also a few ‘superfoods’ out there that are thought to have extra benefits. Some are good for the immune system. Others are good for your skin. There are some fruits and vegetables that can form part of a detox juice when you want an internal cleanse. Including fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet can help keep you looking and feeling young.

Life does have a habit of throwing curveballs at us, though. Things change, and routines get interrupted. Your priorities might change as well. This is especially true when you have a family. One day you might look in the mirror and be confronted with a set of fine lines and wrinkles. If you’re determined to stay young or die trying you can always turn to cosmetic treatments to help improve the appearance of wrinkles.


Flickr is the provider of the photo

Are you a firm believer that you’re as young as you feel, and age is just a number? As the body gets older, the joints can become achier, and the muscles are less flexible. To maintain good mobility you need to make sure your body is stretched and moved daily. Office jobs leave us prone to sitting in one position for hours every day. This is bad for the circulation and bad for your body. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. Try to fit in activity and exercise every day.

Smoking, drinking and drugs are known to age the body. They each can cause damage to the body at the cellular level. If you are a smoker, you may be shortening your life by years. This may not be something you’re thinking about in your early twenties. But many smokers can look much older than their years by the time they reach their mid-thirties.

Now may be the time in your life when you want to have fun and even go wild. But your actions now might have an effect on your body that you won’t see for many years. Take care of the future you.


Tips for a Beautiful Evening Makeup Look!

Evening makeup is so much fun to do. It’s nice to wear natural makeup from time to time, but I always have the most fun experimenting with my evening look. You can get away with so much more if you’re going out! With that in mind, here are some of my favourite tips for a beautiful evening makeup look:

Focus on Achieving a Flawless Base

If you’re going out for the evening, chances are people will take pictures. If you want to look your best in them, a flawless base is a must. There’s nothing worse than thinking your makeup is perfect, only to look back at pictures and see a horrible tidemark. To get a flawless base, you need a product that suits your skintone. You also need a product that suits your skin type, so you’ll need to shop for the perfect product! I like to apply my base with a wet sponge!

Pick an Eyeshadow to Make Your Eyes Pop

Take a look at eyeshadow colours to suit your eye colour and you’ll make a huge impact! You don’t need to go for anything too crazy; there are lots of neutral colours that will suit your eyes. If you feel confident, you can create a smoky look with a bold colour! I love experimenting with my eyes when I have a special event coming up.


image credit

Apply False Lashes

False lashes open up the eyes and add some instant glamour. One thing I can’t stand though, is really fake looking lashes that reach up to your eyebrows. Go for something more natural and you’ll still make an impact. You definitely don’t want to risk looking like a drag queen!

Apply Lipstick with a Brush

When I apply lipstick with a brush, I find it goes on so much smoother. I can also really define my cupids bow, helping it to look perfect with no bleeding whatsoever! Your lipstick will last a lot longer, especially if you use one with a formulation from a place like

Take Your Face Shape Into Account

Different makeup looks suit different face shapes. Something that suits somebody with a round face wouldn’t suit somebody with a square face. Make sure you learn your face shape and then look this up to find things that look best on you!

Define Your Brows the Right Way

Defined brows are a must for an evening look, but you need to get it right. I like to use a special brush, and this basically takes all the work out of it for me. A good product helps too, but it isn’t essential. Make sure you use a light hand, as you can always go back in with more colour if you need it. Afterwards, you can brush them through to help them appear more natural!

Ready to get your makeup on for your evening out? Have fun with it, but remember to keep it looking natural. The goal isn’t to get as much on your face as possible. See you next time!

How To Plump Up Your Lips: Easy Tips

If you lust after voluptuous, full lips, you can achieve them. Not everyone has lips that are plump, but you can do something about that. Having an incredible pout can change the way you look. There are many ways you can get the look you want! No, I am not talking about the Kylie Jenner method of lip enhancement. We all know that using a suction cup to get full lips is a silly idea. Instead, there are some safe ways you can make your mouth look fantastic. Read my easy tips and let’s get started.

Get filler for your lips

One of the easiest ways to get the results you want is to get a filler for your lips. If you wish to know a little about this treatment, you can talk to a specialist from Medical Spa. Once you have all the information you need, you can decide whether this option is for you. Most lip fillers are temporary, but they can give you a perfect pout in no time at all. Make sure that you do your research before you make a decision. There is a broad range of treatments out there, and you need to find the greatest one.

Use plumper lip gloss

If you don’t want to get filler, there are other options for you. Why not get a lip gloss that makes your lips look larger than they are. Plumper glosses tingle a little when you first use them, but they do the trick. Of course, you will need to use this product on a regular basis to achieve the results you want. You should check out the finest glosses on the market before you choose one for you.

Fake it with makeup

If you just want to fake it, it’s not as hard as you might imagine. To do so, you will need a quality lip liner and lipstick. You can fake it with makeup. You should draw the outline of your lips first. Remember, you don’t want to go over the top here. The last thing you want is to end up looking like a clown! You should draw the line a little higher than your natural lip line. That way, the difference will be subtle, yet effective. Next, use your lipstick to complete the look. Again, I can’t stress how crucial it is that you don’t try to make your lips look too large this way. It could be a real beauty faux pas.

Get a sugar rub for them

Finally, you can get sugar rubs to make your lips look big and beautiful. When you rub sugar on your lips, it exfoliates them. That means that it gets rid of any dead cells there. This tip should help your lips to look pouty and full. You can get loads of sugar rubs online, and so you’d better start looking for one now.

Do you like my tips? I know that a lot of ladies out there want fuller looking lips than they have. I hope that these ideas help you to look gorgeous.



7 Ways You Can Look Beautiful for Longer

Looking beautiful is one thing, but making sure you look beautiful for longer is a totally different ball game. Looking beautiful in the long run takes commitment and consistency. Use these 7 methods if you think you’ve got what it takes to make your beauty regime stand the test of time:

Have Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is one of the best treatments you can give your skin. It helps to brighten and smooth the surface, giving you a radiant glow. It increases blood flow and circulation to the area, which helps it to look younger and healthier. Not only that, it can reduce wrinkles after a course of treatments. It’s one of the best ways you can keep yourself looking young without surgery. It isn’t painful either!


picture from Flickr

Take Care of Your Nails

Broken nails that are all odd lengths and shapes aren’t any good to anybody. Take care of your nails so that they look naturally healthy and pretty. They don’t necessarily need to be long, just the same shape and length. Buff them regularly to give them shine and encourage growth. Apply a protective polish to help strengthen and protect from the elements too.

Treat Your Hair

Treat your hair to intensive conditioning masks every now and again. This will help to lock in moisture, shine, and colour. You should also apply a heat defense spray to keep it healthy and stop it from breaking.

Have Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can result in permanently smooth skin, no stubble to be seen! You’ll never have to bother shaving or waxing ever again, and can enjoy smooth skin forever more. You just need to make sure you avoid any snake oil salesmen and go to a reputable clinic, or you could end up with disastrous results!

Eat Well

Eating well is probably the best thing you can do if you want to look beautiful for longer. You can try all of the beauty products and potions you like, but eating well will make you beautiful from the inside out. Aim to eat mostly natural foods, and keep your consumption of sugary foods under control.


Exercise has so many benefits! You’ll stay looking younger right into old age, for a start. You’ll maintain your weight, and you may even find that your body shape changes. You’ll feel happier, and be so much healthier too. You really can’t beat it! It isn’t all about doing hours of cardio either. You can make exercise fun by doing classes and resistance training. Forget the treadmill! Simply keep up a routine 3 times a week and you’ll notice a big difference. It should only take 3 weeks for you to make a habit out of it.

Always Apply an SPF

Using an SPF is a must if you want to protect your skin from sun damage. You can’t always see sun damage, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to combat it. With an SPF, you’ll also fight premature wrinkles.

With these tips, you’ll keep your skin looking youthful, and everything else healthy and beautiful!


What to Pack So You Don’t Get Caught Out on Holiday

Going on holiday with the family is great fun, but the packing part of it isn’t quite as fun. It does need to be done though, so pack these things.

Versatile Clothing

You have to think carefully about what clothes you pack when you’re going away. The weather is impossible to predict, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for whatever it might throw at you. You know roughly what kind of climate you’ll be confronted with when you arrive at your destination, but it can still throw up surprises.

Buying items like a Travel Cardigan can be a good idea. It’s a bag that can be turned into a cardigan, so you’ll be covered no matter what the weather is doing. This kind of versatility can be incredibly valuable. Waterproofs are essential too; it rains everywhere! Don’t forget that.

Cash & Travellers Cheques

It’s understandable that a lot of tourists are wary of taking cash with them when they go abroad. In a lot of cities, it’s tourists who are targeted most by thieves and pickpockets. It’s much safer to take a combination of cash and travellers cheques. Cash is important as the recent situation in Greece has shown. Cash allows you to be able to for things no matter what happens to the banks.

But taking cash alone might not be a great idea. Travellers cheques are great because they’re much more secure than cash. They’re pre-printed cheques for fixed about of money. A lot of people use them because they’re secure as they can be replaced if they get lost or stolen.

Use Clear Wash Bags

Being able to see through your wash backs and cases that you pack can save you a lot of time when it comes to packing up and coming home. That’s because you don’t have to unzip them and pour out their contents to see what’s inside them (and what’s not), you can just look through them.

These are very easy to find and they’re very cheap too, so invest in a few of them. It might seem like a minor problem, but it could save you a lot of time and effort when you’re rushing around, trying to make sure you’ve left nothing behind. And that’s something you can’t put a price on.


Image Source

Take Sun Cream

You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting you and your family from the potentially damaging effects of the sun. If you don’t know whether they’ll sell high-quality sun cream at the destination you’re travelling to, it’s best to take your own with you. That way you’ll be sure to avert lasting damage to your skin.

It’s not just about the long-term damage the sun can cause to your skin though, getting burnt is no fun in the short-term either. This is especially true if you have young children. They will become easily irritated and uncomfortable if their skin is burnt for the duration of the family holiday.

If you pack each of these items, you won’t get caught out.

What to Expect When You Have a Breast Augmentation

Having a breast augmentation can be an incredibly exciting time. However, that doesn’t mean it’s unusual to be a little frightened before you go through with it. This post should help to ease some of your fears. Here’s what to expect when you have a breast augmentation:

1 Week Off Work

You’ll need some time off work so you can adjust to your new breasts. You’ll usually only need 1 week off, give or take a few days. You may be drowsy from medication, so total relaxation is the best thing. It varies from person to person, but you may struggle to sit up on your own. You should have everything explained to you in your consultation.

Swelling and Bruising

You won’t be able to see the results of your operation straight away because of the swelling and bruising. They should settle down soon enough, so make sure you’re patient!


photo source


The level of discomfort you feel will vary from person to person. It may only be mild, depending on many factors. Either way, you shouldn’t underestimate it – some people reported it to be much worse than expected. You shouldn’t let this put you off, or make the decision to have a different placement based on the level of discomfort.

Help Dressing and Washing

As you won’t be able to move all that much, you’ll need help dressing and washing. If you can have somebody with you for 3-4 days after your operation to help you, that’s great! Your surgeon should be able to give you some more advice on how much help you’ll need.

No Heavy Lifting or Strenuous Exercise

If you enjoy going to the gym, you’ll need to wait for a few weeks until you can go back. Heavy lifting isn’t advisable for a good few weeks after your operation, and you’ll still need to be careful. If you work in a very physical job, you may need to explain the situation to them or have more time off work.


Don’t think that things won’t go wrong. Everybody thinks that it won’t happen to them. Even if you’ve spent lots of time picking a great plastic surgeon, something could potentially go wrong. You could end up with unsatisfactory results, odd shapes, or a more serious problem, like infection. Although this is rare if you do your research properly, it can still happen. Be prepared and have a plan, just incase!

More Surgery in the Future

Most people that have breast surgery will need more surgery in the future. Implants don’t last forever, so it’s likely you’ll need an operation to replace your implants in the future.

A good surgeon should answer all of your questions and be able to put your mind at ease. However, they should be honest about the risks and what you can/can’t achieve. Make sure you listen to their advice and take it all in so you can decide if having a breast augmentation is the right thing to do.