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The Essential Guide To Avoiding Split Ends

Split ends can be a nightmare. If you don’t want to get a haircut every five minutes, you need to do everything you can to stop your hair splitting. It is not easy to make sure that your hair is in excellent condition, but you should work on it every single day. If you enjoy styling and playing with your locks, they need extra care and attention. When you get split ends, they spread, and so you might have to get a drastic cut to fix them. Here is everything you can do to stop that happening.


Image – Elise Muller

Get the right brush

When you brush your hair, you ought to be careful with it. If you use a fine brush on your hair, you will find that it breaks all the time. Instead,  you need to get a wide tooth comb so that you don’t damage your hair when you brush it. It is that simple. You should make sure that you carry a brush with you in your bag so that you don’t end up messing with your hair all the time. You should also be careful when dealing with wet hair. Much of the time, it is best not to comb wet hair at all.

Use heat protection spray

When you are styling your hair using hot irons, it is vital that you protect your hair. You can buy a broad range of protection sprays and gels, and so you should use them each time you decide to mess with your locks. If you are a fan of the poker-straight look, you will need to ensure that you get the best hair straightener for you. Some straighteners damage your hair when you use them, and so you need to get a mainstream brand that you can trust.

Condition the ends of your hair

How is your washing technique? You might think that there is only one way to wash and condition your hair, but you are wrong. You should make sure that you massage shampoo into your scalp, but avoid the rest of the hair. When it comes to conditioning, though, you should pay close attention to the ends of your hair. You need to cover them with conditioner and leave them for at least two minutes before you rinse your hair. That way, you can keep the ends of your hair in tip top condition.

Don’t wash it too often

You should only wash your hair once every three days or so. If you wash your hair every single day, you will strip it of its natural moisture and nutrients. That means that you will end up with dry and brittle hair. You need to ensure that does not happen. If you find that your hair gets greasy between washes, you can use dry shampoo or even moose to style it. Try a fancy up-do when you have second or third day hair.

Use hair masks

When you notice that your hair starts to split, it is time to take action. You can get loads of different hair masks that you can use on your locks to keep them looking incredible. You should look for a mask that uses natural ingredients so that it does not damage your locks. You could also try using henna on your hair if you want to see some amazing results. If you follow these simple rules, you should have beautiful, healthy hair all the time. Keeping your hair in excellent condition will give you a new found confidence. Now that you know what you need to do go ahead and do it. You are just a few steps away from hair perfection!



Effortless Ways To Help Flawed Skin

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Our skin is one of most beautiful features. We do our best to look after it and ensure that we always look our best. However, sometimes we’ll have a breakout or a skin problem that won’t allow us to look our best. Here are a few top ways that you can disguise or improve flawed skin and get back to feeling great about yourself.

First we need to look at the ways in which we can prevent our skin from having issues in the first place. Look at ways to try and tackle your skin problems before they become too bad. This will ensure that you can keep on top of your skincare and avoid breakouts and skin problems in the future. Some top preventative tips include the below.

Drink more water

Drinking water is the obvious tip here. It will help keep your skin healthy and hydrated and it also aids concentration. If you are busy at work all day then drinking water or juice will help improve your mood, concentration and your skin.

Have a break from makeup

Having a break from makeup sometimes can be a good thing. We all love beauty products and looking our best, but sometimes our skin just needs to breathe! Giving our skin just a little time out can sometimes make all the difference.

Clean your brushes

This is so important. Cleaning your makeup brushes can help stop the spread of bacteria and spots. Germs and bacteria can breed on our brushes and after a period of time they will collect dead skin and grease. Wash them with a little warm soapy water or buy some makeup brush cleaner.

Throw away old makeup

Even if an item of makeup is your favorite, you still need to throw it away when it gets old. Think about what you are putting on your face or near your eyes.

Tattoos and scars are one area where it is important to take care. If you have a tattoo that you now regret, all is not lost. You can either cover it up or take some real action to remove it. A simple google search of terms like tattoo removal in Chicago or wherever you are based will give you a good starting point. You don’t need to feel like you are stuck with a tattoo that leaves your skin flawed. There is usually a solution that will help your confidence.

Breakouts of acne can be annoying, painful and embarrassing. Try using tea tree products on your skin and avoiding scrubbing areas of acne. Gently dab any areas that are affected and use a clean cloth each time. This will prevent the acne spreading to other areas of your body and halt the bacterias breeding.

You can purchase some great concealers that will cover up areas of acne, scarring and blemishes on the skin. Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation is a great starting point. If you have red skin then a green tinted base is also beneficial.

Four Top Tips That Will Improve Your Complexion

We all dream of having an effortlessly clear complexion. Unfortunately, very few of us are blessed with naturally flawless skin; most of us have to work hard for it. Our skin is exposed to many environmental factors such as the sun, wind and pollution on a daily basis that all have an effect on the condition of our complexion. It is up to us to protect our face from these elements by following a robust beauty regime and leading a healthy lifestyle. If you want to do what you can to get a clear complexion, here is your guide to doing so.


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1. Deal with stress effectively

It is not a coincidence that when you have an important event on the horizon, whether it’s your wedding or a job interview, you often experience a breakout of blemishes. If your stress levels are consistently high, this can wreak havoc with your complexion. Stress can also lead to a lack of sleep which, as we all know, leads to visible problems with our skin such as bags under our eyes. It is important to incorporate stress management techniques into your lifestyle. For example yoga and controlled breathing may help you deal with stress effectively and leave your skin looking and feeling radiant.

2. Be mindful of your digestion

Impurities in the skin are often the result of digestive problems. Poor digestion can arise from a number of dietary issues. Perhaps you are eating a high number of dairy products, drinking too much alcohol or eating food that you may be sensitive to, like gluten. If you suffer from poor digestion, and complexion problems as a result, your doctor may able to help you work out how you can amend your diet to deal with these issues effectively.

3. Use good quality products

Many skin care products available include problem ingredients that have an adverse effect on our complexions. Some ingredients block the pores that contribute to blemishes or they strip the natural oils from the skin leaving it dry and damaged. It is important to educate yourself about your skin type and any skin conditions you suffer from so you can use the right products for you. You should also become knowledgeable on the ingredients in skin care items that you should avoid. Good quality products may cost you more money, but they will improve your complexion.


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4. Deal with permanent marks

Unfortunately, there are only so many preventative measures we can take. We all suffer from permanent skin marks due to ageing or skin conditions. However, many of these blemishes can be dealt effectively. For example, you could introduce some skin conditioning products like a whitening cream mask into your regime that can treat age and sun spots. Visible blood vessels can be dealt with using laser and other light therapies. It is worth contacting a dermatologist if you permanent marks that are causing you stress.

A clear complexion is achievable by all with a little effort, a few lifestyle changes and some appropriate products or treatments.


Ladies, Start Dropping Hints: Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day is on the horizon ladies, and I’m sure you’re desperately trying to think of things to ask your man for. Well, I thought I’d put together a little list of things I deem the best gifts to receive on V day. Take a look and then get hinting!

A Weekend Break

A weekend break could be just the ticket for you and your other half to go and spend some quality time together. There are a ton of places to choose from, and by looking on a site like Groupon, you won’t break the bank either. You could even stay somewhere on Airbnb; accommodation here is luxurious yet priced up better than hotels.

A Personalised Adult Novel

Let’s face it; 50 Shades of Grey was a hit. Although it is not by any means a well written book, it was the first of its kind. If you like that kind of thing, why not ask your other half for a personalised adult novel? He doesn’t need to write it for you…he simply inputs your details and orders one. Simple. You could soon be starring in your very own saucy novel!

A Dainty Piece of Jewellery

I love jewellery to add to my collection, especially when my other half has picked it himself. You have lots of sterling silver jewellery in the UK to choose from, so why not pick a few to add to your wishlist? You could then send him a friendly email reminder.

Sexy Lingerie

Perfect for Valentine’s night, and just feeling good about yourself in general.


picture author

A Spa Visit

Visiting a spa is a real luxury treat. Using the jacuzzi, pool, and other facilities is so relaxing, and if you’re lucky you can have a massage/facial/manicure to boot. What better gift than having a pamper and making you feel special for the day?

Bath Stuff

If a spa visit is too expensive, then why not ask for some bath stuff? You can have your very own spa day at home! There’s a ton of gorgeous bath stuff out there that you can try. Add some salts to your bath or maybe a bath bomb, apply a face mask, lie back and relax! Don’t forget to add some candles and relaxing music, either.

Customised Confectionary

If you’ve got a big old sweet tooth like me, then some customised confectionary is a thoughtful and tasty treat.

New Lounge Wear

Lounging round the house doesn’t need to be a messy or unattractive affair. Hint at new lounge wear so you can look great even when you’re just doing the dishes. Pyjamas, dressing gowns, and top/trousers sets are all acceptable gifts.

A Gorgeous New Dress

If you’re going out on Valentine’s, ask for a gorgeous new dress to wear. I’d give him a shortlist if I were you, just to make sure you don’t end up with something hideous.

Remember ladies; if you don’t get what you want, it’s the thought that counts. Then dump him. See you next time!


Clothes Shopping Made Simple!

Clothes shopping can be an absolute nightmare for some women. It can be made even worse if you’re indecisive and don’t know exactly what you’re looking for! This post aims to make clothes shopping simple for you, so you can buy yourself some nice new garments without pulling your hair out!

Give Yourself a Budget

By giving yourself a budget, you leave yourself less likely to go bankrupt. It’s so easy to overspend when clothes shopping, so by giving yourself a realistic budget you can be sure you won’t need to live off toast for the rest of the month. I suggest drawing it out of the bank so you don’t need to take your card with you. If you have any money left over, you can put that towards your next shopping trip.

Write a List of Items You Need

What items do you really need? Fair trade clothing? Jeans? Scarves? Write a list and take it with you so you can actively look for those things while you shop. If you don’t write a list, you could end up buying absolutely anything. When I go on random shopping trips with no plan, I always end up coming home with something that I don’t get enough wear out of.

Double Check Your Wardrobe Before You Go

I have that many items in my wardrobe, I nearly always forget what I already have. I have to double check it before I go, otherwise I run the risk of buying something similar to what I already own. There’s nothing more frustrating!


Seth Noreman

Try Things On

Even if you’re sure about something on the hanger, you should always try it on. You never know what it’ll fit like, and you don’t want to have to go through all of the hassle of returning it. I always see things I love on the hanger, only to try them on and realise that I look hideous!

Go on Your Own

Ladies enjoy shopping with friends, but if you want to do some serious clothes shopping, go alone. You can look solely in the stores you are interested in, and you won’t get a mix of different opinions clouding your view. If you like something, you should just buy it. You’ll get things done much faster too.

Always Keep Your Receipts

Make sure you keep your receipts. Even if you don’t think you’re going to be returning something. Some items aren’t made to a very high standard, and you can’t wear something once and find all of the detailing has fallen off. You have the right to return an item if this happens, so keep your receipts for a week or two afterwards so you don’t end up out of pocket.

There you go. Now you should be able to go shopping for new clothes without getting too stressed out and confused. Don’t let it get the better of you by using these tips! Have any tips of your own? I’d love to hear them in the comments section. Bye for now!


Girls’ Night Out: Beauty Tips

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So, you’re planning on heading off for a girl’s night out, and of course you want to look your best. But, for some reason you never end up looking quite as good as you want to… Don’t worry, that’s where we come in.

To help you look your best, we have come up with some handy beauty tips that are perfect for a girls’ night out. To find out more, have a read of this.

1. Choose the perfect outfit

Before picking out an outfit think about where you are going and what type of style would work best. For example, for a night out on the town a little black dress would be perfect, but for dinner and drinks a pair of skinny jeans and a nice top would be the better option.

Choose an outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in, such as your favourite dress. Don’t be tempted to wear something that you don’t feel happy in, as you may spend the evening feeling self-conscious, instead of enjoying yourself.

2. Pick some jewelry

Once you have your perfect outfit picked out, the next step is to use your jewelry to add some extra sparkle to your look.

Before you choose your jewelry, think about your outfit. If you have opted for a plain dress or top, then bold and bright is the way to go. However, if you have opted for more colorful design, subtle jewelry is probably the best option.

A necklace, a pair of earrings or clip on earrings and a bracelet are all essential, no matter what outfit you are wearing. However, the outfit you have chosen will delegate what style of jewelry you should wear.

3. Apply your makeup

Before doing anything else, start by applying a moisturiser to your face. Make sure to cover your entire face, including your mouth and around your eyes. As you apply your moisturiser, use your fingers to gently massaged your skin – this will stimulate your blood flow and give you a nice glow.

Before you start applying your makeup, give your moisturiser a good five minutes to properly sink into your skin.

To ensure that you makeup stays on all night, start off by applying a primer. Not only will primer make your makeup stay on for longer, it will also reduce skin shine and give your face a matte look.

Once you have finished applying your primer, then follow this up with concealer if needed, and foundation. To even out your skin tone, opt for a liquid foundation and blend it into your skin thoroughly.

To set your makeup and keep it in place all night, gently apply some pressed powder to your face. Make sure to take special care of the area under your eyes.

Apply a subtle shade of eyeshadow from the lash line to the crease of your eye, and then use a darker tone of eyeshadow in the crease and blend upwards. To add a touch of glamour to your eyes, carefully apply a black or brown eyeliner to your waterline. Follow with two coats of mascara to make your eyelashes look long and bold.

To make your eyes look bigger, use an eyebrow pencil to enhance the look of your brows, and use tweezers to get rid of any stray hairs.

4. Do your hair

Don’t be tempted to leave your hair until the last minute, as that’s when you end up in a mess.

Give yourself at least 40 minutes to play around with your hair and get the look right. Especially if you are trying a style that you haven’t done before.

Stay in Control of Your Finances When Clothes Shopping – A Savvy Guide

When clothes shopping, it can be all too easy to spend way too much and end up living off toast for the rest of the month. We see lots of beautiful items we want, and we’re told to buy higher quality items so they last longer, right? It does make sense not to buy throw away fashion and invest in quality items instead. But this will leave you broke if you aren’t careful. Use these tips to help you…

Make a List of Things You’re Shopping for

By making a list of things you’re shopping for, you’ll feel more able to stay focused as you browse. Avoid straying from the list, and only look at items that could help you to potentially put a tick next to an item you need. Don’t buy things you don’t need for the sake of it, because you won’t end up wearing them. Go through your wardrobe and decide what you need, but make sure you get rid of anything you’re replacing too. You could consider selling your old items to make room for your new ones, and you’ll make some extra cash while you’re at it.

Don’t Buy Things You Don’t Need

Ask yourself ‘do I really need this?’, before buying anything. Remember what you already have in your wardrobe. Sometimes I buy something, only to realise I have something very similar already.

Give Yourself a Spending Limit

Give yourself a budget and stick to it. Don’t be tempted to go over the budget no matter what might tempt you – you gave yourself that budget for a reason! Also, if you don’t find anything you like, save your budget for next time. Spending for the sake of it is a waste of money.

Wait a While – Don’t Impulse Buy

If you see something you like, don’t buy it straight away. You might end up regretting it. Instead, wait a while and see how you feel. If the item is expensive, wait a week or so. If you still want the item, then you can buy it. Often, the feelings that make you want an item will die off if you leave it long enough and you’ll save some money.

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Shop Around Before You Commit

Shop around before you commit to a particular item, as you might find something similar but cheaper elsewhere. Look online, as it’s much less effort to shop around that way and you can easily compare certain items. It’s so much easier to find specialist items online too, like Muslim clothing.

Look for Discount Codes

Always search for discount codes online before buying an item. Most of the time, you’ll at least find a 10% off voucher code or a free delivery code. This will save you a lot of money in the long run! If somebody you know is a student, you could even ask them nicely if you can use their discount code.

Never be broke from clothes shopping again with this savvy guide. Happy shopping, and see you next time!

What Are Some of the Best Ways to Improve Your Self-Image?

Self-image is a fragile thing. It seems to link to confidence and self-esteem. People with a good self-image tend to be confident people and vice versa. In contrast, those with low self-esteem tend to have a bad self-image. You might suffer from a bad self-image and be looking for ways to try to improve it.

The first thing to do is stop reading glossy magazines and comparing yourself to the people in them. These magazines are awful for self-image as they teach you that you’re too fat or too thin. Too ugly or too pretty. Too rich or too poor. It’s just not helpful and is a constant negative influence on your life.

Instead, your focus needs to be on improving your self-image. You want to be able to look in the mirror every day and be proud of who you are. With these steps, you can help rebuild and improve your self-image.


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A makeover will help you improve your self-image. This is something that can help a lot of women to feel more attractive. But many of them never consider that as a possibility. You will find that a makeover from professionals may make you look better than you ever have before. And this doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. You can visit various makeup counters at any department store, and you could get a makeover done. You might also consider getting your hair done too. Looking good promotes a healthy and positive body image and boosts confidence and self-esteem.

Get Your Teeth Done

A lot of people don’t like their teeth, and that can give them problems with self-confidence. Teeth can stain or become crooked, and this can make people self-conscious. If you feel like you need to get work done on your teeth then you might want to search for a Denver dentist. Even something as simple as a clean and polish, or whitening can have a profound effect on your teeth. Get yourself a dazzling smile that will have you turning heads and catapult your self-image.


Changing your wardrobe is another plot on the graph when it comes to boosting self-image. If your clothes look dated and unfashionable, this can shatter your confidence. You can consult fashion experts or ask friends who dress well to help you. Get rid of all of your garish and outdated clothes. Go out shopping with a friend and spend time trying on outfits. You need to like them as well. Find out the best kind of outfits and clothing that suit you. You will need to account for your body type, height and skin tone as not all outfits will suit you. But once you find the right ones make sure you get them. You will be surprised at how much you can boost your self-image just by having better clothes.

Cut Out Negativity

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to cut out the negativity in your life. If there are people or environments in your life that bring you down remove them from your life. If you have an acquaintance who is knocking your self-esteem and image then stop associating with them. If there are events or environments you frequent that don’t make you feel good about yourself, then stop going. If your job is affecting your self-image then maybe it’s time to get yourself a new job.


4 Secrets To Younger Looking Hands

People say that if you want to know a person’s true age, look at their hands. Washed and dried on a regular basis and exposed to the sun and snow, they get their fair share of use during our lives. As we get older, the skin on our hands becomes thinner, making them look fragile. As time goes on, they also become wrinkled and speckled with age spots. Most of us will spend substantial time and money on night creams, day creams and serums to make our faces look youthful. However, we don’t give a second thought to the biggest giveaway of our age. With a little effort, it is possible to delay these visible signs of ageing. Here are our secrets to younger looking hands.

1. Protect your hands from the sun

The biggest contributor to ageing skin on our hands is the sun. Regular exposure to the sun causes the skin to wrinkle and damages it in many ways. Most of us are in the habit of protecting our faces each day by applying sunscreen but it really important to include your hands in this routine. Look for a quality SPF hand moisturizer and apply to your hands daily. Yes, it’s another stage to add to your already lengthy beauty regime, but trust us it will make a difference to the look and feel of your hands.


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2. Exfoliate

Your hands should regularly be exfoliated; once a week is sufficient. The skin on your hands is delicate, so use a gentle exfoliating product. Alternatively, use a completely natural method by mixing equal parts of sugar and olive oil and massage this gently into your hands. Leave the mixture on your hands for as long as possible for maximum benefit. Rinse and pat dry. This will leave your hands feeling soft and looking beautiful.

3. Moisture

Although you are now applying an SPF moisturizer to your hands on a daily basis, this may not be enough. Every time we wash and dry our hands, we strip them of moisture. So, it is a good idea to get into the habit of applying moisturizer after you clean your hands. Additionally, during the colder months, your hands will require extra moisture to cope with the harsh conditions. Whenever your hands feel tight and dry, don’t wait; apply hand moisturizer straight away. For this purpose, it’s a good idea to always carry a handy-sized hand cream in your bag.


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4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

By eating the right foods, regularly exercising and quitting smoking you will improve the skin on your hands as well as all over your body. Check out websites like that provide information on how to lead an anti-ageing lifestyle. Some of the best foods for nourishing your skin include oily fish, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and leafy greens. Have a look here for more information on foods that will benefit your skin.

The conclusion is that you must be kind to your hands to keep them looking young. It may require a little effort, but incorporating these secrets into your everyday routine will give you healthy, younger-looking hands.


How To Get The Perfect, Photogenic Smile

We’ve all looked through photos and cringed at our awkward smiles and silly faces. How do the celebrities get is so right, yet we get it so wrong? Well, they’re no better than me or you. They just know how to smile for the camera. They know the tricks and tips that bring out their pearly whites and light up their face. The good news is that these tricks are no big secret. You can learn them to and unlock the perfect smile for your face.

It all starts with how well you look after your teeth. After that, it’s all about creating the perfect natural smile. All you need to know is how to relax those muscles, bring the glisten to your eye and smile wide. You might need a little practice, but let me tell you this for nothing. All the celebrities with perfect smiles have spent hours in front of the mirror getting it just right. Without further ado, let’s jump into the five tips.


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Dental hygiene

It all starts here. The best smile requires pearly white teeth and plump red lips. Both your teeth and gums must be well looked after. Brush twice a day and floss regularly. Cut down on the coffees, teas and red wines that stain your precious teeth. If you do have severe teeth problems there are options out there. You could make use of thenewtooth dental implants in Kent & East Sussex.


The right make-up can really bring out your smile. Choosing the right colours and tones to complement your teeth can make all the difference. Reds and berry colours are the best when it comes to making teeth look whiter. The same goes for deep browns. However, experts suggest avoiding magenta and brighter colours. They have the effect of making teeth look dark and brown.

Make it natural

This is the hardest bit to get right. The perfect, photogenic smile looks natural and happy. Almost as if you have been caught in the happiest moment of your life. There are a few tricks, but nothing beats recalling a fond memory or funny joke. Let your mind wander to that moment and the smile will naturally appear on your face. Some swear by smiling as you breath out. On the outward breath, your muscles are more relaxed.


Just get in front of your mirror and practice! Try a few techniques for a natural smile, and see which you prefer. Does the funny memory work, or do you just crease up too much? How about breathing? Try moving your tongue to different places. Don’t feel silly, just take your time to find the right resting place.

Don’t forget the eyes…

They say you can always spot a fake smile in the eyes. That’s what gives you a true radiance. So don’t forget to look out for them when practicing. What is it that makes them light up? What gives them that glint and shows your true happiness? This will likely come from recalling your fond memory. Always try to keep that in mind.

So there you go. There’s no big secret or magic trick that the celebs use. Practice, practice, practice and find the best technique for you. Everyone has the perfect, photogenic smile in them. Now it’s time to find yours.