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Avoid Looking Like a Hot Mess on Prom Night


When it comes to prom season, there’s no doubt that every girl wants to look red-carpet sensational. But even the best laid plans can go awry.  Here’s how you can avoid looking like a disaster on your prom night.

1. Avoid going to a hairdresser you’ve never been to before

If you want to get your hair done professionally, be sure to try your hairdo out way ahead of time so you don’t end up looking like an over styled mess. Even better, do your hair just the way you love it so you feel comfortable all night.

2. Easy Does it with the Hair Products

Is there seriously anything worse than touching someone’s hair only to find it crunchy, sticky, and smelling like granny’s beauty parlor? Rather choose a soft, natural hair style that doesn’t require much product.

3. You Don’t Want to Look Like a Drag Queen

In your quest to look amazing, don’t overdo your makeup with a lot of eye drama and bright red lipstick. Makeup should make you look flawless, but naturally. If you have acne, make use of products that won’t aggravate your skin such as oil-free, hypoallergenic makeup.

4. Don’t go to Prom Looking Orange – Avoid Spray Tans the Day Before

Spray tans can look incredible if you’ve been to a spray tanning salon previously and the technician knows the right shade to spray you with. But, you should only apply spray tan at least two days before prom night so you don’t end up smelling like chemicals or, possibly worse, staining that perfect dress you’ve just picked up from the 2016 prom dresses online store –

Test the color out a couple of weeks prior to prom so you don’t end up streaky and orange. Keep in mind that spray tans applied at home only look good if they are even. A bad spray tan could leave you with stripes on your arms and face.

5. Have Your Hair Done First, Then Your Makeup

If you do your makeup first and then have your hair washed, you may well end up with makeup running down your face and having start from scratch.

6. Start with Eye Makeup and Choose Fake Lashes

Opt for fake lashes over mascara so you won’t have to end up looking like a panda in the early hours of the morning. By doing eye makeup before the rest of the face, you can correct any errors without having to redo everything.

7. Don’t Forget to Pack Makeup Remover Tissues

This is so you can remove any caked makeup under your eyes during the night.

8. Doesn’t Hurt to Take Extra Shoes Either

While you probably took your time picking out a stunning pair of shoes, after a few hours on the dance floor you might find yourself in blister-agony. Break in your new shoes well before prom night but take along a pair of comfy flats just in case your feet hurt.

9. Light Lipstick is the Way to Go

Prom is a long evening. If you start the night off with a dark lipstick, it can end up staining around your lips. Go for sheer, light colors and glosses that are easy to reapply and won’t stain.

10. Pick a Dress You’re Not Going to Fall Out Of

While strapless dresses are to die for, wardrobe malfunctions are an embarrassing reality. Your prom dress should hold everything in place snugly. If you have a larger chest, go for spaghetti straps and a bra that will hold you in place all night.


The most important thing on prom night is to have fun and create amazing memories. These days everyone has a camera on their phone and you don’t want to end up on social media the next day looking like a celebrity on an extraordinarily bad night.

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