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Brand Clothing for Less? Learn the Fashionista Secrets


We would all love to dress in Armani dresses and Gucci sunglasses and wear the most fabulous Manolo Blahniks stiletto shoes, but the unfortunate reality is that most of us cannot afford to dress in high-quality, expensive designer wear. Or is it?

It’s time to let you in on a little secret: all fashionistas across the world can have access to fashion brands, including to the most well-known fashion designers and boutiques. It’s all about knowing the insider secrets… and I’m about to share them with you.

  • Use fashion search sites that do the research for you

Sites like Stylzz will find the trendiest stores, products, and brands for you and help you easily browse through the many items. The best part is that these sites are dedicated to finding brand items that are on a discount or can be found on other online stores for a significantly lower price. Prices can be up to 70% off, making brand-name items far more affordable and accessible to the regular shopper. Whether you are looking for women’s fashion items, sunglasses, bags, or even belts, it’s a great first stop to find affordable brand products.

  • Rent it

Believe it or not, you can actually rent all kinds of expensive designer wear for short amounts of time. From dresses to shoes to handbags, there are companies dedicated to allowing you to ‘rent’ an item for an allotted amount of time. Some programs will even alternate the rental, sending you a different item or outfit every week, so you can consistently have a new gorgeous, designer outfit to wear. Many of the clothing-related companies also have items available in numerous sizes, so you can usually find what you’re looking for in your size.

  • Buy second hand

If an item looks like new, but it’s been worn before, you can get the item for significantly cheaper than its initial price. Much like a car, a brand-name designer item loses at least half its value once it’s worn or used once. Once the owner is ready to part ways with that product, it’s your chance to snatch it for cheap. Second-hand stores often have brand-name clothing available for sale, and there are also second-hand stores that focus solely on selling these brand items. Consignment stores are a great place to start and consequently find some hidden gems.

  • Check closeout websites

Fashionistas are used to scouring through the piles of clearance items in stores. Well, you can do so online as well. Closeout sites sell items that are out-of-season or removed from brand-name stores, and they sell the goods at a deep discount. Check for particular brand name closeout stores to discover if they have either a physical retail location or the goods available for purchase online. You would be surprised at how steep a discount you can get on prior seasons’ unsold stock.

  • Shop off-season

Stores need to make room for new stock for the coming season’s sales, so they need to get rid of their current stock and pronto. By shopping off-season, you can get amazing deals on items that retailers want gone from their stores. For example, designer swimsuits are far more affordable around the end of summer, and boots are a smart buy for March. This ‘late’ shopping tactic can get you great deals and heavy discounts. Avoid items that are too ‘trendy’ and will not be wearable a year from now by instead choosing classic pieces that can be in-season in the future.

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