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Looking Classy For Your Prom

Looking Classy For Your Prom

When you are planning your outfit for your prom night, it is important to make sure that you choose a style and look that is classy. A classy look does not mean an expensive dress, and there are a lot of things you can do to achieve a bold and defined look while still looking elegant. With a bit of preparation and planning, you can make sure that you are the Belle of the Ball when you attend your senior prom.

Hair & Makeup

When you are shopping for elegant prom dresses for every occasion, you should have an idea of what you want to do with your hair, as well as your make-up. Although you plan to look stylish for your big night, you will want to wear your hair in a way that is not only dazzling but is easy to fix and comfortable to wear.

The best way to achieve that look is to visit a salon where they can fix your hair professionally. Many salons also offer make-up, so you can kill two birds with one stone. You may even want to take some friends along with you and get pedicures and manicures. Having a skilled makeup artist apply your makeup will leave you with a professional looking finish. She will make sure that you do not go overboard and use too much.

Choosing an Elegant Dress

When it comes to choosing a stylish dress to wear, there are plenty of excellent bargains on offer, if you know where to look. Ideally, you will want to get your dress well ahead of time, as you may be able to pick up a select little number in the sales, and save yourself some money in the process.

View their collection at and see the vast range that they have to offer, with plenty of beautiful prom dresses that look stylish and classy, as well as a bit sassy! Make sure that you do not choose an over-elaborated dress, or one that is too revealing. Take note of your school’s dress code as you don’t want to be rejected from joining the prom just because of the dress you are wearing. Above all, make sure that you choose a dress that you are happy with, and that is also going to be comfortable for you to wear. Remember, you want to be able to dance and have fun at your prom, as well as look fantastic.

Arrive in Style

What better way to turn up at your prom by wearing a fantastic dress with stunning hair and makeup and stepping out of a luxurious chauffeured car. It is also an excellent way to share the occasion with your friends, as there is usually enough space for ten people in most standard limousines. Start the party off in the backseats of the limousine, and when you are ready, you can turn up for your senior prom in style. With so many classy people coming out of a luxury car, you best be careful and watch out for the Paparazzi.

Stay Stylish And Save Money With These Tips

December is finally here, which means that it’s now officially winter. As well as dreaming of snow, chic tree decorations and all that yummy Christmas food. There’s probably one other thing on your mind –  your winter wardrobe.

Come winter, and all the most beautiful scarves, polo necks, ankle boots, and bobble hats appear, as if by magic. Not to mention all those beautiful sparkly dresses, perfect for those office parties you’re sure to attend.


Image credit

We would all love to treat ourselves to a whole new winter wardrobe.  But sadly, with presents to buy, the reality is that many of us can’t afford to treat ourselves. Or can we? Money might be tight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade your winter wardrobe.

Want to stay stylish this winter without breaking the bank? The good news is, with these tips, you can.

Buy from wholesale sites

Have you ever wondered how some people always stay in style, even when they’re skint? Wholesale sites are the answer – these are the gems of the fashion world.  These sites offer reduced prices on various items, making it easier and more affordable to stay stylish. From clothing sites to online accessory stores, if you look around you can find some incredible deals.

The best part about buying from these sites is the fact that the quality tends to be high. Although items, like wholesale bags, are affordable, they tend to be well made, and of course, stylish. They’re not knock off designs; they’re well-designed items sold at discounted prices. Pretty amazing, right?

Sell unwanted clothes

The chances are that you have a few items in the back of your wardrobe that you never wear, am I right? If money is tight, but you need to update your wardrobe, have a clear out and sell what you don’t want.

As long as the bits you’re selling are in good condition, you should make a tidy profit.  Obviously, the brand of the item will affect how much it’s worth – designer items will always go for more money than high street ones.

Where you choose to sell your old clothes is up to you, but websites like eBay and Vinted are great for selling pre-loved items on. Facebook selling and swap groups can be great for selling unwanted clothing  – so make sure to check these out. Any money that you make from selling your unwanted items can go towards your new wardrobe.

Take advantage of discounts

The key to being fashionable when money is tight is shopping the sales. Oh yes, sales really are a skint girl’s best friend. If you notice that a store is having a deal day, take advantage and have a browse. The chances are that if you look hard enough, you’ll find the odd gem to two.

To ensure that you don’t miss any discounts offered by your fave stores, sign up for email updates. That way, you’ll automatically be notified when there is a sale or discount day on.

When it comes to sales, many stores offer as much as 50 percent off. When money is a little tight but you still want to look stylish, taking advantage of these deals is a must.

It may seem almost impossible to be stylish when money’s tight, but it doesn’t have to be.


Apple Turns on the Style with Fashionable New Products

Gradually Apple has been transforming itself from a tech company into what many are now billing as a ‘tech fashion’ company. In no small part, this newfound reputation that it has developed is due to its new products that have started to push a consistent approach towards being fashionable.

Make no mistake, Apple has always been the ‘trendy’ tech company ever since Steve Jobs launched the very first iconic iMac, and quickly followed it up with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. So in many ways this shift to fashion isn’t exactly ‘new’, but what is ‘new’ is the consistency with which Apple is approaching it.

In short, Apple is now emphasizing the importance of its products as fashion accessories.

Nowhere is this clearer than the recently launched Apple Watch, which not only comes in several different fashion-oriented variants, but also features Apples new line of color options that have now been implemented across some of its other devices too – such as the new iPhones.

And now that Apple is pushing out updated versions of its other products – it is becoming clear that the fashion-centric approach that they are taking is very likely to eventually encompass all the products in their stable, from the iPhone to the iPad, iMac, MacBook, and so on.

Already most MacBook owners generally love how it pairs a lightweight and slim exterior with high performance levels and an appealing aesthetic. The only downside is that it and other Mac products do accumulate some junk over time, and assuming you haven’t cleaned out that junk in the past then it is a safe bet that it has piled up to the point where it is may even be having a serious impact on your system resources. When optimizing your Mac, you need to wipe these junk files from your hard drive and the easiest and most hassle-free way to do so is by using software like the Movavi Mac Cleaner.

The trick to keeping your MacBook optimized is to consistently scan it on a regular basis. In so doing, you will be able to ensure that junk files never get the chance to accumulate to the point where they start to slow it down. Now that you know how easy it is to clean your MacBook, it should be easy enough to do so on a monthly or even weekly basis.

For the love of Paris

There are many people who simply write Paris Hilton off as a rich kid, famous for being famous.

But there’s more to Paris than meets the eye. She set fashion trends before we even knew there was something to follow. She was America’s first Top Model, a fashion icon and the leader of the pack.



Now, as she says, she’s ready to quietly build her brand, settle down and raise a family.

But she’ll never lose her sense of fun. A high-profile fan of casinos – she once won $30,000 at a Las Vegas blackjack table – she’s just become the face of online bingo games at

She’s not the only glamour gal who enjoys bingo. Fellow super-model Kate Moss and her designer pal, Sadie Frost, like to swap a night out on the tiles for a night in with the kids and a spot of bingo fun.

And Catherine Zeta-Jones took her childhood love of the game across the pond when she married Michael Douglas. She brings out a homemade version of the game every Christmas, although the Hollywood actor admits to being baffled by it!

Paris’ endorsement of BGO is possibly the most glamorous pairing of recent times. Cheeky cockney Barbara Windsor fronts up Jackpotjoy while Ricky Tomlinson, most famous for his role in the Royle Family, has been linked with Celebrity Bingo.

Paris’ status as a style icon may be in some dispute. But her fashion genius is finally being recognised because now we can view it in retrospective.

Take the “naked dress”. It’s been all over the red carpet this season gracing the figures of J-Lo, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian (a one-time Paris stylist, of course).

But Paris was rocking this look more than ten years ago when she attended the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards in floor-length feathered gown by Zuhair Murad. The low-cut, low-waist bodice was totally sheer but for a few strategically positioned rhinestones and sequins.

Then there’s the whole Rihanna look. Very urban, very street, very now. Yet Paris was rocking that look before Rhianna ever even needed an umbrella. Years ago she was spotted in a skin-tight leopard catsuit slashed to the naval which she accessorized with a diamond-studded collar.

She was the first to wear Lucite clear heels. The first to sport wedged trainers. And the first to declare her love of High Street brands like Top Shop and H&M.

Paris never apologises for being Paris. You’ll never see her cringing over her turn-of-the-century style or wishing she hadn’t embraced Juicy Couture with such a passion. She’s confident that those were fashions of their time and have a place in her own personal style history.

With a successful business behind her and a bright future ahead of her, Paris must be admired.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Fashion gifts for your boyfriend


Birthday, Valentine’s Day and similar occasions are great opportunity to demonstrate just how much you care about your significant other. So, why not use this special occasion to make your boyfriend happy with a perfectly handpicked fashion gift. Your choices are many and it all comes down to his personal preference. This is your opportunity to shine since in the end, who knows him better than you do?

A wrist watch

Probably the most traditional of all fashion gifts there are but still a gift with which you cannot go wrong with. Because this is such a universal gift, the watch industry has an enormous specter, meaning that the number of watches for you to choose from is great indeed. Still, having too much choice can sometimes be as limiting as not having enough. Luckily for you there are some general parameters, such as size, design or mechanism, which may help you select a perfect wrist watch for your boyfriend.

Personalized shirt

For a gift to truly mean and represent something it has to be personalized. It is not about what the gift is, but what it is to the person that it is gifted to that counts. Why not make your boyfriend happy with one of the amazing custom dress shirts. Select the design that you believe will fit him the best and further enrich it with an inspirational quote, a line from his favorite movie or a logo of his favorite band or football team. Your only limitations here are your own creativity and imagination.

Designer tie

The gift of a designer tie can sometimes be pricy but it is always worth it no matter the cost. As the popular proverb states, you can never get a second chance to make great first impression and a first impression improvement is exactly what well-chosen Alexander McQueen silk tie can do. It is almost amazing just how big of an impact on someone’s opinion can something as small as a tie make. The gift of this tie will also make sure that your man has a perfect attire for any future formal social encounter.

Briefcase computer bag

Who said that a fashion gift cannot be practical? A briefcase computer bag is something that your boyfriend desperately needs but would probably never get on his own. However, not all computer bags are the same, there are various designs that would look perfect on him. As always you are the person that know him the best so try to envision what each bag would look across his shoulder before you make a purchase. Just remember, there is nothing that can make a man look as professional as the choice of the right bag for his laptop.

Personalized wallet

Similarly to the situation with the watch, a wallet is one of the safest and most fail-proof gifts there are. This does not mean that a gift like this won’t allow you to express your creative side and your deep knowledge about your partner and his preferences. Have your partner’s name, initials or favorite quote (same as with the shirt) engraved on the wallet and thus transform it into a perfect and unique gift.

There are so many good gifts out there but when it comes to picking a gift for your soul mate good is not good enough, it has to be perfect. Because of this, the best piece of advice is probably to take your time and chose carefully. Try to put yourself in his shoes and pick a perfect gift not for you, but for him. This way, you simply cannot fail.


Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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How to Sell More of Your Unwanted Clothes Online

If you have lots of unwanted clothes, there are a number of things you can do with them. Although giving them to charity is a lovely idea, you could transform your old clothes right back into cash. The only problem is it can take a lot of work to get a decent amount of money for them. I’ve sold dresses that I’ve worn once, bought for £60 for £5! The tips in this post will help you to make sure everything you list sells, and that you get as much as possible for them:

Take High Quality Pictures

High quality pictures are essential for selling your unwanted clothes for a good amount of money. You could sell the exact same item for completely different prices if one listing has quality pictures and the other has blurry pictures. Your pictures should be clear, show the garment off accurately, and even styled up to look prettier. It won’t make a difference to the item you’re selling, but subconsciously, people will pay more.

Use a Model

By using a real life model or a mannequin, you can show how an item looks when worn. People prefer this to hanging it up, as it shows what it could look like on them. There are all kinds of models, from male mannequins to wire models. Choose one you think will show off your clothes best.



Write a Detailed Description

The more details you give in the description, the less you’ll be bombarded with questions. It also shows that you’re a completely transparent seller. You should say what the item is, the size, why you’re selling, etc. You could even give a tip on how to wear it. It’ll take you more time, but you’ll get more interest.

Package Nicely

The buyer won’t know how you’re going to package the item before you do it, but if you package it nicely, you’ll make them want to buy from you again. You could just use some coloured tissue paper to make it look more attractive. Some sellers even include a small packet of sweets or a lollipop!

Focus on One Area at a Time

If you try to sell every single thing you own at one time, you can begin to feel overwhelmed. Instead, focus on one area at a time. For example, your dresses or your shoes. You can then work through everything you own until you’ve recycled everything and made a nice amount of money. Then you can treat yourself to a new summer wardrobe!

Sell for the Season

If you have winter coats to sell, wait until the weather cools down before you put them up for sale. If you sell these in summer, you won’t make very much for them at all as people just aren’t looking for them!

Check Equivalents

Check items that are the equivalent of yours and what they have sold for so you get an idea of what to sell for/hope for. Don’t set your hopes too high!

Good luck!

5 Summer Inspired Fashion Ideas!

With the start of Summer looming near, it’s time to start shopping around for fashion ideas. All those long coats and thick jumpers are a thing of the past. It’s time to get creative and breathe new life into your attire. Summer is a season full of bright colours and warmth, so try and capture that in what you wear. Here’s my pick of some fantastic fashion ideas this summer.


A jumpsuit is the perfect summer wear for a nice evening out. They’re light, yet retain some warmth for when the sun goes down. It’s everything you need in good summer clothing. Also, they happen to look fantastic and come in many varieties. You can go from flowery and bold, to a simple, elegant all white number.

Ocean Look

What is one of the biggest things we associate with summer? Beaches! Base your look around the sands and the sea’s this summer. Go for vibrant blues to stand out from the crowd. One of the trends right now is sea-inspired yoga gear. A comfortable, fashionable way to look good and turn heads.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 09.52.09

(Image via pixabay


One of the perfect colours for summer. Wearing white tops are always a popular trend come summer. Not only do they keep you cool, but they also show off your tan. The white top/blue jeans combo is a favourite to many and epitomises summer style.

Sunglass Style

When you were a kid, your parents used to always bang on about wearing sunglasses. Now you can do that and look good too! Sunglasses are a staple of any summer outfit. They don’t only protect your eyes from the sun’s rays, but they’re a glorious summer accessory. You can go for a classy chic look in wayfarers or a more bold statement in aviators. These aren’t the only choices; there are many other varieties to make you look good on the beach.

Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is perfect for any summer occasion. It’s the wonderful blend of smart and casual. You can purchase a cute maxi dress just to walk around town in, but also a more classy number for a night out or summer prom.

These are some popular trends guaranteed to make you look good this summer. Summer is my favourite time of the year, and I’m sure plenty of you agree! It’s the best season for fashion too, as everyone is looking to get outside. During the summer months, you can finally look bright and beautiful and not hide under three layers of clothing. Summer dresses are also a fabulous reason to love summer. We all like getting fancy and wearing a dress, but it’s sometimes hard to find the right time during certain months. Luckily, in the summer we can wear summer dresses whenever we like and not worry about feeling cold! There’s a lot to get excited about, fashion wise, when summer comes around. Honestly, there’s just a lot to get excited about come summer! Nothing beats that feeling of sitting outside sipping on cocktails with your friends on a hot summers day.

Ultimate Guide To Creating That Sparkle Look

When the sun is out, and the weather is warm, any social gathering can carry on into the late evening. If the party is at my place, I like to sneak back to my room and make a few little touch-ups to see me through past sundown. In the daytime, my make-up makes a statement but it’s softer and several shades lighter than how I like it in the evening. If I’m out on the tiles or having a big party, I love to shine, and my makeup is just part of how I can achieve that. Here are four great ways to light up any venue this party season.

Glitter makeup – For the ultimate shine, I just love glitter eyes. They draw people’s attention up to my face. The best thing about it is how it catches the lights in the nightclub, or those subtle lights from a garden or terrace party. A touch of glitter moisturizer across the collarbone is a nice way to glam up a strappy top or dress as well. For the final touches, a little glitter blush could work even better. With lip gloss in glitter tones as well, you really do have plenty of choices when you want to shine!

Whiter teeth – When I want to sparkle and shine, I always worry my teeth will let me down. Cocktails are so glamorous and so delicious, but some of the syrups can stain my teeth! Rather than laying off the cocktails, I like to keep my teeth white by avoiding all the other things that can stain. It’s also essential to use a good whitening toothpaste. Interdental brushing with things like Tepees help. Try a website like to get some ideas about whitening treatments. It’s best to pick one that’s right for your teeth, whether you visit a professional or not.

Sequins and beads – Any dress with sequin or bead detail is going to glint and shine in the nightclub lights. If you’re feeling particularly sparkly, you could choose a dress made entirely of shiny silver sequins. For me, some hem detail or collar detail can be enough, or a shiny belt to finish. I love my clothes to sparkle in the light, and shiny shoes can enhance that. Choose a pair with detail in the heel as well, so you can sparkle from both sides.


Flickr provided this photo

Jewelry – Fine jewelry really does make an impact. Necklaces and long, dangly earrings are my favorite pieces to wear when I want them to stand out. Diamonds are definitely a girl’s best friends for a touch of sparkle. You can get a similar effect with glass, crystal or cubic zirconia. Yellow gold tends to pick up the different light colors of a nightclub more effectively than other precious metals too. For extra sparkle, a gemstone belly piercing can be very effective!

Whether you want to be the center of attention or not, bringing some glam and sparkle to the party is never a bad idea. It certainly puts you in the party spirit. Strive to shine this party season.


Affordable Hamilton Watches

As a top-class watch manufacturer, the Hamilton watch company routinely offers great quality watches for the worldwide customers. Also, the manufacturer is part of the famous Swatch Group, and this further exemplifies the brand’s value. Moreover, due to such facts, many buyers with limited budget often get the impression that Hamilton timepieces are out of their reach.

Accordingly, if you are such a person, change your perception now. This is since Hamilton offers best quality timepieces that can be availed by all categories of buyers. Moreover, feel free to take interest in the following Hamilton watches that are meant for buyers with limited budget:

Hamilton H64451533 Khaki King – Black Dial



The H64451533 Khaki King is a great buy for the less than average budget customers. The model is famous for its beautiful and durable brown leather strap and a reliable tang buckle. Furthermore, its other impressive specs are:

  • It features eye-catching yet simple analog features
  • It is water resistant for up to 50 meters
  • It features quartz movement

Moreover, the watch’s white Arabic numerals displayed over its black dial give it a stunning look. Accordingly, this timepiece comes at a sales price of $281.

Hamilton H64451733 Khaki King – Black Dial



The H64451733 Khaki King is famous for its durable leather band and its almost a perfect combination of a black dial and band. Moreover, the watch’s other impressive specs are:

  • It features stunning yet simple analog features
  • It is water resistant for up to 50 meters
  • It features quartz movement
  • It features a reliable tang buckle clasp

The timepiece comes at a sale price of $281.25.

Hamilton 64451823 Khaki King – Beige Dial



The 64451823 Khaki King is well-renowned for its stylishly brushed steel case that perfectly complements its beautiful overall appearance. Additionally, due to its green band and beige dial, the timepiece is often considered unique among other watches in the same category. Furthermore, its other impressive specs are:

  • It features simple yet dazzling analog features
  • It is water resistant up to 50 meters.
  • It features quartz movement
  • It features a durable and easy to use tang buckle clasp

The timepiece comes at a price of $281.25.

Hamilton H68481933 Khaki Field – Black Dial



The H68481933 Khaki field is a modern version of the early military watches launched by Hamilton. The watch offers a beautiful round satin finish steel case that elegantly combines with its durable khaki canvas strap. Furthermore, its other top-quality specs are:

  • It features quartz movement
  • It is water resistant for up to 50 meters
  • It features simple yet astonishing analog features

The timepiece comes at a sales price $281.25.

Hamilton H18451555 Jazzmaster – Silver Dial



The H18451555 Jazzmaster comes with a stunning combination of silver dial and brown band. Furthermore, its other prominent specs are:

  • It has eye-catching analog features
  • It is water resistant up to 50 meters
  • It features quartz movement
  • It features a durable and easy to use tang buckle clasp

The timepiece comes with a $281.25 price tag.

So, these are some fine quality Hamilton watches that are great for you as a buyer with a limited budget. To find more watches, please visit

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Style couldn’t be this cheaper girls, get your fingers on

A woman’s wardrobe and a journalist’s head remains updated, always. Shopping and girls are as inseparable as earth from the solar system. So, that calls for the movie 2012. Sigh! We escaped it. Perhaps, even the disaster couldn’t attempt a rift between this pair (ROFL).

Well, it’s open and shut that girls would keep letting fashion industry flourish. They are anyways hailed as beautiful creations of god. And their jazzy clothes add on more. Undoubtedly, the world needs more of beauties. Girls, keep on with this addiction of yours.

If women are potent enough to carry themselves smartly, they have mastery on the purchase as well. Not a single Women Dresses on sale slips out of their fist.

Girls cloths sale

Although wise enough, you hotties are, but, here are some tips to have your eyes on

  • Everything that satisfies you may not do the same to your body shape. Know the shape-type you fall under and then head on to your dress-quest. After all, what you buy must not get cornered in the wardrobe later on. Choose wisely!
  • Up-to-minute information about trend is quintessential to not show yourself as a hibernating person. To top, the fortunes you lose is the most unfortunate part you remorse on. So, don’t invite such unnecessary pitfalls for you.
  • It’s often seen that plethora of apparel leave the girls behind flummoxed. Plus, the appealing get-up of the models and their fashion anecdotes in the magazine aggravates more. So, free your mind of all this and that popping up while shopping and pay heed only to what’s in and lifts up your personality.
  • Never budge on your budget under haste. For, every price range has its respective best. Only thing you need to do is being keen with your eyes and patient with your mind. Just don’t splurge with a compromise on your planning.
  • Choice of clothes matters a lot, likewise does the choice of the shopping centre you single out. For, stepping out of your home open up an array of options, malls, brand showroom, op shop, and designer-boutiques and so on. And since time today is 21st century now, e-commerce ups the list by one more. Well, the trend of online shopping is hot these days, prompting the online retailers to call for the regular sales. After all, a little concern has to be offered towards the ‘debit column’ of her bank statement. So, girls out there, this is a giant sale for you shopaholics.

Girls cloths sale2

Grab them up before others swab the store. And when sitting before our website, prepare yourself to go out weary. For, your vision may get blurred, your hands may pain out of the ceaseless scroll-up, but our collection would break-off all the bars. If potential enough is the store to wear shopping-freaks like girls out, then you guys probably can envisage the quantum of our collection. Isn’t it exciting? So, extinguish your excitement and visit us to enjoy shopping to the fullest.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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