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The Lowdown on Lingerie

Lingerie: a sound investment or a waste of money? When you look at the lingerie market in the UK and beyond, it is easy to see why it is a million pound industry. Lingerie can make us feel confident and sexy, simply by slipping on a new pair of knickers. The emotions that are derived from wearing lingerie cannot be matched by other articles of clothing. For reasons that cannot be quantified, only lingerie can evoke unknown feelings in us that other garments simply cannot.


Thank you, ForgeMind Archimedia, for the image

 If you are in desperate need of a lingerie overhaul, then look no further. Be inspired by satin, silk and lace and so much more:


Satin is, undoubtedly, the most feminine and luxurious of all fabrics and relatively cheap when compared to silk. Women find that they love the feel of the soft, sumptuous fabric against their skin and can make them feel invincible when they wear it. The great thing about satin is that it is great for everyday wear too as it is not only sexy, but comfortable and practical too. However, this type of fabric is probably best worn in the cooler, autumn and winter months as it can be a little clingy during the heat of the summer. Popular patterns for autumn/winter 2014 include polka dots in vibrant reds and dusky pinks.



Without a doubt lace is the fabric for the ultimate femme fatale. If you are looking for understated, sexy lingerie then stick with classic black lace. The key to lace is to keep it looking expensive, so black is perfect for this. Cheap lace looks exactly that, so stick to classic black tones for maximum impact. Opt for a plunge bra and French knickers for a killer look overall. While it may not be practical for everyday use, it certainly can add a certain je ne sais quoi to your weekend shenanigans.

Do not be fooled into thinking that cotton undies are solely worn by the more mature lady, there are some seriously beautiful cotton lingerie designs for spring and summer 2014. Imagine you are in a sweet shop, now imagine all the colours in that sweet shop; pastel hues, candy stripes, vibrant sherbets. It is enough to make your mouth water. Now imagine cotton underwear for this spring/summer season. Think pretty pastels in pinks and lilacs, vibrant sherbets in vivid lemons and vivid red tones, all adorning cotton undergarments. Most cotton underwear is adorned with pretty lace trims and satin inserts to make the lingerie look even more fabulous. If you are looking for comfortable, everyday, wearable lingerie, then you should be looking at cotton picks. Great quality designer lingerie and underwear should be enjoyed on a daily basis, not just on an as and when basis. Treat yourself to sumptuous cotton underwear and feel confident every day.


Slimming Pants:

Forget Bridget Jones and those iconic, huge pants, slimming underwear can be seriously sexy too. If you feel that you need a little help in the slimming department, but still want to enjoy your food, then cheat! Invest in slimming underwear and you will feel wonderful. They come in a vast array of colours, bright and pleasant, coupled with beautiful designs; leopard print, Aztec and floral. There is a slimming pant of choice for you.

Clothes That Actually Fit You!

Clothes That Actually Fit You

Shopping can verge on the traumatic sometimes after trying on clothes that pinch in odd places or sag in other areas. Often times a frustrating trip to the mall can convince us that we really do need to hit the gym so that we will actually fit in normal clothes. And while weight loss can be a good goal depending on your current health, your body may not necessarily be to blame.

Why Don’t Things Fit Right?

New research seems to suggest that nationally, the basic shape of both men and women’s bodies seems to be changing. SizeUSA began as a research project to identify what the modern figure actually looks like. “We heard a lot of complaints from consumers about not being able to find clothes that fit them,” explains project director Jim Lovejoy.

After scanning the shapes of 10,000 American men and women of various races, sizes and areas, SizeUSA mathematically calculated a real “average” body type. And “not surprisingly” the size of the average person was not the same as that which the fashion industry bases clothing on.

Most clothes today are made with an hourglass shape in mind for both men and women. But Lovejoy reports that today men “are now leaning more towards what we call the inverted triangular shape, their shoulders wider than their hips, while women are going the other way, pear-shaped, with hips wider than shoulders.”

This might help explain why clothing at the store doesn’t always fit like a glove on our frames.

Tailored for Your Body

With clothes that are not made for your body and endless options, from slim fit to wide legs, some individuals feel at a loss when it comes to clothes shopping. Many people have turned custom clothing. For instance, some shop bras can be ordered in custom sizes, even half sizes, designed specifically for your shape.

When customized clothing is not available or you fall in love with a department style but want an individual fit, tailoring can be the perfect option. Designer Rebecca Moses points out that “clothes are made for an average form, certain generic measurements, and no one really has the ideal average form. We all have something different body-wise.” And that can make finding the perfect fit tricky, if not impossible sometimes. That is why having your wardrobe tailored can be a fantastic investment. Just like maintenance on a piece of equipment, alterations can help your clothing perform better.


Understanding how clothes are designed today and how your individual body might not match the “average” type—which it turns out no one’s frame really does anyway—can help you find custom garments or a good tailor. With clothes made for your body, you can feel more comfortable and confident.

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Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Creating the Ultimate Fashionable Walk in Closet


We all dream of the Carrie-inspired walk in closet from the movie – you know which one I’m talking about: when she steps into the new apartment with Mr.Big and discovers the gorgeous open space that’s meant to become her own personal closet.  Even her own walk in closet in the small Manhattan apartment was to die for. We’ve also seen scenes of celebrity walk in closets,designed by some of the best interior designers and filled with gorgeous shoes and closets… a girl can only dream!

So we don’t all have the amount of space and designer-wear of celebritiesand movies, but we can still create a beautiful area for our clothes and for ourselves.

How do we create the ultimate fashionable walk in closet?

First thing’s first – think like an interior designer. What colors do you want for your closet? If you have the freedom to implement furniture or shelving, which and what size? Think of the design options you have available based on the shape and space of your area.  Beautiful walk in closets will have a few mutual components: order, separation and color.  If you stick to these three elements, you will have a strong start with your design.

pinkwallpaperColors are important because they influence us psychologically. Is your closet a haven of relaxation or a trendy and fashionable spot? Pick the right color based on what you want your closet to ‘say’. If you’re all about glamour, an easy way to make the closet glamorous while adding a strong touch of color is by using wallpaper instead of paint. Wallpaper stores like will have a huge line of fashionable options to fit your design. They even have Versace-made designs available.. what could be a better fit?

Remember to maximize storage. Walk in closets are usually small and clothes and shoes pile up. Avoid this by ensuring that you’re maximizing use of the area and never keep any clutter in your closet. You will need an area for accessories to be stored neatly and safely, an area for shoes, for your pants, tops, seasonal clothing and other items. Everything must have a ‘home’ of it’s own where it’s easily and properly stored after use.

A great strategy is to look for inspiration online by searching for walk in closet designs. You will find a huge variety of ideas from both higher and lower end closets. Many sites offer DIY solutions, while others work with budget friendly products from affordable stores and yet manage to make their closets look so chic! HGTV (an interior design channel) has an entire section on walk-in closets that offers ideas for every budget and closet size.

Finally consider the smaller details. A full length mirror is a must – after all, how else will you be able to see how great you look in your attire? You also want a quality mirror, not one that gives you an unflattering reflection. Make sure you have proper lighting in your closet. If you don’t, glam up the space with a lighter bulb and consider a small chandelier to decorate the room.

Most importantly, enjoy your walk in closet and shape it to your needs and desires!

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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11 Fancy Dress Costumes That Are Stylish And Sexy

Parties aren’t what they used to be. Nowadays they are sophisticated affairs no matter how wealthy the hosts are. These lavish celebrations were one reserved for the rich and famous who could afford the best designer gowns and accessories.


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At most, all the average person could expect was to find a small fancy dress shop somewhere within a twenty mile radius of their homes. Many would simply rely on the needlework skills of their mothers and grandmothers.

The internet has provided shoppers with a marketplace that spans the globe. At the click of a button, we can now browse shops in India, China, New Zealand; anywhere in the world. This has caused the demise of the high street to a great extent, but has provided consumers with more choice than they have ever had before. The fact that computers have dropped in price significantly has also contributed to the online shopping facility. Broadband speeds mean that we are no longer forced to make a cup of tea while waiting for the page to open on the browser, so shopping is fast. So now, if you are looking for a stylish fancy dress costume from Hollywood Fancy Dress or any other online shop, you can buy from the comfort of your chair.

Fancy dress costumes have come a long way too. They are now good quality garment sets that are designed to impress.

Here are some suggested costumes for those who wish to attend a party looking sexy rather than horrific.

  • Naughty Nurse
  • Catwoman
  • Lara Croft
  • Police Woman
  • Tinkerbell
  • Air Hostess
  • French Maid
  • Schoolgirl
  • Wild West Cowgirl
  • Witch
  • Vampire

Of course, the costume alone isn’t everything. The effect needs to be completed with excellent makeup and accessories.

If you intend to arrange a party yourself, you may like to use some of these top tips that are sure to make it go off with a bang.

1 – Hire a room. Local community centres hire out the rooms at a very reasonable price. Why cram everyone into your own home when there is ample space available?

2 – Use caterers for the food. The last thing you need to worry about on the day is cutting sandwiches and laying out food. You are going to need all of your time to prepare yourself. It is the host’s job to look awesome.

3 – Hire a bar. Most community centers have a bar facility that can be hired. Employ a professional barman and serve drinks properly rather than providing a table with cans of beer on it.

4 – Use a theme. You are arranging the party, what would you like it to be? It could be a vicars and tarts party or maybe Pirates of the Caribbean. It is your choice, what do you think will enable people to look good in their costumes?

5 – Hire a professional DJ for the evening. They know the correct music to get people up and having fun at each stage of the party. Often they play party games with the guests too, so a great time is had by all.

Well, if you have completed all of the above suggestions and are dressed in your best costume, the night awaits you. As a last thought don’t forget to book the taxi home in case you are too drunk when the time comes.

Can Walking in High Heels Give You Osteoarthritis?

Most women will wear high heels at some point in their lives; some women wear them every day! However, can wearing our favourite shoes be causing more damage than we think? High heels have been reported to cause back pain, joint pain and even sprains, but what about arthritis? We look at whether wearing those gorgeous Louboutins is doing real damage to our bodies.

What is Osteoarthritis?

A type of arthritis, osteoarthritis commonly affects the joints in your knee. According to various Arthritis groups and charities, this is caused by the surfaces within your joints becoming damaged, which then restricts the movement in your knee. The cartilage will then become thin and rough,  whilst the bone underneath thickens up. Tissues in the knee will become overactive, as the body tries to repair the damage. This condition can be extremely painful, especially as it progresses, making it almost impossible to move your knee. There are many signs and symptoms that you have osteoarthritis in the knee, including:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Stiffness in the joint
  • Swelling of the knee
  • Crepitus, which is when the joint creaks or crunches when moved
  • Not being able to move the joint as far as normal, or lack of movement in the knee

Depending on the severity of the osteoarthritis it can cause great amounts of discomfort and distress. If you notice any unusual symptoms then it is important to see your doctor immediately, as they can run various tests to check for osteoarthritis. Luckily, there are a wide range of osteoarthritis treatment options, which can help ease the symptoms and help sufferers regain proper use of the joint.

What are the causes of osteoarthritis?

There are a wide range of factors which can lead to a patient getting osteoarthritis; normally a combination of several different of the following:

  • Genes – There are some forms of osteoarthritis that are passed down through families. If you have a family member with this condition then you are more likely to be diagnosed yourself.
  • Age and Gender – Women over the age of 45 are far more likely to get osteoarthritis, however, this isn’t an exclusive condition.
  • Obesity – Being overweight can put pressure on your joints, which can cause this condition to develop.
  • Injury or abnormalities – An injury of the joint can increase the chances of getting osteoarthritis. Also, any joint abnormalities that you may have been born with can develop into arthritis.


Image Credit

Can walking in high heels give you osteoarthritis?

It doesn’t seem as though walking in high heels can give you osteoarthritis, looking at the causes. However, some medical experts beg to differ! Various studies have been conducted over the last 5-10 years, looking at the impact on women who wear heels. Taking the other factors into account, there is a chance that osteoarthritis can develop from wearing high shoes; especially for women over their late 40s and those who are overweight. The evidence is so far inconclusive, but this is something that experts will be looking into until a more definitive answer is provided. If you’re worried about the impact wearing heels could be having then talk to your GP or medical professional. They will be able to run tests, such as an x-ray, to see whether wearing your favourite shoes every day is causing problems.

We should all be able to enjoy wearing the shoes we want, but we should also be aware of the possible implications. If you do wear high heels on a regular basis then make sure you give yourself some time off, at least once a week, in order to reduce the risk of osteoarthritis.

What Does Your Bag Say About You?

2aA bag becomes so much more than just a catch all for the items that we tote around. It is an essential accessory that can actually make your look come together. The right bag can make a pivotal statement in how you appear to others.

All individuals differ in style, as well as personality. We change our clothing with the seasons, as well as the accessories that we wear. However, there is a certain distinction in the accessories that we choose. They typically possess the same style because we base our appearance on our personalities. So, what is your bag saying about you?

Tote Bag

A tote bag creates an appearance of style and ease. This type of bag says you are ready to go on a whim. The great thing about a tote bag is they come in all different sizes, so you can find a bag that is big enough to carry all your belongings.

People who carry tote bags are said to be planners, and typically do not like to be without the things they need. You can almost guarantee that all tote bag carriers have plenty of pain reliever, band aids and hair ties stored away in their bag.

Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are diverse and functional. People who utilize a messenger bag into their everyday life are said to be laid back. This type of bag is easy to throw all your items in and go. These individuals are also rarely stressed out, and like to be on a constant go. You could say, people who carry messenger bags tend to land where ever the wind blows them.

This type of bag is especially popular among men. They are fashionable, practical and give a great sense of style

Cross body Bag

If you are carrying a cross body bag, then you are known as someone who only needs the bare essentials. A tote bag is much too large for these types of people, but they love the comfort that a messenger bag possesses. The cross body bag will allow you to do whatever you want without your bag getting in the way. It is truly a great choice or those who lead active lifestyles

The Clutch

People who carry clutches are known to be minimalist who like to be a little fancy around the edges. These individuals like to keep life clean and simple, but don’t have a true need to be hands free. It is easy to look empowering when holding a clutch.


Backpack lovers are people who live active lives and tend to travel a lot. Because they are always on the move, they need a bag that will hold all their stuff. Backpack carriers are always ready for any situation, but like a bag that is designed for comfort.

Backpacks made of canvas, like these, are also a great style for individuals who want to stand out. Nowadays, fashion is taking things a little bit further so even if you aren’t an active kind of person feel free to use your backpack as an everyday accessory.


Those who choose to carry an arm bag are said to be both independent and fashionable. This type of bag is designed to sit in the crook of your arm, which will give you a sassy attitude style. However, it is only because you possess confidence that this attitude is conveyed. Individuals who utilize arm bags enjoy sophistication, and keeping up with the latest fashion.

When you are in a crowded room of women, take notice to the many different types of bags that are being carried. There is one thing for certain, none of them are bound to be the same.

A bag actually has the ability to say more about who we are than our actual clothing. It is a place that we keep all our important, personal and private information. Perhaps, this is why women are always in search of the ultimate bag, and that is why so many women end up with a whole collection of bags. However, each of those bags can bring out a different quality in our personalities. What does your bag say about you?

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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How To Get Bargains From Designer Outlet Stores


In the past it used to be more difficult trying to find bargain prices on designer clothing in the UK.  Nowadays though, if you know how to get the most out of your trip, you can pick up great bargains at designer outlet stores.  Retail Week conducted a survey recently that found that outlet stores have seen an increase of 20% in their sales.  It is not too hard to see why when you consider that items made by big name labels such as Armani, Gucci, Karen Millen and Gap are often selling at 80% off.

The problem with outlet stores is they are so enticing and if you don’t exercise some caution when shopping at them you could spend more than you wanted to on things that presented as bargains that aren’t actually bargains at all.  This article is designed to help you and contains lots of handy tips to prevent you from wasting money and find the real bargains.

Look At The Occasionwear, Knitwear and Jackets

Look for reduced pieces in the above sections as they rarely go out of fashion very regularly.  Occasionwear is a must for your wardrobe because if you need a cute little outfit for a night out or dinner with friends, you can do a lot with one or two little black dresses at your disposal.

Buy Prints Exercising Caution

Without a doubt, prints can be very attractive and eye-catching; however they are normally specific to a particular season.  So always keep that in mind when looking at those fancy animal prints.

Stick To Pieces And Labels That Never Go Out Of Fashion

Often a label will produce a line that never goes out of fashion.  Take 7 For All Mankind jeans, Christian Louboutin court shoes and Alice Temperley beaded dresses as great examples of these.   Regardless of what is currently hot and en vogue, these kinds of items are timeless.

Don’t Buy Something Just Because A Celebrity Wore It

Many women make the mistake of seeing a particular item or brand of clothing being worn by their favourite pop star, reality TV star or TV soap actress and want to rush out and buy it for themselves because they make it look so good.  This is never a very sensible buying decision as by the time many of these pieces are affordable, they are not trendy or out of season.  Furthermore, who actually wants to walk around wearing things that Victoria Beckham or Cheryl Cole wore a couple of years ago.

In the past outlet stores were infamous for selling hundreds and hundreds of clothes that were only available in one or two sizes or were out of season.  However, things have changed a lot since then.  New clothes are now being added every week and control of the stock has changed dramatically.  Therefore it doesn’t really matter whether you are shopping in winter, autumn, summer or spring, you will always be able to find affordable designer clothes, as long as you shop sensibly and follow the above tips.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Ladies: Buy The Perfect Purse With this Cheatsheet

A purse is much more than a girly accessory. It’s a practical carrier for all of your important cards and hard earned money, a way to express your sense of style, something that can set your outfit off and make it pop, as well as a lethal weapon in times of need (depending on how full it is). The purse you choose is something you’ll carry everyday, this means it needs to be versatile, comfortable, pleasing to the eye, and good quality. Shopping for the right purse can be a difficult task, but with this cheat sheet you’ll be able to pick the most perfect purse for you:


Image Author: Flickr


The size of the purse you choose totally depends on the important things you need to carry with you day after day. You need room for your money, cards, precious photographs and perhaps a few other things – something too big will cause you to overfill it and you’ll never be able to find what you need. Choose a purse that’ll fit your bare essentials so you don’t put things in you don’t need, but don’t choose one too small either as this won’t be practical for day to day use. You might even want two purses, one for your notes and another for your coins. However, this totally depends on your own personal preference. Shinola do a great range of purses and wallets with a variety of pockets and zips in different sizes for you to choose from.


It’s important that your purse is versatile, however; this doesn’t mean your choice needs to be boring. Decide whether you’d like your purse to blend in or stand out. You could make your new purse a lovely focal point with a bright colour or funky pattern if you can wear clothing to compliment it. However, the most versatile purses are those in neutral colours and materials.


Ok, you might not want to spend a lot on your new purse, and that’s totally understandable. However, if you do have a little more money to spend on it, you won’t regret it! You carry your purse every single day, and if you buy a good quality one it’ll last you ages. If you work out how much you’ve spent divided by the amount of times you’ll use the purse, in the end, it’ll be as if you’re in pocket! Look for a purse made from a sturdy, durable material like leather for one that will stand the test of time. Just be sure you don’t overfill a leather purse, as once it’s stretched, it won’t go back to it’s original size or shape!

Your day to day purse is a great opportunity to show off your style and create an awesome focal point for your outfit. You can use pattern to draw the eye to your purse and make your outfit pop, or buy a textured purse to add interest to your look. Use this cheat sheet and there’s no way you can go wrong!

How Lingerie Has Shaped The World And Women Today

The term lingerie, as we know it today, has only been in popular use since around the late 1850s, however it goes back much longer than that. Lingerie was originally introduced, into the English language, as a word that meant scandalous underclothing.

 At times lingerie has been painful, practical and empowering, and throughout history, from the Egyptians right the way through to the uplifted busts of the early 1990 supermodels, lingerie has been a part of our social and cultural development, and we have learnt a lot about people and history from that.

 Lingerie is now available to buy online, from sites like lebeau lingerie, or on the high street. But it has not always been like this.

 Lingerie in Ancient Egypt

It really is impossible to know exactly when the concept of lingerie started, but from records it seems that it first appeared in ancient Egypt (3,000 B.C.).

 During these times, clothing was very much a status symbol, especially for women. Higher ranking women would wear a shapelier, narrow tunic as an undergarment. This would highlight and mould to certain areas around the bust and waist, the tunic being supported by a crosswire shoulder strap. Slaves and servants would only wear simple loin clothes, or went naked.

 Certain artefacts have been found that certainly support the above, and have shown woman wearing these undergarments.

 Ancient Greece and Rome

History is recorded in a number of ways, and in Ancient Greece a lot can be drawn from their many well preserved figures and statues. One female figure, from around 2,000 B.C., which was found in Crete shows the first ever recorded corset. It consisted of a caged underskirt, which pushes the breast upwards. So, our beloved corsets actually stretch back four thousand years.

 The statues that can be seen in Rome, Greece, and the surrounding islands, often depict woman wearing a crossed band over the shoulder that supports the breast.

As well as the statues, there is plenty of writing to support the early use of lingerie. They are often described as bands of linen that support and control a woman’s body shape.

 Roman fashion followed the Greek very closely, and in Rome, there is evidence in a mosaic (A.D. 400) that show woman wearing a bikini. So, next time you wear yours on the beach, or around the pool, you can safely say that the bikini is two thousand years old.

 The Middle Ages

Just as in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, it was the privileged and nobility that wore undergarments. These were usually placed under very expensive outer dresses because people did not want to have their expensive clothes dirtied by their own skin, but the undergarment also provided an extra layer of warmth.

 There were two huge developments in the undergarment, or lingerie, during the middle ages: the smock (chemise) and later the corset. These were introduced, and widely used between the fourth and sixteenth centuries.

 The Golden Elizabethan Age

Lingerie quickly started to develop during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. This was partly down to the introduction of the skirt, during the mid to late 1500s. These skirts were named a ‘farthingale’ and were available in two types; the Spanish, and the French. The French farthingale quickly became the most popular choice, and many Elizabethans wore a roll or sausage of stiffened material known as a ‘bum roll’ to help hold up the skirt. During the fifteenth century women also wore a ‘basquine’ or ‘vasqine’, which, as you know, is a laced bodice that the farthingale was attached to.

 The French Revolution

During the late 1700s is where lingerie was turned on its head. French woman discarded their more traditional petticoats and corsets and returned to a more Greek approach to undergarments. They replaced the stiffened corset with a more flexible undergarment, where it was more about shaping the body with high-waisted muslins.

 The Innovative Victorians

In the 1800s woman saw the return of the boned corset, following the end of the Napoleonic wars. This form of lingerie was regarded as being part of the fabric of society, and had no class or social boundaries. This trend carried on from the end of the French Revolution to World War One – the corset ruled supreme.


(Image taken from Flickr: Minnesota Historical Society)

The Victorians were often seen as modest and prudish, however this was not the case for most people during this time. The corset allowed women, from all classes and backgrounds, to feel more empowered and feminine.

 The innovative Victorians, in 1829, created the first front fastening bask which allowed woman to put on or take off their corset without the help from anybody else. Victorian woman also started to wear lingerie which was laced trimmed, embroidered and frilled, as well as using silk in their underwear.

 During this time, the Industrial Revolution was starting and in full effect, allowing lingerie to be more mass produced, using moulding and dye to enhance the colour and shape of the lingerie.

 Also, during this innovative period of lingerie development, woman’s stocking were invented, together with the garter. Striptease shows became more popular, with French girls wearing the very latest, and more revealing lingerie items of the era.

 Twentieth Century

This is where comfort became more important than appearance. With social and cultural changes, woman needed lingerie that would support and fit in with their new lives. Woman participated in more sports and dancing, their lives and roles in society were evolving and changing.

 With this softer bra, which had been introduced, came cup sizes in 1935. The four cup sizes were A, B, C and D, with Double D, and Double A coming along later.

 21st Century

Now lingerie producers, and fashion designers had really got a hold on lingerie, bras and pants, they started to really push and develop for the mass market.

More importantly, lingerie started to be developed for every occasion, with the launch of a variety of different styles, types and cup fills. Pants started to be developed with this in mind too, varieties were launched that focused on different types to be worn underneath different clothing.

Over thousands of years lingerie has helped support, change and empower women. It has only been in the last century that lingerie has been made available to every woman.

 The big question is: what is next for lingerie?

Did You Know Dogs Can Be Fashionable Too?

The pet industry has taken the fashion world by storm, with more and more of us investing our time and money in both pets, and their outfits, that would leave most folk hiding in the shadows.

 We have all seen the likes of Paris Hilton carrying around her dog in her handbag, or other tiny dog breeds that have to be carried around like royalty. Dogs should never be treated as a fashion statement, or accessory to their owner.

 Far from it, our four legged friends now have fashion accessories of their very own.

 Over the last few years, there has been a huge leap from tartan dog coats (for cold winter walks) to dog boots and diamante encrusted collars. This huge leap has been driven from the fashion accessory dog. No more is it a fashion accessory for their owner, they now have a fully supported range of clothes, equipment and bedding that their owners are happy to provide to them.


(Image from Flickr: Vivian Chen)

 So, what fashion accessories for dogs are available?

 Well, dog boots and diamante encrusted collars are just the tip of the iceberg. You need to think big if you really want to know what is available for dog lovers.

 There is a wide selection of fashion accessories for woman, from rings and necklaces to hairclips and bows. Fashionable dogs also have these things.

 If you think about the coats, shoes, and costumes available to woman, then dogs have these items too.

 How about dogs wearing sportswear for exercising, just like you may do when you hit the gym? Yes, dogs have a wide range of sportswear, or walkwear, available to buy.

 The amount of products available on the market is truly inspiring. Gone are the days of celebrities using their dogs as an extension of their own fashion, an accessory to themselves, but your four legged friend can stroll into their own walk in wardrobe, and have just as much choice as you do.

 You may think this is a little over the top, but the way the market is going it is only going to get bigger and better for some dog owners.

 If you are a dog owner who likes their furry friend to look their best at all times then doggy fashion will only give you more choice, and drive down prices going forwards. Dog hair clips and bows, as well as precious metals encrusted in their leads, collars and bedding can all be purchased through a number of different online, and high street outlets.

 If you are dog owner who may only look at the very basics, then you are still spoilt for choice. If you like taking your dog for long, mucky, walks in the fields and other open spaces, then you have a variety of accessories available to you. The more traditional tartan coats, and walking harnesses and boots can still make your dog very comfortable, even though you may not see these things as a fashion accessory.

 Whether you want to get your dog looking their best through fashionable accessories, or you aim to be a bit more practical with what accessories you buy, the choices you have are growing each and every week.