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Creating the Ultimate Fashionable Walk in Closet


We all dream of the Carrie-inspired walk in closet from the movie – you know which one I’m talking about: when she steps into the new apartment with Mr.Big and discovers the gorgeous open space that’s meant to become her own personal closet.  Even her own walk in closet in the small Manhattan apartment was to die for. We’ve also seen scenes of celebrity walk in closets,designed by some of the best interior designers and filled with gorgeous shoes and closets… a girl can only dream!

So we don’t all have the amount of space and designer-wear of celebritiesand movies, but we can still create a beautiful area for our clothes and for ourselves.

How do we create the ultimate fashionable walk in closet?

First thing’s first – think like an interior designer. What colors do you want for your closet? If you have the freedom to implement furniture or shelving, which and what size? Think of the design options you have available based on the shape and space of your area.  Beautiful walk in closets will have a few mutual components: order, separation and color.  If you stick to these three elements, you will have a strong start with your design.

pinkwallpaperColors are important because they influence us psychologically. Is your closet a haven of relaxation or a trendy and fashionable spot? Pick the right color based on what you want your closet to ‘say’. If you’re all about glamour, an easy way to make the closet glamorous while adding a strong touch of color is by using wallpaper instead of paint. Wallpaper stores like will have a huge line of fashionable options to fit your design. They even have Versace-made designs available.. what could be a better fit?

Remember to maximize storage. Walk in closets are usually small and clothes and shoes pile up. Avoid this by ensuring that you’re maximizing use of the area and never keep any clutter in your closet. You will need an area for accessories to be stored neatly and safely, an area for shoes, for your pants, tops, seasonal clothing and other items. Everything must have a ‘home’ of it’s own where it’s easily and properly stored after use.

A great strategy is to look for inspiration online by searching for walk in closet designs. You will find a huge variety of ideas from both higher and lower end closets. Many sites offer DIY solutions, while others work with budget friendly products from affordable stores and yet manage to make their closets look so chic! HGTV (an interior design channel) has an entire section on walk-in closets that offers ideas for every budget and closet size.

Finally consider the smaller details. A full length mirror is a must – after all, how else will you be able to see how great you look in your attire? You also want a quality mirror, not one that gives you an unflattering reflection. Make sure you have proper lighting in your closet. If you don’t, glam up the space with a lighter bulb and consider a small chandelier to decorate the room.

Most importantly, enjoy your walk in closet and shape it to your needs and desires!

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Find Out More About The Solutions To The Problem Of Hair Loss


Hair loss in men and women can be a very traumatic event. The loss of hair can often cause an individual to lose their self confidence and to become fearful of going out in public. While there are many hair loss treatment techniques (1) that can transform the look of the scalp, many people are simply unaware of all the opportunities that there are to help combat the issue. Whether you are experiencing hair loss because of an illness, or if the problem is common in your family, there are several procedures you can have done that will help to restore your head of hair. Here are just a few different treatments and exactly how the procedure is performed.

One of the most successful hair loss treatment programs is laser light therapy.(2) This procedure not only stops the loss of hair, it has been clinically shown to actually regrow the hair. The reason this treatment is so effective is because the laser helps to stimulate the blood flow in the scalp and allows the tissue to absorb the energy from the light. The patient will experience a stop in hair loss, and a fuller and thicker head of hair after several treatments.

A hair transplant treatment procedure requires a small surgical procedure that requires local anesthetic. Hair is taken from the back and side of the scalp and those follicles are implanted into the area on the scalp where the problem exists. Once the surgery is completed, you will need to allow the hair follicles some time to fully develop. Under ideal conditions, the new hair will begin to grow about three to five months after the surgery has been successful.

One of the more noninvasive procedures is applying an all-natural liquid medication to the scalp in an effort to regrow the hair follicles. The solution is generously applied to the scalp and hair, and can either be done in your home or you can visit a clinic to have a professional apply the treatment. For optimal hair growth, it is recommended to combine both the laser light therapy and the natural liquid medications. This will produce a fuller head of hair in less time than simply using the solution on its own.

The carboxytheraphy treatment is a simple injection of CO2 gas that is applied using a small needle directly below the scalp. The gas helps to stimulate the circulation of the blood and causes your red blood cells to release O2 and pick up the CO2. When the scalp is oxygenated, your hair follicles become more nourished and begin to grow more consistently. The procedure can be done in only a couple minutes, which allows you to continue with your daily activities. There is no downtime or recovery time, so the procedure is only known to you and the physicians. With so many hair loss treatments to choose from, you are sure to find one that is perfect for you at a well-established clinic, such as Micron Labs (visit the Micron Labs website to learn more). There is no need to continue living with unwanted hair loss anymore!




Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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11 Fancy Dress Costumes That Are Stylish And Sexy

Parties aren’t what they used to be. Nowadays they are sophisticated affairs no matter how wealthy the hosts are. These lavish celebrations were one reserved for the rich and famous who could afford the best designer gowns and accessories.


flickr source link

At most, all the average person could expect was to find a small fancy dress shop somewhere within a twenty mile radius of their homes. Many would simply rely on the needlework skills of their mothers and grandmothers.

The internet has provided shoppers with a marketplace that spans the globe. At the click of a button, we can now browse shops in India, China, New Zealand; anywhere in the world. This has caused the demise of the high street to a great extent, but has provided consumers with more choice than they have ever had before. The fact that computers have dropped in price significantly has also contributed to the online shopping facility. Broadband speeds mean that we are no longer forced to make a cup of tea while waiting for the page to open on the browser, so shopping is fast. So now, if you are looking for a stylish fancy dress costume from Hollywood Fancy Dress or any other online shop, you can buy from the comfort of your chair.

Fancy dress costumes have come a long way too. They are now good quality garment sets that are designed to impress.

Here are some suggested costumes for those who wish to attend a party looking sexy rather than horrific.

  • Naughty Nurse
  • Catwoman
  • Lara Croft
  • Police Woman
  • Tinkerbell
  • Air Hostess
  • French Maid
  • Schoolgirl
  • Wild West Cowgirl
  • Witch
  • Vampire

Of course, the costume alone isn’t everything. The effect needs to be completed with excellent makeup and accessories.

If you intend to arrange a party yourself, you may like to use some of these top tips that are sure to make it go off with a bang.

1 – Hire a room. Local community centres hire out the rooms at a very reasonable price. Why cram everyone into your own home when there is ample space available?

2 – Use caterers for the food. The last thing you need to worry about on the day is cutting sandwiches and laying out food. You are going to need all of your time to prepare yourself. It is the host’s job to look awesome.

3 – Hire a bar. Most community centers have a bar facility that can be hired. Employ a professional barman and serve drinks properly rather than providing a table with cans of beer on it.

4 – Use a theme. You are arranging the party, what would you like it to be? It could be a vicars and tarts party or maybe Pirates of the Caribbean. It is your choice, what do you think will enable people to look good in their costumes?

5 – Hire a professional DJ for the evening. They know the correct music to get people up and having fun at each stage of the party. Often they play party games with the guests too, so a great time is had by all.

Well, if you have completed all of the above suggestions and are dressed in your best costume, the night awaits you. As a last thought don’t forget to book the taxi home in case you are too drunk when the time comes.

Quirky and Eccentric Holiday Ideas for 2014

Holiday season is looming large, and many of us are planning our summer jaunt in the hope of sun, sea and romance. The great thing about getting away from the humdrum of daily life is that you get to stay in far flung places and be waited on hand and foot. There is a plethora of weird and wonderful hotels at home and across the continent each offering something truly unique and in typical British fashion, some of the holiday homes are downright eccentric. The only disadvantage is that you may not be able to choose which one you want to go to:

Wagons and Gypsy Caravans:

While the thought of camping may not be an entirely pleasant one, based on memories of family holidays from yesteryear, camping in a wagon or gypsy caravan is camping: but not as we know it. These little slices of camping luxury are perfect for those wanting to get back to nature while taking their home comforts with them. Some are even themed, so depending on your holiday preference, your camping trip may akin to a little visit to the Bahamas. Aside from being flung into the great outdoors, wagons and gypsy caravans are so perfectly pretty, that you may not want to come home!

VW Camper Van Hire:

Should you and your travelling companion not be able to decide on a location, and then what better way to see the sites via a VW Camper Van. VW campers have had a serious resurgence in the past few years with the vintage brigade taking the classic camper van into their hearts. Aside from the fact you have everything you need on board; you will look the epitome of vintage, hippy chick when driving this bad boy around. What better way to explore your homeland than in one these?

Themed Hotels:

Across the UK, a glut of themed hotels have sprung up, ranging from beach themed hotels, country themed hotels, as well as the usual pick of boho and vintage inspired hotels from years gone by. With such a wide range of hotels to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice. Just remember to include your hotel bathrobe, and you are on your way to a magical holiday! A particular favourite is a Peruvian themed hotel located in Cumbria, which is home to real-life llamas. What a way to enjoy your holiday!


A Windmill:

Yes, that’s right, a windmill. From the quirky to the bizarre, the little windmill in Norfolk is home to one of the most eccentric places to holiday. Perfectly proportioned and offering all that a self-catering holiday has to offer, this is surely the most alternative holiday destination of them all. It is great for couples wanting a romantic retreat for the weekend as it is homes the pre-requisite four poster beds that are perfect for romance. With hidden nooks and crannies, you will spend your entire stay exploring the inside of your holiday retreat. It will definitely be a talking point when you get back home and back to reality!

What If You Really Don’t Have a Thing to Wear?


We have all been guilty of saying at some point that we can’t go out because we literally don’t have a thing to wear.

This is usually something of an exaggeration and often just means that we aren’t sure what to wear for the occasion. However, what if you genuinely don’t have a thing to wear that appears to be suitable? Maybe one of the following ideas could help you out in this case.

Stay at Home

Would staying at home really be so bad? You might be looking forward to going out but the option of staying in is often a tempting one once you look at it in detail. For example, if you were planning to go out with friends to a posh bar maybe you would all feel more comfortable with a night in instead. Another situation in which staying at home can be even better is when you are looking to place a few fun wagers. It has become trendy to go the casino or to a bingo hall but you could always go online instead. After all, it doesn’t matter what you wear when you go to play on a site such as GameVillage Bingo. This can be just as much fun as going out to play and can work out a lot less expensive as well.

Borrow from a Friend

Have you ever borrowed clothes from a friend or loaned them some? Some people get into the habit of doing this regularly while others prefer to steer clear of it. It can make a lot of sense if you have a good friend who wear the same size of clothes as you and has the same sort of taste. By borrowing clothes from each other you can both greatly expand the options you choose from and find suitable garments for just about any occasion. You might feel a bit nervous about first suggesting this idea but you could be surprised to find that your friend loves the idea. Some ladies even find that lead to a stronger bond with their friend and more opportunities to get together and talk about clothes.

Modify or Create a Garment

Would you be happy trusting your skills in modifying or creating a garment to wear out? If you have never tried this before then you might find that you are better at it than you could have ever expected. It is incredibly satisfying to be able to make or modify clothes and it also means that you will never again be again be short of something to wear. If you have never done this sort of thing before then you can either look online for tips or else look for a local course you can attend to pick up the skills needed. Who knows, you might even end up being the person that other people turn to when they don’t have anything to wear for a special occasion. Over time you could consider turning this into a business venture as well if you like.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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Laser Hair Removal May Be The Solution To Your Beauty Woes

legsToday’s society, it seems, sets out a million little traps when it comes to women and expectations of beauty. If it’s not one thing, it’s another! We want beautiful skin, luscious hair in all the right places and none at all in others.  We want to get rid of our scars, tighten our skin, erase our acne and do everything else under the sun in order to look like the most perfect versions of ourselves that we can be. While we’re caught up in these obsessions, though, it’s important to examine the reasons why we might want to look this way. Is it to make ourselves happy? Or is it to fit in with what we see on TV, in the movies and in advertisements?

Everyone has one or two things they don’t like about themselves; acne scars, visible wrinkles, and a unibrow that won’t go away no matter how hard we try to pluck it. These are things that may be blocking your self-confidence and harming your ability to flourish as a person and to grow to your full potential. These are the things that beauty treatments offered at places like anti-aging clinics can actually help you with by working to treat and eventually eliminate the small things that are holding you back.

For some, excessive hair is a problem that simply won’t quit – which is why laser hair removal has become one of the most popular beauty treatments the world over. An ideal solution for anyone who hates waxing, plucking or dealing with stubble, these treatments (which involve a particular kind of light being focused on specific hair follicles, destroying them while leaving the surrounding skin intact) allow patients to stop worrying about the way excess hair may be making a change to their physical appearance, and stop hiding behind makeup and strategically placed clothing

>Laser hair removal doesn’t even hurt as much as a treatment like waxing does. Some people report that the treatment feels like a rubber band snapping lightly against the skin, but others say it is closer to a pleasant, warm, tingling feeling. Your treatment times will vary, but no matter what, it’s important to understand that this treatment isn’t just effective – it’s non-invasive and painless. Plus, it makes financial sense – the money you can save through a treatment like this is actually extremely substantial when you consider the cost of a few separate laser treatments alongside the money you’d be throwing away on a lifetime of shaving, waxing, threading and whatever else.

Hair removal can be used to treat unwanted hair growth on a person’s underarms, back, upper lip, bikini line, legs, arms, chest, and shoulders. In order to determine exactly what kind of laser treatment is right for you, making an appointment with a well-reviewed and experienced skincare or anti-aging clinic, such as the Hairfree Laser Skin Clinic is your best bet (you can find them at A specialist will consult with you about your goals, explain the options available to you, and you can set a schedule for treatment that will see you back to your old, self-confident ways in no time at all.



Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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What Does Your Bag Say About You?

2aA bag becomes so much more than just a catch all for the items that we tote around. It is an essential accessory that can actually make your look come together. The right bag can make a pivotal statement in how you appear to others.

All individuals differ in style, as well as personality. We change our clothing with the seasons, as well as the accessories that we wear. However, there is a certain distinction in the accessories that we choose. They typically possess the same style because we base our appearance on our personalities. So, what is your bag saying about you?

Tote Bag

A tote bag creates an appearance of style and ease. This type of bag says you are ready to go on a whim. The great thing about a tote bag is they come in all different sizes, so you can find a bag that is big enough to carry all your belongings.

People who carry tote bags are said to be planners, and typically do not like to be without the things they need. You can almost guarantee that all tote bag carriers have plenty of pain reliever, band aids and hair ties stored away in their bag.

Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are diverse and functional. People who utilize a messenger bag into their everyday life are said to be laid back. This type of bag is easy to throw all your items in and go. These individuals are also rarely stressed out, and like to be on a constant go. You could say, people who carry messenger bags tend to land where ever the wind blows them.

This type of bag is especially popular among men. They are fashionable, practical and give a great sense of style

Cross body Bag

If you are carrying a cross body bag, then you are known as someone who only needs the bare essentials. A tote bag is much too large for these types of people, but they love the comfort that a messenger bag possesses. The cross body bag will allow you to do whatever you want without your bag getting in the way. It is truly a great choice or those who lead active lifestyles

The Clutch

People who carry clutches are known to be minimalist who like to be a little fancy around the edges. These individuals like to keep life clean and simple, but don’t have a true need to be hands free. It is easy to look empowering when holding a clutch.


Backpack lovers are people who live active lives and tend to travel a lot. Because they are always on the move, they need a bag that will hold all their stuff. Backpack carriers are always ready for any situation, but like a bag that is designed for comfort.

Backpacks made of canvas, like these, are also a great style for individuals who want to stand out. Nowadays, fashion is taking things a little bit further so even if you aren’t an active kind of person feel free to use your backpack as an everyday accessory.


Those who choose to carry an arm bag are said to be both independent and fashionable. This type of bag is designed to sit in the crook of your arm, which will give you a sassy attitude style. However, it is only because you possess confidence that this attitude is conveyed. Individuals who utilize arm bags enjoy sophistication, and keeping up with the latest fashion.

When you are in a crowded room of women, take notice to the many different types of bags that are being carried. There is one thing for certain, none of them are bound to be the same.

A bag actually has the ability to say more about who we are than our actual clothing. It is a place that we keep all our important, personal and private information. Perhaps, this is why women are always in search of the ultimate bag, and that is why so many women end up with a whole collection of bags. However, each of those bags can bring out a different quality in our personalities. What does your bag say about you?

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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How To Get Bargains From Designer Outlet Stores


In the past it used to be more difficult trying to find bargain prices on designer clothing in the UK.  Nowadays though, if you know how to get the most out of your trip, you can pick up great bargains at designer outlet stores.  Retail Week conducted a survey recently that found that outlet stores have seen an increase of 20% in their sales.  It is not too hard to see why when you consider that items made by big name labels such as Armani, Gucci, Karen Millen and Gap are often selling at 80% off.

The problem with outlet stores is they are so enticing and if you don’t exercise some caution when shopping at them you could spend more than you wanted to on things that presented as bargains that aren’t actually bargains at all.  This article is designed to help you and contains lots of handy tips to prevent you from wasting money and find the real bargains.

Look At The Occasionwear, Knitwear and Jackets

Look for reduced pieces in the above sections as they rarely go out of fashion very regularly.  Occasionwear is a must for your wardrobe because if you need a cute little outfit for a night out or dinner with friends, you can do a lot with one or two little black dresses at your disposal.

Buy Prints Exercising Caution

Without a doubt, prints can be very attractive and eye-catching; however they are normally specific to a particular season.  So always keep that in mind when looking at those fancy animal prints.

Stick To Pieces And Labels That Never Go Out Of Fashion

Often a label will produce a line that never goes out of fashion.  Take 7 For All Mankind jeans, Christian Louboutin court shoes and Alice Temperley beaded dresses as great examples of these.   Regardless of what is currently hot and en vogue, these kinds of items are timeless.

Don’t Buy Something Just Because A Celebrity Wore It

Many women make the mistake of seeing a particular item or brand of clothing being worn by their favourite pop star, reality TV star or TV soap actress and want to rush out and buy it for themselves because they make it look so good.  This is never a very sensible buying decision as by the time many of these pieces are affordable, they are not trendy or out of season.  Furthermore, who actually wants to walk around wearing things that Victoria Beckham or Cheryl Cole wore a couple of years ago.

In the past outlet stores were infamous for selling hundreds and hundreds of clothes that were only available in one or two sizes or were out of season.  However, things have changed a lot since then.  New clothes are now being added every week and control of the stock has changed dramatically.  Therefore it doesn’t really matter whether you are shopping in winter, autumn, summer or spring, you will always be able to find affordable designer clothes, as long as you shop sensibly and follow the above tips.

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca is a lover of fashion and beauty. She doesn't claim to be the most fashionable girl in the world and sometimes wears odd looking clothes. I wear my sunglasses at the slightest hint of sun and enjoy cocktails with friends!

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The Savvy Mums Guide to Cheap Vintage Kids Clothing

The vintage, twee look has never been bigger and naturally, we want our kids to be an extension of our style. Well, if they let you that is! Vintage kids clothing does not have to break the bank either. All yummy mummies want their kids to look their physical best as well making them stand out from the crowd. The supermarkets are a cost-efficient way of dressing our precious ones, but they are hardly standing out from the crowd and can tend to get lost in a sea of either pink or blue. As always, fashionable clothing should not come with a hefty price tag; savvy and trendy mums always ensure that their kids are turned out well for less. While it is tempting to spend a small fortune on making your little ones look dapper, it is sometimes unnecessary. Take a look at this guide on how to dress your trendy little ones for less:


With thanks to Frugan for the awesome image


Look online for classic vintage inspired pieces. There are some great retailers online, and you can save a small fortune too. Online retailers may offer discount codes and coupons, which are searchable through Google and sent straight to your inbox.

Second Hand:

Buying second hand children’s clothes only means that you are saving money and not compromising on style. Searching for children’s vintage and designer clothing that has been pre-loved is a great way of getting quirky, one-off or classic pieces of clothing for the child, which would usually cost a fortune in store. Buying second hand does not mean that you have to compromise on quality either, many like-minded mums sell their little ones clothes online due to the kids growing out of their clothes at an alarming rate. Let’s be honest, our kids grow out of their clothes quicker than we can replace them!

Swap Shop:

Why not call upon your other mummy friends and have a good old fashioned swap shop at your home. To make it more mummy-centred, you can always provide nibbles and drinks before swapping your children’s clothes. Not only can you grab yourself a bargain, but it’s a great way of catching up with the girls and indulging in a vino too! Why should the kids have all the fun?

Think Ahead:

Let’s be honest, the seasons are never a surprise and some forward thinking and planning ahead is all it takes to grab a bargain. While the high street may start putting summer clothes out during the back end of Spring and winter clothes out towards the end of Summer, that doesn’t mean that you need to buy the seasonal clothes at that time. Usually, we are still in the midst of that season! For many retailers, this is peak time for sale or clearance clothing so take a look at the sale rails, this means that you may be two months ahead clothing wise, but at least they can be stored. That is some serious organisation and dedication to fashion.

Of course, as savvy as many mums can be, it’s an occupational hazard to get caught up in buying your little ones as many clothes as possible but follow the tips as above, and your kids will be the talk of the playground!

Have You Just Booked Your Cruise? Here’s What To Pack

You have just booked your last minute cruise deal, so it is quite understandable that you want to start packing straight away. However, as you know, when you are excited it is more probably that you will forget certain things.

 Cruises are also different to other holidays and vacations, you must remember that you must dress appropriately when you arrive at your departing port, or that you are on a cruise ship with limited shopping areas (and the prices you pay will not be the same as your local grocery store), and you may be calling at a number of destinations that offer something different.

 Each cruise often has the ability to surprise, as the weather on the seas can be a lot different when compared to land based holiday resorts.

 If you have booked your last minute cruise deal, you may have done so by scouring the internet and finding deals on this page.


(Great photo from Pauls Imaging via Flickr)

 With this in mind, here is a useful packing guide especially for those who have booked a cruise.

 Be smart when packing your carry-on bags

This is especially important for those on a fly cruise, when you have to rely on airport staff to get your luggage to you at the first attempt.

 Pack important medications, toiletries and a light change of clothes to take with you. This way you are prepared for the worst case scenario of your luggage going missing in transit. You will have the ability to keep clean and stay healthy. What more could you want before your luggage is forwarded to your next port of call.

 Know the onboard dress codes

The dress code can be very different depending on which cruise operator you use, cruise liner you travel on, and even different areas of the liner itself. Knowing is half the battle before you start to pack.

 Some people still like to dress up, as cruising still holds a sense of class and nostalgia. Men will be in formal suits and tuxedos, while woman are in formal gowns. However, most cruise liners operate a more relaxed approach to dress code, with ‘smart casual’ being very much the theme.

 Do your laundry

If packing light is more your style, then you can make use of the laundry services onboard the cruise liner. Depending on your booking, and what class of cabin you are staying in, the laundry service could be free. However, if laundry is not covered you may want to consider packing a little more, and doing less laundry.

 If you do have to pay for your laundry, then pick up some travel detergent before you board. You can also rinse out shirts and underwear in the cabin’s bathroom or freshen it up with some Febreze to get more than one use out of it.

 Bring your favourite toiletries

Most toiletries are provided in your cabin, but if you have your favourite or preferred brands in soap and shampoo take them with you.

 Likewise, if you dry your hair using a hair dryer do ensure that you pack your own. The hairdryers that are offered as part of your cabin are often weak and not very powerful.

 Bathroom provisions

Each cruise operator and each cruise liner has the potential to offer something a little different to the next. So, if you are thinking about packing your bathrobe, read up on what is included in your cabin and your booking. Word of warning, do not take your bathrobe home as you will be charged for it.

 Some cruise operators will require you to stipulate your requirements before you book. Otherwise it is just a case of checking what bathroom provisions are included on their website or ask your travel agent.

 Dress for your destination

If your last minute cruise includes calling in at a number of destinations, then read up on them. Each destination will offer you something different, so it is important that you not only dress for the destination, but you also respect it too.

 If you are travelling across Europe, expect a more casual approach to attire, but it you are calling in at destinations which have a more strict approach towards your attire then dress appropriately.

 Also, you should think about what you plan to do at your destination. If you are planning on long walks, hiking, biking, exploring and taking in the sights, take comfortable footwear. However, if you plan to keep to the beaches and enjoy the view, then pack some flip flops.

 Save room in your suitcase

No cruise is complete without picking up a few souvenirs during your time at sea and at your destinations. So it is essential that you leave a little bit of room in your suitcase so that you may bring these souvenirs home with you.

 Mix up your clothes

Why waste room in your suitcase with entire outfits or fight over cabin space and who has the last hanger, instead pack clothing items that are easily mixed and matched with one another.

 Try and stick to a minimum selection of colours, for example; black goes with almost anything so try and pack a selection of black tops and bottoms to go with a few of your other items.

 Layers are important too. You may have a good idea what the weather will be like when you depart, but things change, so it is essential that you take items which have the ability to provide you with a number of different layers.

 Accessories are also important, take a small selection of jewellery with you to add a little something to your outfits.

 As the bigger cruise liners hold such a huge capacity of people, you have the ability to wear the same outfit twice without seeing the same person, or group of people again throughout the rest of the cruise.

 Keep your documents safe

When packing, keep all of your important documents with you. This is just common sense.

 Make sure that you pack passports, boarding passes, visas and any forms of identification and keep this with you at all times. Place them in your carry-on bag, rather than your luggage, as it means that you have access to them at all times.

 You are now ready for your last minute cruise deal. Go and enjoy it.