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Did You Know Dogs Can Be Fashionable Too?

The pet industry has taken the fashion world by storm, with more and more of us investing our time and money in both pets, and their outfits, that would leave most folk hiding in the shadows.

 We have all seen the likes of Paris Hilton carrying around her dog in her handbag, or other tiny dog breeds that have to be carried around like royalty. Dogs should never be treated as a fashion statement, or accessory to their owner.

 Far from it, our four legged friends now have fashion accessories of their very own.

 Over the last few years, there has been a huge leap from tartan dog coats (for cold winter walks) to dog boots and diamante encrusted collars. This huge leap has been driven from the fashion accessory dog. No more is it a fashion accessory for their owner, they now have a fully supported range of clothes, equipment and bedding that their owners are happy to provide to them.


(Image from Flickr: Vivian Chen)

 So, what fashion accessories for dogs are available?

 Well, dog boots and diamante encrusted collars are just the tip of the iceberg. You need to think big if you really want to know what is available for dog lovers.

 There is a wide selection of fashion accessories for woman, from rings and necklaces to hairclips and bows. Fashionable dogs also have these things.

 If you think about the coats, shoes, and costumes available to woman, then dogs have these items too.

 How about dogs wearing sportswear for exercising, just like you may do when you hit the gym? Yes, dogs have a wide range of sportswear, or walkwear, available to buy.

 The amount of products available on the market is truly inspiring. Gone are the days of celebrities using their dogs as an extension of their own fashion, an accessory to themselves, but your four legged friend can stroll into their own walk in wardrobe, and have just as much choice as you do.

 You may think this is a little over the top, but the way the market is going it is only going to get bigger and better for some dog owners.

 If you are a dog owner who likes their furry friend to look their best at all times then doggy fashion will only give you more choice, and drive down prices going forwards. Dog hair clips and bows, as well as precious metals encrusted in their leads, collars and bedding can all be purchased through a number of different online, and high street outlets.

 If you are dog owner who may only look at the very basics, then you are still spoilt for choice. If you like taking your dog for long, mucky, walks in the fields and other open spaces, then you have a variety of accessories available to you. The more traditional tartan coats, and walking harnesses and boots can still make your dog very comfortable, even though you may not see these things as a fashion accessory.

 Whether you want to get your dog looking their best through fashionable accessories, or you aim to be a bit more practical with what accessories you buy, the choices you have are growing each and every week.

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