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Different places to meet people


 by  USACE Europe District 

We all go through stages in life where we want to get to know new people, but it’s not always easy to find them. Depending on what work you do, you may meet new faces through work; perhaps going out with other colleagues after work and meeting people they know. And you could always run into a new acquaintance if you shop at a regular time and day every week in the same supermarket. Stranger things have happened, but that’s a bit of a long shot.

Of course, if you’re looking for romance, one of the simplest ways to meet a potential new partner is to join a dating site, but it’s not always a new partner that you’re looking for. Sometimes you just want to widen your social circle and make some new friends.

There are a couple of ways that you can meet people in different social settings than you might not have considered.

Online bingo

You might think of online games as being solo activities and when you play bingo, it’s just you taking part in a game that many people join in. However, the big difference in playing bingo as opposed to some other online games is that you have the option to get talking to other players in the bingo site chat rooms. All the bingo sites host chat rooms and each one is connected to a different set of games. While you’re playing your chosen bingo game, you can talk to any of the other players who are entered into the same game as you. It doesn’t even need to cost you anything; you can join a UK free bingo site and simply start playing a few games, entering the chat rooms and seeing who you meet.

Bingo chat rooms are a great place to meet people as there’s always a chat moderator present to make sure everyone in the chat room feels included. There are also mini games that you can play while you’re there, and that adds to the general buzz. If you hit it off with a particular person, you can always send them private messages, so you don’t have to share your conversation with everyone else. Of course, as with any other acquaintances made online, if you do get friendly enough with someone when you’ve been chatting while playing bingo to meet them in the real world, you should be very careful about how you set up that first meeting. It’s a good idea to meet in a public place and take a friend along with you.

Working out

The gym is somewhere you will encounter a whole range of different people, but at least you know that most of the people you meet there will have at least one thing in common with you – an interest in keeping fit and looking after yourself. You may not think that you’d make new friends when you’re all hot and sweaty, but if you’re exercising correctly on any of the gym machines, you should be able to hold a conversation easily while you exercise, so you can strike up a conversation with anyone working out on a machine next to you. You also might be able to start working out with someone, which will help motivate you both and encourage you to reach your next fitness goal.

At the school gate

If you have kids, you’ll probably have already discovered that children are great ice-breakers. It’s far easier to move to a new town if you have children who are in primary school. That’s because you generally end up dropping them off and picking them up at the school gates and you’ll meet other parents this way. We’re not saying you should have kids in order to make new friends, of course, but if you have them already, it’s just another way to widen your social circle!

You won’t make a life-long friend out of every new acquaintance that you make, but there’s no harm in making sure you meet new people every now and then. Friends can add to your life in so many ways and the best friendships can begin in the most unexpected places.


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