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Find Out More About The Solutions To The Problem Of Hair Loss


Hair loss in men and women can be a very traumatic event. The loss of hair can often cause an individual to lose their self confidence and to become fearful of going out in public. While there are many hair loss treatment techniques (1) that can transform the look of the scalp, many people are simply unaware of all the opportunities that there are to help combat the issue. Whether you are experiencing hair loss because of an illness, or if the problem is common in your family, there are several procedures you can have done that will help to restore your head of hair. Here are just a few different treatments and exactly how the procedure is performed.

One of the most successful hair loss treatment programs is laser light therapy.(2) This procedure not only stops the loss of hair, it has been clinically shown to actually regrow the hair. The reason this treatment is so effective is because the laser helps to stimulate the blood flow in the scalp and allows the tissue to absorb the energy from the light. The patient will experience a stop in hair loss, and a fuller and thicker head of hair after several treatments.

A hair transplant treatment procedure requires a small surgical procedure that requires local anesthetic. Hair is taken from the back and side of the scalp and those follicles are implanted into the area on the scalp where the problem exists. Once the surgery is completed, you will need to allow the hair follicles some time to fully develop. Under ideal conditions, the new hair will begin to grow about three to five months after the surgery has been successful.

One of the more noninvasive procedures is applying an all-natural liquid medication to the scalp in an effort to regrow the hair follicles. The solution is generously applied to the scalp and hair, and can either be done in your home or you can visit a clinic to have a professional apply the treatment. For optimal hair growth, it is recommended to combine both the laser light therapy and the natural liquid medications. This will produce a fuller head of hair in less time than simply using the solution on its own.

The carboxytheraphy treatment is a simple injection of CO2 gas that is applied using a small needle directly below the scalp. The gas helps to stimulate the circulation of the blood and causes your red blood cells to release O2 and pick up the CO2. When the scalp is oxygenated, your hair follicles become more nourished and begin to grow more consistently. The procedure can be done in only a couple minutes, which allows you to continue with your daily activities. There is no downtime or recovery time, so the procedure is only known to you and the physicians. With so many hair loss treatments to choose from, you are sure to find one that is perfect for you at a well-established clinic, such as Micron Labs (visit the Micron Labs website to learn more). There is no need to continue living with unwanted hair loss anymore!




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