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For the love of Paris

There are many people who simply write Paris Hilton off as a rich kid, famous for being famous.

But there’s more to Paris than meets the eye. She set fashion trends before we even knew there was something to follow. She was America’s first Top Model, a fashion icon and the leader of the pack.



Now, as she says, she’s ready to quietly build her brand, settle down and raise a family.

But she’ll never lose her sense of fun. A high-profile fan of casinos – she once won $30,000 at a Las Vegas blackjack table – she’s just become the face of online bingo games at

She’s not the only glamour gal who enjoys bingo. Fellow super-model Kate Moss and her designer pal, Sadie Frost, like to swap a night out on the tiles for a night in with the kids and a spot of bingo fun.

And Catherine Zeta-Jones took her childhood love of the game across the pond when she married Michael Douglas. She brings out a homemade version of the game every Christmas, although the Hollywood actor admits to being baffled by it!

Paris’ endorsement of BGO is possibly the most glamorous pairing of recent times. Cheeky cockney Barbara Windsor fronts up Jackpotjoy while Ricky Tomlinson, most famous for his role in the Royle Family, has been linked with Celebrity Bingo.

Paris’ status as a style icon may be in some dispute. But her fashion genius is finally being recognised because now we can view it in retrospective.

Take the “naked dress”. It’s been all over the red carpet this season gracing the figures of J-Lo, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian (a one-time Paris stylist, of course).

But Paris was rocking this look more than ten years ago when she attended the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards in floor-length feathered gown by Zuhair Murad. The low-cut, low-waist bodice was totally sheer but for a few strategically positioned rhinestones and sequins.

Then there’s the whole Rihanna look. Very urban, very street, very now. Yet Paris was rocking that look before Rhianna ever even needed an umbrella. Years ago she was spotted in a skin-tight leopard catsuit slashed to the naval which she accessorized with a diamond-studded collar.

She was the first to wear Lucite clear heels. The first to sport wedged trainers. And the first to declare her love of High Street brands like Top Shop and H&M.

Paris never apologises for being Paris. You’ll never see her cringing over her turn-of-the-century style or wishing she hadn’t embraced Juicy Couture with such a passion. She’s confident that those were fashions of their time and have a place in her own personal style history.

With a successful business behind her and a bright future ahead of her, Paris must be admired.

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