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Four Summer Beauty Tips For Busy Girls


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Girls, summer will soon be here, and that means a lot of work. Yes, the rise in temperature is amazing. But, you can’t just stroll into the summer sun without doing a bit of personal grooming first. In the winter, you could cover up and mask those blemishes, but you’d die of heat exhaustion if you did that in the middle of July.

Because women’s grooming is hard work, you need to find the easiest and most effective tips and techniques to get your in tip top shape for the months ahead. If the thought of spending half your summer in the bathroom getting ready to go out turns your stomach, check out these beauty tips.

Plan Wisely

Heading to the beach for a couple of days? Or, maybe going on holiday for a week or two? You have to plan wisely to make your life easier. If there are a few of your friends going, talk to each other and divvy up the responsibility and share the workload. After all, they will appreciate it just as much as you. Decide who’s going to take the hairdryer, who’s got the shampoo and conditioner, and who’s got the sunscreen.

Holidaying has never been as easy.

Disposable Toiletries

You can’t have the same comforts in a hotel in Ibiza than you can at home. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can’t look as good; you just need a few life hacks. Baby wipes are an essential part of any girl’s beauty routine. They quickly remove any makeup, no matter how long it has been on, and leave skin moisturised and looking healthy.

Plus, you obviously want to have a bit of a tan before you hit the beach. But, self-tanners are messy and hard work. Pre-soaked tanners in disposable towels are easy to apply and incredibly neat and tidy.

Shaving Routine

Shaving sucks. It is never enough, and it always leaves your skin irritated and feeling unhealthy. There is an easy alternative because all you have to do is buy a razor with built-in shave bars. You can lather, shave and moisturise all in one simple step. Before you know it the hot pants won’t seem as daunting at all.

If the entire shaving process is too much for you, there are other options such as permanent hair removal. It is a little bit drastic, so you have to take the decision seriously. But, if you decide it is for you, check out Remington and Tria hair removal systems for two of the best on the market.

Hair Do

Hair is the worst in the summer; you just don’t know what to do with it. To get the best from your hair, start your routine in the shower by choosing the correct shampoo and conditioner. Next, start drying immediately with wide tooth combs that work through wet hair and push out excess moisture.

If you just can’t be bothered sprucing your hair up during the day, wear it casually. The top knot is uber stylish this season and looks great.


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