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Get Beautiful Eyes with These Top Techniques


Guilherme Yagui

People say the eyes are the window to the soul, and a lot of women like to think theirs are their best feature. But if you’re not happy with yours, you don’t have to settle for them as they are. From getting more sleep to wearing the right makeup, you can get the look you want, whether you want bright and wide awake or smoky and sultry. Try these different methods to get beautiful eyes. You can make them look younger and healthier or go for the perfect makeup look, whether you want to choose natural methods or something else.

Sleep and Exercise More

If your eyes look tired, it’s probably because they are. Getting enough sleep is essential to keep your eyes looking wide awake and healthy. Not only will plenty of rest help to keep your eyes and skin hydrated, but they’ll feel much better too. They’ll look bright and feel less gritty and strained. Exercising more can also help to give you healthier skin around your eyes, increasing your circulation and giving them enough oxygen and nutrients.

Food and Drink for Healthy Eyes

The right vitamins and minerals will help you keep your eyes and your skin healthy. Lots of fruits, and especially those containing vitamin C, will keep your eyes healthy and your skin glowing. Vitamin A is excellent for your eye health, so eat carrots, spinach and other foods containing it for bright eyes. It’s also a good idea to get enough zinc, which you can find in chicken and yoghurt, and vitamin E, contained in nuts and sunflower seeds, among other things.

Find Your Makeup Look

Of course, even if you have healthy skin and eyes, you might not be satisfied with how they look. That’s where makeup can come in, to help you get the look you want. Maybe you’re a minimalist, and you only want a natural look. Concealer and foundation can help you cover blemishes and wrinkles or brighten up tired eyes. A little bit of mascara is great for a simple look too. But if you want something more impressive, you’ll need to experiment with different styles to find the one that suits you.

Get Rid of Wrinkles

Tiny wrinkles around your eyes can be a sign that your life is full of laughter. But not everyone wants being happy to leave a permanent mark. If you want to smooth out those lines, there are a few options you could look at. A lot of women choose anti-aging and toning creams, but there’s also surgery. Practices run by surgeons like Dr Richard Peck MD offer eyelid surgery to tighten up the skin around your eyes that begins to sag as you age. It can sort out the bags under your eyes that get more prominent when you’re older too.

Tired and lifeless eyes can make you looked drained. Whether you want a permanent solution or just a short-term fix, you can put the life back into your eyes. Get some sleep, wear makeup or even opt for surgery for brighter eyes.

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