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Getting Ready For Graduation


For university students there can be no better feeling than when you are just a few days away from Graduation. A sign that you have put in all the hard work, completed the assignments, turned up to class (most of the time…) and passed your exams. But before you are ready to step out of the comfort of student life and into the every day hustle and bustle of working life, you have first got to get through the excitement of graduation. For some people there is nothing more thrilling but for others, it can be a worrisome time. What to wear, how to look your best etc. If you fall into the latter category then fear not as we have gathered together some handy tips to ensure that you can look, and feel, your very best and enjoy this special day with your fellow students and family.

Look The Part

From hair and nails to the ideal outfit, if you look good then you will feel like a million dollars, as the saying goes. Book any appointments a good few weeks in advance so that you don’t run the risk of nothing being available the week of your graduation ceremony. Make sure you know in advance what you want your hair to look like, so that you don’t make any rash decisions and regret it every time you look at the photographs.

When it comes to the right outfit, make sure you choose something which is pretty but comfortable. Not only will you have to wear it underneath your robes for a large part of the day but you also want to feel good and not awkward when you go on to the celebrations afterwards whether this is a large party with friends or a family dinner out. Dresses are always a good choice, but don’t choose anything too outlandish. Simple but stylish is the direction to aim for. Likewise with shoes, heels are nice but don’t choose anything with a large heel, especially if you aren’t used to wearing them. We’ve all seen the outtake videos of someone tripping as they go to receive their certificate on stage; don’t let that be you!

You could treat yourself to some new perfume, and make up, if you want to go all out. Perfume such as Flowerbomb, is ideal as every time you wear it, you will be reminded of your big day. It’s also a great idea if parents or close family are looking to buy you a gift to celebrate. It is practical and sentimental, making it the perfect choice.

Prepare Emotionally

Graduating from university is a big deal and it’s okay to feel trepidation on the day itself. Try and make sure you get a good night’s sleep the day before so that you feel refreshed and on the day itself, take things easy in the run up. Sleep for as long as you can, before getting up and having a nice breakfast. If you have appointments to go to, such as hair and nails, then wear comfortable clothing. Try and remain calm in the build-up and remind yourself often that this is a day for excitement and not nerves.

Enjoy It

As with most large events, it can be easy to become overwhelmed on the day and forget to actually relax and enjoy yourself. Take it easy and try to have a good time. Most people only get to graduate once so it’s important to make the most of it! Make sure you get some great photographs so that you can look back and remember such a significant day but mostly, remember to enjoy it and take it all in your stride.

If you look and feel the part, then there’s no reason why you can’t have a fantastic graduation to remember.
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