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Hair Extensions: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Hair extensions are perfect when you’re looking for a bit of a change or when you weren’t quite quick enough to stop the hairdresser cutting your locks really, really short! Of course, like everything in a girl’s life, choosing the right hair extensions can be a tricky business. What length to go for? Clip in or flip in? Virgin or Remy? How is a girl to choose?! Lucky for you, I’ve got some hot tips to impart.


Image Source: Rob

The Good

For gorgeous locks it has to be Remy Hair. Also called Cuticle Hair, Remy is a collection of real human hair from a single donor, picked one strand at a time (I kid you not!). The cuticles all point the same way, which means they don’t tangle and they can be blended seamlessly with your natural hair. Since it’s real, you can abuse it in much the same way you would your own hair; dye it, straighten it, curl it and it’ll bounce back quite happily.

The best origin for your hair really depends on your background. Peruvian hair blends well with Caucasian textures, whilst Brazilian hair is a great match for Hispanic tresses. A good hairdresser will be able to advise you on the best match for you.

Now, how to fix it to your head? Micro-bead technology is really clever and ridiculously easy to maintain. Best of all, it doesn’t damage your natural hair. These babies connect to your hair with a little bead on the end of the extension, are happy to oblige any and all use of heat-styling appliances and last for up to four months. Of course they’re pricey, but beauty is pain.


Image Source: Faylyn

The Bad

Not all human hair is as lovingly treated as Remy. In fact, you can get some really rather atrocious examples. A lot of the cheaper alternatives undergo machine processing that strip them of the cuticle, leaving them brittle, dry and prone to tangling. These guys do not take kindly to dying and heat-styling is a definite no no.

Glue in hair extensions definitely belong to the bad category. The glue used can cause your natural hair to break and the weight of the extensions has been known to cause actual hair thinning. Add to that the fact that you can’t get any conditioner or styling products on the glue or go anywhere near it with a curling iron and you’ve got one bad option.


Image Source: Maegan Tintari

The Ugly

It really doesn’t get much uglier than synthetic hair. Artificially glossy, flame retardant and often heat resistant (no perfect curls for you) this really is a last resort.

You know what’s coming now right? Yep. Its the clip ins. Ignoring the fact that they are a pain to put in (they are) and that the clips hurt your scalp (they do) the main problem with this quick fix is that they tangle easily. Matted dreadlocks anybody? Even the most expensive hair isn’t enough to rescue the clip ins. More often than not, when you swish your flowing locks for all to see, everybody will also get a glimpse of the big old clips holding them in. Definitely ugly.

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