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Hot or Not? A Guide To Mens Nightwear

This is an area that has been a thorn in a man’s side for the last decade – Nightwear.

 There has been very little development in fashion when it comes to men’s nightwear, in fact the only addition of note has been the onesie, and that has been modified from babies’ sleepsuits.

 And, every man probably remembers receiving some ‘extraordinary’ pyjama sets for Christmas and birthdays. Not only do you feel uncomfortable in them, if you have a partner just imagine how they feel looking at you, their reaction would be to laugh or cry.


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 A man’s desire to look good in the bedroom should not only be restricted to sex. Instead it is important that a man feels good in what they wear, again this should apply to the bedroom with some great nightwear available at

 So, what is on offer in the bedroom for men today?

 This guide will run through several items of nightwear that should be considered. Every man is different, and will have their very own likes and dislikes. So, here we go:

 Lounge Pants

These are probably one of the most popular choices, and can be found in either a chequered or plain design.

 If you choose to go for chequered pants, ensure that you have a matching plain top (assuming that you want to wear one). The matching plain top will go well with nearly any pattern on your chequered lounge pants. Do not wear a patterned top, as matching the patterns can be incredibly difficult. Remember, you want to feel comfortable when you are wearing lounge pants, so it is important that they look the part.

 The Dressing Gown

Also known as a robe in some places, the dressing gown comes in two different types. Men have the choice between the traditional fleecy number, which is ideal for those cold days during the winter months. There is also a lightweight alternative, and you may be thinking of the silky, oriental types, but in reality you can pick up some great plain designs.


The footwear you can officially wear indoors, without the looks from your other half. There are two choices when it comes to slippers, the luxurious leather slippers or the more comfortable fabric loafers.

 Briefs and Boxers

Obviously not at the same time, it is one or the other. Underwear may not be classed as your more traditional nightwear, but many men do opt for briefs or boxers when hitting the hay.

 It is not surprising, as what is comfortable and confident during the day can be reflected during the evening and night. Fit is essential when choosing either briefs or boxers.


The classic woven pyjamas have been one of the mainstays of men’s nightwear. These can be very sexy and extremely comfortable, but are also very individual.

 Some men prefer the lounge pants, or shorts, with a t-shirt, whilst others will opt for the woven pyjamas. Some men will go for a combination or something in-between. Whatever you choose, be sure that your comfortable as this will breed confidence.

 Take pride in your nightwear.

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