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How To Get The Perfect, Photogenic Smile

We’ve all looked through photos and cringed at our awkward smiles and silly faces. How do the celebrities get is so right, yet we get it so wrong? Well, they’re no better than me or you. They just know how to smile for the camera. They know the tricks and tips that bring out their pearly whites and light up their face. The good news is that these tricks are no big secret. You can learn them to and unlock the perfect smile for your face.

It all starts with how well you look after your teeth. After that, it’s all about creating the perfect natural smile. All you need to know is how to relax those muscles, bring the glisten to your eye and smile wide. You might need a little practice, but let me tell you this for nothing. All the celebrities with perfect smiles have spent hours in front of the mirror getting it just right. Without further ado, let’s jump into the five tips.


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Dental hygiene

It all starts here. The best smile requires pearly white teeth and plump red lips. Both your teeth and gums must be well looked after. Brush twice a day and floss regularly. Cut down on the coffees, teas and red wines that stain your precious teeth. If you do have severe teeth problems there are options out there. You could make use of thenewtooth dental implants in Kent & East Sussex.


The right make-up can really bring out your smile. Choosing the right colours and tones to complement your teeth can make all the difference. Reds and berry colours are the best when it comes to making teeth look whiter. The same goes for deep browns. However, experts suggest avoiding magenta and brighter colours. They have the effect of making teeth look dark and brown.

Make it natural

This is the hardest bit to get right. The perfect, photogenic smile looks natural and happy. Almost as if you have been caught in the happiest moment of your life. There are a few tricks, but nothing beats recalling a fond memory or funny joke. Let your mind wander to that moment and the smile will naturally appear on your face. Some swear by smiling as you breath out. On the outward breath, your muscles are more relaxed.


Just get in front of your mirror and practice! Try a few techniques for a natural smile, and see which you prefer. Does the funny memory work, or do you just crease up too much? How about breathing? Try moving your tongue to different places. Don’t feel silly, just take your time to find the right resting place.

Don’t forget the eyes…

They say you can always spot a fake smile in the eyes. That’s what gives you a true radiance. So don’t forget to look out for them when practicing. What is it that makes them light up? What gives them that glint and shows your true happiness? This will likely come from recalling your fond memory. Always try to keep that in mind.

So there you go. There’s no big secret or magic trick that the celebs use. Practice, practice, practice and find the best technique for you. Everyone has the perfect, photogenic smile in them. Now it’s time to find yours.


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