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How to Sell More of Your Unwanted Clothes Online

If you have lots of unwanted clothes, there are a number of things you can do with them. Although giving them to charity is a lovely idea, you could transform your old clothes right back into cash. The only problem is it can take a lot of work to get a decent amount of money for them. I’ve sold dresses that I’ve worn once, bought for £60 for £5! The tips in this post will help you to make sure everything you list sells, and that you get as much as possible for them:

Take High Quality Pictures

High quality pictures are essential for selling your unwanted clothes for a good amount of money. You could sell the exact same item for completely different prices if one listing has quality pictures and the other has blurry pictures. Your pictures should be clear, show the garment off accurately, and even styled up to look prettier. It won’t make a difference to the item you’re selling, but subconsciously, people will pay more.

Use a Model

By using a real life model or a mannequin, you can show how an item looks when worn. People prefer this to hanging it up, as it shows what it could look like on them. There are all kinds of models, from male mannequins to wire models. Choose one you think will show off your clothes best.



Write a Detailed Description

The more details you give in the description, the less you’ll be bombarded with questions. It also shows that you’re a completely transparent seller. You should say what the item is, the size, why you’re selling, etc. You could even give a tip on how to wear it. It’ll take you more time, but you’ll get more interest.

Package Nicely

The buyer won’t know how you’re going to package the item before you do it, but if you package it nicely, you’ll make them want to buy from you again. You could just use some coloured tissue paper to make it look more attractive. Some sellers even include a small packet of sweets or a lollipop!

Focus on One Area at a Time

If you try to sell every single thing you own at one time, you can begin to feel overwhelmed. Instead, focus on one area at a time. For example, your dresses or your shoes. You can then work through everything you own until you’ve recycled everything and made a nice amount of money. Then you can treat yourself to a new summer wardrobe!

Sell for the Season

If you have winter coats to sell, wait until the weather cools down before you put them up for sale. If you sell these in summer, you won’t make very much for them at all as people just aren’t looking for them!

Check Equivalents

Check items that are the equivalent of yours and what they have sold for so you get an idea of what to sell for/hope for. Don’t set your hopes too high!

Good luck!

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