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How to Take Care of Your Antiques –Because Yours Are Looking a Little Shabby  


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I’m writing this post for a generation of people who don’t tend to collect antiques. Anything old is boring and usually discarded. But chill out on that attitude! Read on.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much more than a fresh polish to make something old new again. It’s amazing how a little TLC can go so far to change perception.

An old dirty relic: once loved and cherished, now boring and invisible. A clean and polished antique however –a noteworthy conversation piece.

People are the same way; underneath a dirty, aged, rough exterior it’s easy to lose sight of the person underneath it all. The more a person lets themselves go, the more they forget, and the more invisible they become.

I’m not bored, and it isn’t a slow week for content –I’m dead serious. I see an important correlation here.

Video link – too relevant to not include:

Take this homeless American veteran for example. Jim Wolf: Invisible to the masses that walked by every day, probably invisible to himself and one person saw potential. We learn two things from this video:

1. Jim needed to see himself in a new light to really see him again. It had probably been years since he saw his own true face, and a little spit polish made his life new. His body had once been a tool he loved, nurtured, and maintained –and a few years is all it takes to forget the original splendour of anything. But when you get that feeling back –wow. WOW. It can move mountains.

2. Whoever’s idea it was to do this in the first place is the kind of person who maintains antiques. They look for the beauty in everything, and they change things. They bring back the loving and cherished feeling in everything around them.

How you treat your antiquities long-term says a whole lot about you. It’s also a unique thing to do these days to distinguish oneself from others in our throw-away society.

Cleaning and maintaining antiquities also takes time. Time that you can spend trying to pull back that feeling that previous owners felt –that story that connected them to their antiques and lit them up.

Alright, well I hope that jazzed you up a little bit and put a little nugget in your knowledge basket because now I’m going to get sorta’ boring and discuss the work part, and how to clean and maintain antiques, jewellery, you name it.

The technology and methods are a little weird for a generation who grew up at a time when everything was made of plastic, and Windex was all you needed.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is ideal for fragile antiques, different style art deco jewellery in Australia, and ones that have a lot more nooks and hard to reach areas.

In a nutshell; place an antique in a solution of either water or cleaning product (water usually does the trick) and set it on an ultrasonic agitator. Ultrasonic agitation chips away at imperfections stuck onto your antique with cavitation bubbles created by high frequency agitation. It’s pretty rad.

This method can kill all sorts of baddies, from algae and fungus to rust and oil.

Elbow Grease

Another video:

Take it from Mister Miyagi –do it yourself, with your own two hands. Apply the polish, and then remove. Apply, remove. Keep doing this until your antique is restored to its former glory.

Or until you pass out.

Let us know what you think of this article in the comments. If there’s a deeper meaning I’m trying to express, what would it be? What did you take away from this one? Happy belated New Year, everyone!

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