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Let’s Get Personal!

Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved stickers and badges. I’d always pull the laces that my shoes came with out and replace them with rainbow laces instead (curly self tying laces were, in hindsight, a step too far, to be honest). Wherever I could put a personal stamp on my stuff I would. It’s nice to have nice stuff, but even better if you’ve made it a little bit special!

Nike, Coke and Nutella have all recognised that we like to have our names put on things and have all let customers buy or order specially made products, so I know it’s not just me! Nineteenth Century retail innovator Marshall Field popularised the slogans “The Customer Is Always Right” and “Give The Lady What She Wants” and it turns out, we want our names on the things we own!

High Street and High Couture

It’s not just products that are available on the high street that can be customised. Of course a tailor will make you a suit or dress to fit your unique body shape, but did you know that Gucci and Louis Vuitton will make clothes and luggage to order? Possibly not, if ever the maxim was true that ‘if you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it’ then it’s true here. Of course, before the industrial revolution almost everything was personalised, insomuch as every thing was unique, handmade and created with quality in mind. Once mass production took over quality was subsumed to quantity and a better price point. Today it’s that uniqueness and superior quality that attracts people to bespoke and personalised products.

Having personalised jewellery made especially for you is a double whammy of precious. First of all wearing sparkling scarce and precious metals always makes you feel better, and if it just happens to be absolutely unique, then that’s just the cherry on the top! Another great thing about personalised jewellery is that it can always be added to. Match earrings to a necklace, or rings to a bracelet and you create a beautiful, unified look.

Personal Equals Unique

Personalisation makes life easier when it comes to buying things for other people too. That personal touch goes such a long way. Buy a loved one something expensive and beautiful and they’ll love it. Buy them something in their favourite colour with the two of your initials intertwined and BOOM! They’re in seventh heaven!

Although we all feel a little bit special when we buy something that’s been made just for us, in a survey by Deloitte entitled Made to Order: the rise of mass personalisation one in five people will actually pay a 20% premium to have something that’s unique to them. The study also found that of all the products and services that could be personalised, it was holidays that people would be most interested in. I suppose that makes sense. People aren’t cattle to be taken from one tourist trap to the next, but want to have a unique experience, taking in a variety of different sights and excursions. Of the things that were actual objects that you could buy, the survey found that it was furniture that came top of the list for personalisation. 42% of us want to sit in chairs and lay in beds that have been made to measure, just for us!

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