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Love your skin: by making it beautiful


Loving the skin you’re in is pretty difficult when it’s covered in blackheads and pimples. It’s like asking someone to appreciate the view of a tropical island when they’re boiling to death in a volcano.

The skin is a delicate instrument, and even the slightest change in your diet can turn it from smooth and supple to outright awry. Even a few too many choccy biccies could produce an outbreak of spots that’ll take weeks to remove.

Yet those people in beauty adverts always have flawless skin, as though wind had never brushed their cheeks. How do they manage it?

Ignoring photographic tricks, these preening pore perfectors have found the balance between exercise and diet to gain an ideal visage.

So what can you do to emulate them and love the skin you’re in?


Gaining clear pores feels like an impossible dream for some. But cast aside the snake oil they sell on the high street. Those lotions and potions promising “miraculous effects”, “overnight results” and a thousand more platitudes are (as a rule) about as likely to help your skin as sandpaper.

But some cleansing rituals are a cut above the rest. If you can find the cream of the crop (ha!) many of your skin troubles will be over. So shop around – who knows what will work for your skin.

Night time cleanse

In the night, your skin will become drier and less able to cope with the elements as you sleep – so it’s time to figure out how to fix yourself up.

First off, remove all your makeup before you head to your kip. That way, the cosmetics that could agitate your skin will be long gone. You won’t wakeup with extra spots.

Next, moisturise thoroughly. This should preferably be all of your body, but your face is the most important area. After all, it’ll be the only part of your body not covered.

Once you’ve completed your regime, you’ll be ready to hop into bed without worrying about waking up with skin like an arid desert.

Literal beauty sleep

People have been discussing beauty sleep since it was in fairy tales, and with good reason.

Scientists have found that the opposite sex will find you markedly less attractive without your average eight hours. Moreover, a lack of sleep dries up the pores and leaves you with flaky skin.

To help yourself nod off, avoid your phone, laptop or the telly a few hours before bed. Crack open a book instead and you’ll head for the land of nod in no time.

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