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Mother of the Bride! How You Can Look Amazing At Your Daughters Wedding

Your little girl has grown up and is ready to marry the man of her dreams. This probably holds bittersweet emotions for you, as you may not be ready to give up your little girl just yet. Being the mother of the bride is an emotional time. Coupled with the emotions that you are feeling, you also want to look nothing short of amazing for your daughters big day. This is a dilemma that many mothers of the bride face. Do not despair! We have the hottest trends for 2014 that will make you look fabulous for your daughter’s impending nuptials.


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 Maxi Dresses

This is the trend that refuses to go away. Everyone loves the cool feeling of a maxi dress in the long summer months. If you want to ensure that you look fabulous, you need to wear a maxi dress that is made of lux materials, so that you do not look too casual for the main event. Opt for long, clean lines and ensure that the fabric is nothing short of sumptuous. Chiffon and silk are perfect for maxi dresses, as it ensures that the dress looks formal and fabulous. Team with a fascinator and a statement necklace to ensure that you look amazing on the big day. Don’t outshine the bride though! Mother of the bride fashion has never been more alluring.

The Classic Two Piece Suit

For any elegant mother, then the classic two piece suit is an absolute must. This is the perfect solution for winter weddings. Team your blazer and skirt combination with a fabulous camisole for maximum impact. If you want to ensure that you look incredible, keep your accessories simple and let the suit do the talking. Minimum, no fuss accessories are a must for this style of dress. Of course, two piece suits always look amazing with a gorgeous wide brimmed hat. Who doesn’t love a hat for special occasions?

Shoes and Accessories

Shoes are sure to cause a fashion dilemma, even for the most cutting edge of mothers of the brides. Shopping for shoes can be something of an ordeal, but not anymore. Gorgeous strappy kitten heels are perfect for understated glamour. Ensure that they are adorned with sparkles, diamantes and so forth so that they look suitable dressy for the big day.

Wedges are ideal for mums that are wearing maxi dresses, as they are comfortable and support your ankles, as well as giving that much desired height. You can choose from plain wedges for a simple, yet sophisticated look, or you can choose from a wide range of funky adornments if you want your shoes to do the talking. Whatever you choose, you are sure to look the epitome of class and sophistication.

If you are looking for the ideal bag for the occasion, then it has to be a clutch bag. Small enough to look elegant, yet big enough to carry your belongings a clutch is the fashionistas bag of choice. Opt for sumptuous silk fabrics to ensure that it looks suitable dressy for the occasion.

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