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7 Things You’re Doing That Make You Look Years Older

Nobody wants to make themselves look older (unless you’re a teenager desperate to get into your local club night), so it might be a surprise to you to learn that people make themselves look older every single day. This is due to certain lifestyle choices people make every day, yet they don’t realise they are bad for them. Here’s 7 things you’re probably doing that make you look years older:


Photo author: flickr

1. Smoking

This is an obvious one: smoking is so bad for our bodies and skin, yet millions of people all over the world still do it. The nasty chemicals in smoking help to break down the skin’s collagen, amongst other things, making our faces appear more wrinkly and lined than they would normally. You get lots of little pucker lines around the mouth, as well as lines on the cheeks, forehead, and around the eyes.

2. Drinking in Excess

Many people drink way more than the recommended amount. People tend to have a couple of drinks after work here and there, as well as a binge on the weekend – the units all add up, and although you may not think you’ve had that much, it all helps to dehydrate your skin and body. You should drink a glass of water after each alcoholic beverage, and make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. Try to stick to the daily recommended amounts too.

3. Dying Your Hair Blonde

As we get older, our skin changes. People don’t take this into account, and still dye their hair the same old colour they’re always dyed it. This means that certain shades of blonde can really age us! When you go to the hairdresser next time, keep an open mind and ask for a shade that would suit your skin tone.

4. Wearing Boring Colours

Boring colours, especially those worn closest to the face (e.g. scarves), can age us – not to mention make our wardrobe look drab and boring. Avoid dusty pinks, greens, blues, and lavenders. Pastels are fine!

5. Eating Too Much Junk Food

Junk food not only contributes to weight gain, but to ageing too. The more you eat, the more your skin looks sallow, wrinkled, and unhealthy. Stick to eating junk food one day a week and eat healthily the rest of the week in order to keep your skin looking youthful.

6. Spending Too Much Time in The Sun

Sun damage is a huge factor in premature ageing, so you need to make sure you protect from it’s harsh rays properly. Apply a suitable SPF all over, including your face, and reapply throughout the day whenever you’ll face the sun.

7. Avoiding All Fats

Many women avoid fat in their diet to lose weight, but healthy fats contribute to collagen production, so avoiding them altogether isn’t wise. Make sure you include nuts, fish, avocado, and healthy olive oils in your diet in order to reap the benefits. Marine-d3 has a similar effect!

Avoid these 7 ageing sins if you want to look younger for longer!


How Lingerie Has Shaped The World And Women Today

The term lingerie, as we know it today, has only been in popular use since around the late 1850s, however it goes back much longer than that. Lingerie was originally introduced, into the English language, as a word that meant scandalous underclothing.

 At times lingerie has been painful, practical and empowering, and throughout history, from the Egyptians right the way through to the uplifted busts of the early 1990 supermodels, lingerie has been a part of our social and cultural development, and we have learnt a lot about people and history from that.

 Lingerie is now available to buy online, from sites like lebeau lingerie, or on the high street. But it has not always been like this.

 Lingerie in Ancient Egypt

It really is impossible to know exactly when the concept of lingerie started, but from records it seems that it first appeared in ancient Egypt (3,000 B.C.).

 During these times, clothing was very much a status symbol, especially for women. Higher ranking women would wear a shapelier, narrow tunic as an undergarment. This would highlight and mould to certain areas around the bust and waist, the tunic being supported by a crosswire shoulder strap. Slaves and servants would only wear simple loin clothes, or went naked.

 Certain artefacts have been found that certainly support the above, and have shown woman wearing these undergarments.

 Ancient Greece and Rome

History is recorded in a number of ways, and in Ancient Greece a lot can be drawn from their many well preserved figures and statues. One female figure, from around 2,000 B.C., which was found in Crete shows the first ever recorded corset. It consisted of a caged underskirt, which pushes the breast upwards. So, our beloved corsets actually stretch back four thousand years.

 The statues that can be seen in Rome, Greece, and the surrounding islands, often depict woman wearing a crossed band over the shoulder that supports the breast.

As well as the statues, there is plenty of writing to support the early use of lingerie. They are often described as bands of linen that support and control a woman’s body shape.

 Roman fashion followed the Greek very closely, and in Rome, there is evidence in a mosaic (A.D. 400) that show woman wearing a bikini. So, next time you wear yours on the beach, or around the pool, you can safely say that the bikini is two thousand years old.

 The Middle Ages

Just as in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, it was the privileged and nobility that wore undergarments. These were usually placed under very expensive outer dresses because people did not want to have their expensive clothes dirtied by their own skin, but the undergarment also provided an extra layer of warmth.

 There were two huge developments in the undergarment, or lingerie, during the middle ages: the smock (chemise) and later the corset. These were introduced, and widely used between the fourth and sixteenth centuries.

 The Golden Elizabethan Age

Lingerie quickly started to develop during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. This was partly down to the introduction of the skirt, during the mid to late 1500s. These skirts were named a ‘farthingale’ and were available in two types; the Spanish, and the French. The French farthingale quickly became the most popular choice, and many Elizabethans wore a roll or sausage of stiffened material known as a ‘bum roll’ to help hold up the skirt. During the fifteenth century women also wore a ‘basquine’ or ‘vasqine’, which, as you know, is a laced bodice that the farthingale was attached to.

 The French Revolution

During the late 1700s is where lingerie was turned on its head. French woman discarded their more traditional petticoats and corsets and returned to a more Greek approach to undergarments. They replaced the stiffened corset with a more flexible undergarment, where it was more about shaping the body with high-waisted muslins.

 The Innovative Victorians

In the 1800s woman saw the return of the boned corset, following the end of the Napoleonic wars. This form of lingerie was regarded as being part of the fabric of society, and had no class or social boundaries. This trend carried on from the end of the French Revolution to World War One – the corset ruled supreme.


(Image taken from Flickr: Minnesota Historical Society)

The Victorians were often seen as modest and prudish, however this was not the case for most people during this time. The corset allowed women, from all classes and backgrounds, to feel more empowered and feminine.

 The innovative Victorians, in 1829, created the first front fastening bask which allowed woman to put on or take off their corset without the help from anybody else. Victorian woman also started to wear lingerie which was laced trimmed, embroidered and frilled, as well as using silk in their underwear.

 During this time, the Industrial Revolution was starting and in full effect, allowing lingerie to be more mass produced, using moulding and dye to enhance the colour and shape of the lingerie.

 Also, during this innovative period of lingerie development, woman’s stocking were invented, together with the garter. Striptease shows became more popular, with French girls wearing the very latest, and more revealing lingerie items of the era.

 Twentieth Century

This is where comfort became more important than appearance. With social and cultural changes, woman needed lingerie that would support and fit in with their new lives. Woman participated in more sports and dancing, their lives and roles in society were evolving and changing.

 With this softer bra, which had been introduced, came cup sizes in 1935. The four cup sizes were A, B, C and D, with Double D, and Double A coming along later.

 21st Century

Now lingerie producers, and fashion designers had really got a hold on lingerie, bras and pants, they started to really push and develop for the mass market.

More importantly, lingerie started to be developed for every occasion, with the launch of a variety of different styles, types and cup fills. Pants started to be developed with this in mind too, varieties were launched that focused on different types to be worn underneath different clothing.

Over thousands of years lingerie has helped support, change and empower women. It has only been in the last century that lingerie has been made available to every woman.

 The big question is: what is next for lingerie?

Beauty essentials for getting back into the world of dating


After a divorce or a messy break-up, lots of women swear they will never get sucked into another relationship. However, after spending enough time licking their wounds, the possibility of getting back into the dating game might seem appealing even though at first a little overwhelming. 

The thought of dating again shouldn’t stress anyone out. Here are some things that every woman should know before getting back into the world of dating.

Jumping right in

First things first: freshen up before stepping out. Get a new haircut, splurge on a mani-pedi, or get a fun new outfit. When a woman looks good, she feels good – and that’s what it’s all about in the dating game. But looking good isn’t going to generate dates, no matter how sexy that new hairdo is. Join a book club, let friends and neighbours know, and get online.

Dating sites are a great way to meet like-minded people, so check a few out. Maybe even start with the Global Personals LinkedIn page. Please remember, that your profile picture is actually pretty important.  Though it should be the last thing a prospective date looks at, it will always be the first. The secret to a good profile picture is to keep it simple – and a full-body shot can increase chances of receiving messages significantly. Just stay away from cheesy selfies.

Blushing away

Finding a cream blush in the right shade is one of the best beauty secrets a girl can learn – there’s no need to carry a brush, it’s long lasting, looks natural, and is easy to apply. In some cases, the cream blush can also be used on the lips. It’s a good idea when you go shopping during the day and the end results should look like the skin after a good workout or hot shower.

Vaseline is a girl’s best friend

Petroleum jelly has been around for years, and rightly so. This simple, inexpensive product can be used for dozens of things, such as softening lips and elbows, preventing the effects of hair dye along the hairline, and lengthening lashes (yes, some women believe that applying a small amount of Vaseline before bed can help lashes grow long and strong.)

No time? Dry shampoo

Sometimes, there just isn’t time to wash, dry, and style the hair – but who wants to walk out of the house looking like they just rolled out of bed? Dry shampoo is definitely the way to go – apply it close to the scalp and brush though to absorb grease and give a dirty head a nice, clean scent in just seconds.

Roll on the scent

Most perfume producers make small versions of their scents, often in a roller. This is a convenient, purse-sized alternative to carrying a full bottle of perfume around all day – perfect for freshening up on a quick trip to the ladies’ between the appetizers and main course. Perfume rollers are also a good way to test out a new scent without having to spend money on a full bottle.

Rock the Retro Look With Confidence: Fashion and Beauty Tips

The retro look can be a difficult look to pull off. Some women don’t know where to start with it, and others try it out but get it all wrong. All things retro/vintage are roaring back into fashion this year, so we thought we’d help you rock this look with confidence, using our fashion and beauty tips. Enjoy!


Photo Author

Find the Perfect Red Lippy

The retro look is all about finding the perfect red lippy – there is no other colour you should be seen rocking! There are a few classic reds out there, but we highly recommend Ruby Woo by MAC. This lipstick suits all skin tones and even helps to make your teeth look whiter. Use a red lip liner to get the application spot on, and make sure your lips are smooth and moisturised!

Practice the Victory Curl

The victory curl is a well known hairstyle from era’s gone by, so if you want to rock this look you should try it out. There are many different variations you can try, and all kind of tutorials on Youtube for you to practice from!

Do it Big

Big hair is also a great nod to the vintage/retro look, so get some volumizing mousse into your tresses after washing, blow dry your hair upside down, pop in your hair rollers, take them out after a few hours, shake in some root powder, and give your hair a good old tousle!

Try a Flirty Flick

The cat-eye flick is a classic retro look, but it takes a lot of practice to perfect. We recommend using a black liquid liner, and starting off small (otherwise you could risk looking like Amy Winehouse).

Powder Your Nose

Retro/vintage ladies are known for their perfectly preened skin, all porcelain and delicate looking. Find the perfect foundation for your skin by getting a makeover at a beauty counter, and top up using powder, concealer, and highlighter to create a flawless appearance.

Shop Vintage and Vintage Style Clothing

Of course, to rock this look you need to rock some real vintage clothing! Go to vintage fairs, charity shops, and head on over to the Custard Factory in Digbeth to find some key pieces that could become the basis of your entire wardrobe.

Incorporate Retro Pieces and Vintage into a Modern Wardrobe

You don’t have to totally drape yourself in vintage clothing – wear older pieces with newer pieces to keep some of your own style in the mix. We love Traffic People for when it comes to shopping new, retro looking pieces!


Accessories can certainly make an outfit, and there are plenty of ways you can use them to finish off your retro look. Wear peter pan collars, cool and quirky broaches, and don’t forget your cat eye sunglasses on a hot day! Big cocktail rings look great too, as do pearl necklaces. Use your imagination!

The key to rocking this look with confidence is not to copy anybody elses style – simply incorporate pieces your love, both old and new into your outfits to make something spectacular!

Bored of Your Hair? Try One of These Fresh Styles!

If you’re bored of your hair, it sounds like you need to make an appointment at your local hairdresser’s and ask for an update. The only problem is, that sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to have. There are so many options! We have some suggestions for you here, so that when you rock up at your hairdresser’s you have at least a little inspiration to go on:

Photo taken from flickr

A Full Fringe

A full fringe is a great way to update your style, and there are so many variations you can go for. Try a longer, wispy fringe for a round face, or compliment an oval face with a shorter, choppier fringe. In some cases, you can even sweep your fringe to the side or part it for a different look when you’re bored of having it all to the front. Discuss with your hairdresser the different styles that will suit you!


Highlights can give you a sunkissed look on a dreary day. They’re the perfect pick me up when you look in the mirror! Clever application can make your hair appear thicker too, so if you have thin hair they’re the perfect choice.


If you’re bored of your lightened tresses, lowlights can darken the colour without going all over. A great option for winter hair.

An All Over Colour

Perhaps what you need is an all over colour to spice things up. The possibilities are endless; baby blonde, mysterious brunette, ravishing redhead, carefree copper…you name it! Your hairdresser will be able to match your new shade to your skintone and eye color, so you know that whatever you go for it will compliment you nicely. You could even try a temporary colour to test the water first!


Layers can instantly freshen up a one length style, and help it to appear bouncier, thicker, and full of life. Carefully placed layers can compliment your face shape too!


Hair extensions are a quick way of getting thicker, longer hair. If your hair is very short, you might not be able to try these as they’ll need something to grip on to (plus they can look unnatural). However, if your hair is the right length you can get your desired length without waiting too long at all!

The Pixie Crop

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re bored of your long hair you could try a pixie crop. A pixie crop can be very powerful, and there are many variations to suit different face shapes. Victoria Beckham, Keira Knightley, and Jennifer Lawrence have all sported the crop at one time or another!

An Inverted Bob

An inverted bob will spice up your hairstyle without taking too much off. It’s easy to maintain and quick to style too!

If you’re apprehensive about trying one of these styles, you can always go the non-commitment route and take a look at Afuro Wigs. If applied properly, they can look very natural and give you a new look with none of the commitment. Have fun with your new look!

Glasses: The Hottest Trend of 2014

Accessorising your eyes is the hottest trend of 2014. I’m not talking smoky eyes or 60’s style eyeliner, I’m talking glasses. Once the prerequisite of the nerd, a good set of glasses are now the biggest trend to grace our face since the fake eyelash.

My Grandma always used to say ‘all beautiful things are kept behind glass’ when referring to my spectacles, something that always beguiled me as a child. It turns out that she was right, as now everyone is choosing to showcase their beautiful peepers with glasses.

There are many styles of glasses available. Even free prescription lenses now come in trendy designs.  With such a vast choice available, there has never been a better time to decorate your face.

When considering purchasing a beautiful pair of specs, you need to bear in mind your face shape. Your face shape will ultimately depend on whether your chosen frames will suit you. After all, you don’t want to part with your hard-earned cash to look, dare I say a little silly.

Take a look at those gorgeous celebrities and see which face shape is similar to your own.

Face shapes include:

Oval – Taylor Swift

You’re incredibly lucky, if you have an oval face, as you can pull off almost any frame and style of spectacle!

Square – Jennifer Aniston

Avoid square frames, if you have a beautiful square face, as this can make you look ‘boxy’.

Long – Sarah Jessica Parker

If you have a long face, then it is advisable that you choose glasses with larger frames, but in terms of length rather than width.

Heart –Reese Witherspoon

If you have a gorgeous heart shaped face then you will need to find glasses that balance the width of your face, as your chin will be narrow, but your forehead will be wide. You do not want your new spectacles to highlight your forehead.

Round – Emma Watson

Should you have a lovely rounded face (and by this I mean with less angular features) I would suggest not choosing round frames; add sharp angles to your face. Square and rectangular glasses will balance your face.

In short, if your face is angular with sharp features, choose a rounder frame to soften your face. If your face is rounded, choose frames that are angular.

Other important factors to consider when choosing your specs is your hair colour, skin tones and eye colour. Purple frames can highlight blue eyes even more, but paired with green eyes can look quite bizarre.

New York Fashion Week 2014 have tipped the hottest trends for the upcoming the year and have put glasses in the limelight. Cat eye glasses are back and have moved on from black. Designers are styling them in bright, bold colours. Chunky glasses are making a comeback too, but again, in bold colours. Over-sized round glasses are back, for the retro fashionista as well as superb, extra detailing. Glasses are now being embellished with all sorts of quirky adornments. In short, glasses are fabulous!

2014: Glasses are back, and they are bolder than ever!

Should You Consider Photorejuvenation Treatment? Consider The Advantages And Benefits…


If you would like to successful combat the effects of aging and sun-damage, then you may be considering your cosmetic options.  If you are unsure of which procedure to go for when it comes to the wide variety available nowadays, please use this post as a helpful guide that aims to explain the advantages and the results offered by photorejuvenation treatments.

One of the most common and popular form of photorejuvenation procedures is IPL or Intense Pulsed Light and this is a type of cosmetic dermatology that is used to improve the texture and tone of your skin.  As well as this treatment having the benefit of improving almost every and any problem that effects the overall look and structure of your skin, the treatment is also preferred because it causes very little discomfort and therefore it does not take very long to recover from it.  In addition, it is also considered one of the most cost-effective treatments available at the moment, and has the bonus advantage of being non-ablative which means you can have this type of treatment with other therapies including laser resurfacing and microdermabrasion for the most effective results.

What Happens During A Photorejuvenation Appointment?

During an IPL appointment, multiple pulses of light are shined over your skin to penetrate into the deepest layers.  The light is turned into heat energy and is absorbed into the blood vessels, sun spots and dark spots beneath the skin’s surface.  Another benefit and advantage of this process is that it stimulates collagen production which decreases the signs of skin imperfections.  After having the treatment, you will notice that the size of pore has decreased, your skin has a more even tone and there are the sings of overall appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, redness, acne, broken blood vessels, discolouration and age spots has dramatically diminished.

As well as being very cost effective, IPL photorejuvenation is one of very few cosmetic skin treatments that are non-invasive.  As the actual treatment causes little pain or discomfort there is little to no recovery time required after sessions.  This is because the treatment does not damage your skin’s external layers meaning less pain during and less chance of side effects after an appointment.  The vast majority of photorejuvenation patients are able to return to their normal routine after their appointment has finished.

As previously stated above, if you are worried about the price of photorejuvenation treatments compared to other treatments, it is actually one of the most affordable kinds.  As the majority of physicians will encourage and recommend patients to have more than one appointment of treatment, you can save a great deal of money as these are normally charged at a lower price.  One of the biggest advantages is that it is one of the cheapest treatments, but also the most effective at producing long-lasting results, which reduces the amount of treatments you will have to have in the future, further saving you money.

Luxury Beauty Treatments You Need To Try Right Now

Image Sourced From Flickr

We all like to treat ourselves now and again, right? Whether it’s for a big event, well done on a promotion or just because we can; everyone loves some luxury pampering. However, visiting the spa can be a daunting experience. Do potato facials really make you beautiful, and who would possibly want fish nibbling their feet? With the beauty industry moving quicker than any other, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the latest trends. Never fear, here are the top luxury beauty treatments you really need to try right now.

Non-Surgical Face Lifts

Surgical treatments are on the way out, yippee! Taking the place of needles and pain comes some innovative new ways to banish crows feet and diminish wrinkles. Laser resurfacing and rejuvenation facials are the in thing for 2014, for those who want a fresher, younger look. Even celebrities are admitting that surgery has started to make them look more dummy than dolly. Cancel your botox party ladies and book yourself in for something a lot less excruciating.

The Gold Facial

We cannot believe it has finally happened; the perfect combination of sparkly precious metals and beautifying treatments. Many of these gold facials are in the top price bracket (honestly, £1,000 for a beauty treatment) but there are some cheaper options available. If you’re planning on glamming up on a budget then opt for a facial cream that contains tiny flecks of gold, instead of the 24 carat gold face mask that celebrities are currently coveting.

Seaweed Treatments

Seaweed is not just good for your insides, it is good for your outsides too! There has been a rise in popularity for seaweed based treatments to firm, brighten and pamper the skin. Keturah Facials such as the Luminous C & Sea combine seaweed with other active ingredients to remove fine lines, strengthen skin and provide a luminous glow. Much healthier than crispy seaweed from the local chinese takeaway.

Men’s Beauty Treatments

2014 is the year of the well groomed man. You may be racing your partner to the spa if this trend continue to rise, as more and more men opt for beauty treatments instead of a booze filled pub session. Thanks to beaus such as Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling, men around the world are desperate to recreate a fresh skinned and wrinkle-free glow. Although he might well keep it a secret and tell you that he’s going out with ‘the lads’, you can be sure the man in your life is heading to the salon in reality.

Eco-Friendly Luxury

You can thank the beautiful Jessica Alba for the popularity of the organic and environmentally friendly beauty treatments. Everything from organic carrots to ethically sourced chocolate are now being used in beauty treatments worldwide. If you want to feel good and do good then this is one luxury pampering treat you need right away.

That’s all we have for you right now, but we’re sure these will keep you going for some time. Especially with the price tag of some of them! Remember, use them as a treat for those special occasions, instead of blowing your rent money every week.

The Top 5 Womens Wardrobe Staples

It seems that every woman across the land has the same mantra: “I have nothing to wear!.” It seems our wardrobes are full to the brim of pretty dresses, skin tight jeans, dressy-tops, slobbing-out casuals, comfy knits, high heels, ballet pumps, handbags, clutch bags, satchels… the list goes on.

I cannot recall how many times I have opened my wardrobe, declare I have nothing to wear before descending into a spectacular hissy fit moments before hitting the town on a big night out.

The problem, it seems, is that we invest too much money on the wrong pieces. Open your wardrobe and take a look what is inside. I have dresses that I haven’t worn for years, jeans that I can;t fit into, tops from three years ago that aren’t even vaguely fashionable anymore. To be brutally honest, some of my clothes are downright hideous. I have a weird attachment to them. I simply cannot bear to part with half of my wardrobe and I’m almost certain that I am not alone.

What your wardrobe needs is a purge. Once you have purged your wardrobe, it’s time to invest in a range of wardrobe staples that will last you a lifetime. The dilemma of not knowing what to wear will be gone (or at the very least, greatly reduced).

“Wardrobe Staple” is the term used for the basics that your wardrobe needs. These are the timeless pieces that never go out of style and will always make you look amazing. Take a look at this guide, before you purge, and you will see what I mean.

The White Shirt

The white shirt is a timeless classic. It’s cool and crisp, fit for the office with smart, dress trousers and effortlessly chic dressed down with a pair of jeans. A white shirt is often worn by the highest echelons of the fashion world, with Victoria Beckham often branding a white shirt, looking simply effortless when she does. She teams hers with high waisted black trousers, tartan skirts and jeans. Not only is the white shirt chic, it’s versatile too.

Black Stilettos

The black stiletto is often seen on the feet of every major celebrity. Usually plain and incredibly versatile, they too can be worn with a wide variety of clothing items ranging from glamorous pencil skirts to straight leg jeans and can go from day to night with the slick of some lipstick.


Again, this piece is a serious contender for the hardest working item in your wardrobe. A classic cut can look fabulous with jeans and looks ultra smart when in the office. Feeling smart, without being too overdressed is a part of the blazers chart. Think power dressing, without the 80’s revival.

Leather Jacket

This piece probably isn’t one for the office but always looks seriously cool. Luxury leather jackets are iconic and look incredible with whatever you choose to team it up with. You can toughen up girlie dress with it or go for an all out fierce look with stilettos and skin tight black skinny jeans. A leather jacket is a must for any it girl, adding a dash of panache to any outfit.

Blue Jeans

Everyone’ favourite item of clothing has got to be their denim. I adore my jeans. Their versatility is what makes them a wardrobe staple. You can team your blue jeans, leather jacket and stilettos and look seriously cool. On the plus side, they’re super comfortable too. Gone are the days where jeans look scruffy; jeans now have the edge, especially when they are made from good quality denim and have an exquisite cut.

The great thing is about wardrobe essentials is their versatility. Your wardrobe can be your Swiss army knife against the world. The key is to ensure that the staples you purchase are versatile, timeless and of good quality. With these beauties in your wardrobe, never again will you have to scream out “I have nothing to wear!”

I Wear My Sense of Humor Around My Wrist

I love wearing jewelry.  Any of my friends or family can attest to it.  I actually remember a friend of mine once asking me why I wore so much jewellery.  “Sarah, why are you wearing so much jewellery anyway?” she said.  I can’t remember what I said, most likely something standoffish or remote because I have a vague memory of feeling a bit hurt by the comment.  Now I realize at the time I was young and I didn’t have an answer because I just didn’t know myself well enough.  I’ve thought about that question from time to time over the years and if I was asked that question again I would look him or her in the eye and bravely say, “It’s because jewellery makes me feel beautiful and powerful of spirit, and it’s a chance to showcasemy inner characteristics; Like wearing your heart on your sleeve, except more like wearing your sense of humour or confidence around your neck or on your ears or wrist!”  

Of course I’m not so lucky as to get that chance again; or as well spoken to be able to pull that off in front of anybody but the page or a mirror.  That being said, I’m thankful for that awkward moment so many years ago because it made me look at myself and think about the reasons behind what came so naturally to me.

earingSomething about the metal silver speaks to me.  It’s shiny and beautiful.  It’s smooth and looks especially fantastic in its contrast with black, which I adore, but also with any colour of the rainbow.  I feel like a rock star when I put on multiple chunky silver rings and like a princess when I wear something delicate and solitary.  Silverjewelry has the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Buy handmade silver jewelry to strike any mood and for any person; it is the super metal!

If you’re like me and boarder on multiple personalities it is perfect because you can exhibit each and every different style and taste.  I am influenced all the time by the things I see everyday and I like to incorporate them into my look.  There is no easier way to do this than with my favorite material silver, and through jewelry.  Unless of course I have the chance to rock my super awesome scarf, chunky sweater, leather pants and motorcycle jacket! (But even then I would rock some silver jewelry.)

My office job would not support this individualism so I choose to assert my individuality in the bland world of financials through jewelry, because even CEO’s, accountants and bankers, (sometimes especially CEO’s, accountants and bankers), can appreciate handmade silver jewelry.  So I recommend iCraft handmade gifts when people ask me where I got my latest find.