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Quirky and Eccentric Holiday Ideas for 2014

Holiday season is looming large, and many of us are planning our summer jaunt in the hope of sun, sea and romance. The great thing about getting away from the humdrum of daily life is that you get to stay in far flung places and be waited on hand and foot. There is a plethora of weird and wonderful hotels at home and across the continent each offering something truly unique and in typical British fashion, some of the holiday homes are downright eccentric. The only disadvantage is that you may not be able to choose which one you want to go to:

Wagons and Gypsy Caravans:

While the thought of camping may not be an entirely pleasant one, based on memories of family holidays from yesteryear, camping in a wagon or gypsy caravan is camping: but not as we know it. These little slices of camping luxury are perfect for those wanting to get back to nature while taking their home comforts with them. Some are even themed, so depending on your holiday preference, your camping trip may akin to a little visit to the Bahamas. Aside from being flung into the great outdoors, wagons and gypsy caravans are so perfectly pretty, that you may not want to come home!

VW Camper Van Hire:

Should you and your travelling companion not be able to decide on a location, and then what better way to see the sites via a VW Camper Van. VW campers have had a serious resurgence in the past few years with the vintage brigade taking the classic camper van into their hearts. Aside from the fact you have everything you need on board; you will look the epitome of vintage, hippy chick when driving this bad boy around. What better way to explore your homeland than in one these?

Themed Hotels:

Across the UK, a glut of themed hotels have sprung up, ranging from beach themed hotels, country themed hotels, as well as the usual pick of boho and vintage inspired hotels from years gone by. With such a wide range of hotels to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice. Just remember to include your hotel bathrobe, and you are on your way to a magical holiday! A particular favourite is a Peruvian themed hotel located in Cumbria, which is home to real-life llamas. What a way to enjoy your holiday!


A Windmill:

Yes, that’s right, a windmill. From the quirky to the bizarre, the little windmill in Norfolk is home to one of the most eccentric places to holiday. Perfectly proportioned and offering all that a self-catering holiday has to offer, this is surely the most alternative holiday destination of them all. It is great for couples wanting a romantic retreat for the weekend as it is homes the pre-requisite four poster beds that are perfect for romance. With hidden nooks and crannies, you will spend your entire stay exploring the inside of your holiday retreat. It will definitely be a talking point when you get back home and back to reality!

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