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Rock the Retro Look With Confidence: Fashion and Beauty Tips

The retro look can be a difficult look to pull off. Some women don’t know where to start with it, and others try it out but get it all wrong. All things retro/vintage are roaring back into fashion this year, so we thought we’d help you rock this look with confidence, using our fashion and beauty tips. Enjoy!


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Find the Perfect Red Lippy

The retro look is all about finding the perfect red lippy – there is no other colour you should be seen rocking! There are a few classic reds out there, but we highly recommend Ruby Woo by MAC. This lipstick suits all skin tones and even helps to make your teeth look whiter. Use a red lip liner to get the application spot on, and make sure your lips are smooth and moisturised!

Practice the Victory Curl

The victory curl is a well known hairstyle from era’s gone by, so if you want to rock this look you should try it out. There are many different variations you can try, and all kind of tutorials on Youtube for you to practice from!

Do it Big

Big hair is also a great nod to the vintage/retro look, so get some volumizing mousse into your tresses after washing, blow dry your hair upside down, pop in your hair rollers, take them out after a few hours, shake in some root powder, and give your hair a good old tousle!

Try a Flirty Flick

The cat-eye flick is a classic retro look, but it takes a lot of practice to perfect. We recommend using a black liquid liner, and starting off small (otherwise you could risk looking like Amy Winehouse).

Powder Your Nose

Retro/vintage ladies are known for their perfectly preened skin, all porcelain and delicate looking. Find the perfect foundation for your skin by getting a makeover at a beauty counter, and top up using powder, concealer, and highlighter to create a flawless appearance.

Shop Vintage and Vintage Style Clothing

Of course, to rock this look you need to rock some real vintage clothing! Go to vintage fairs, charity shops, and head on over to the Custard Factory in Digbeth to find some key pieces that could become the basis of your entire wardrobe.

Incorporate Retro Pieces and Vintage into a Modern Wardrobe

You don’t have to totally drape yourself in vintage clothing – wear older pieces with newer pieces to keep some of your own style in the mix. We love Traffic People for when it comes to shopping new, retro looking pieces!


Accessories can certainly make an outfit, and there are plenty of ways you can use them to finish off your retro look. Wear peter pan collars, cool and quirky broaches, and don’t forget your cat eye sunglasses on a hot day! Big cocktail rings look great too, as do pearl necklaces. Use your imagination!

The key to rocking this look with confidence is not to copy anybody elses style – simply incorporate pieces your love, both old and new into your outfits to make something spectacular!

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