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Selected Great Beauty Blogs

beautyI was talking with my friend at about our favourite beauty blogs as a great post for you all.  What I realised from our chat was that we all love to look at a selection of blogs, rather than looking at just one.   We all know what it’s like trying to search through the various products out there to find the best one and then how to use it.  This is why beauty blogs can often be a girl’s best friend.  Therefore, in order to help you get to cut through the chaff to get to the wheat, this list is the beauty blogs that we recommend you check out.

This That Beauty

This blog reminds me of that best friend that we all have, the one who not only knows where to find the best and latest products, but also knows exactly how to wear them.  It interviews people like Felicia Walker Benson and Christine Carr, who share their industry knowledge and knowhow and tips and events such as New York Fashion Week.  That’s not all, as the blog also features very honest product reviews and informative videos.

Hair and Makeup by Steph

Steph has years of experience as a wedding hairstylist and makeup artist and is the place that people who can go to, go to for glamorous wedding looks.  The blog isn’t just about bridal and formal makeup and hairstyles as Steph also takes time to share tutorials for all the latest beauty and fashion trends.

Lisa Eldridge An Everyday Makeup

Lisa Eldridge is known nationally and internationally  as an expert in how to get that fresh and flawless look and uses this experience and knowledge to pass on to the readers of her blog.  It includes to the point and very helpful videos that answer all the most common questions you have concerning the make-up and beauty world.

Keiko Lynn’s Blog

Keiko Lynn’s hair styling tutorials have almost a legendary status over on Pinterest.  It is a very refreshing blog in that it puts the fun firmly into beautifying yourself and making you look your very best.  It is full of tutorials that include new products modelled by Keiko and how to wear headscarf in fashionable and trendy ways.

Beauty Bets

If you want very honest and witty reviews of beauty products, then this is the place for you.  It was created and developed by the lifestyle and beauty editor Elizabeth Dehn, who has made a name for herself by working for some of the most popular and bestselling magazines.    Whether you want to know what the cheapest and most reliable alternative to a department store’s line of makeup is or want to know the self-tanner that produces the most realistic results, you will find it on this blog.

The Beauty Department

This blog is both beautiful and useful and features innovative and expertly made How To tutorials covering a wide range of techniques and topics from controlling irritating flyaways to perfect ombre cat eye.  It is the brainchild of the makeup artist Amy Nadine and hairstylist Kristin Ess and is more than just a blog.

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