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Silken Wrinkles: A Tale of Love and Hate


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I love the look and feel of silk but I loathe having to deal with the inevitable problem of wrinkles. There were many times I’d go to put on my favourite outfit only to find that creases and lines had somehow gotten there before me. Clothes made with silk are simply stunning, yet I needed to know how to care for them properly so that dressing for a special occasion would remain stress free.

With the look and feel of silk ranking highly as a featured closet staple, I decided to learn some simple tips to make my fashion life a whole lot easier. What I discovered means I’m now able to wear silk without ever worrying about pesky maintenance or ruining expensive garments by making a rookie mistake. This common sense knowledge saves me time, money and energy. It also motivates me to share these tips with fellow lovers of silk.

So, how did this obsession with silken wrinkles begin? I recently purchased a gorgeous outfit from Peaches Boutique. They have an incredible range of prom dresses to choose from and I just fell in love with mine from the moment I first saw it. After looking through the wide selection of Peaches Boutique prom dresses, I finally found the one I wanted. I made sure that before prom night my dress was dry-cleaned and safely stored away. The next time I wanted to wear my gorgeous dress I took it out from the closet where it had been carefully hung. To my horror, it looked like some kind of evil wrinkle gremlin had been wrestling with my dress and the result was not pretty; more like pretty catastrophic.

Now, I’m much like every other girl out there (aside from believing in the existence of wrinkle gremlins) and can think of about a million or so things to do that are far more exciting to do than taking care of wrinkled silk. Finding time for the things that matter is important to me and I’d rather be out socialising than staying at home slaving over a hot iron.

A quick bit of research and a few phone calls to my more well-dressed friends gave me the answers I needed. The day was saved, my dress was a hit and without further ado I humbly present these five simple steps to wrinkle free silk.

  1. Removing wrinkles from silk is easy if you use steam. Hang your dress in the bathroom with a hot shower running. Close the door and window, leave the exhaust fan off and you’ll have enough steam to do the job in 15 -20 minutes. Leave it hanging in a sunny place to fully dry and the wrinkles will be gone.
  1. Use a clean iron on the lowest temperature setting with the garment inside out. Press the iron instead of sliding it and don’t stay in the one spot for too long. This method works well if the item is still slightly damp.
  1. Place a protective pressing sheet over the garment, perhaps a cotton bedsheet or an old t-shirt. This lets you iron the silk indirectly and avoids scorching or leaving shiny marks. Use thin, non-textured material that avoids leaving an imprint and doesn’t  block the heat and steam. Spritz the sheet lightly with water to force steam through the material and drive those nasty wrinkles right out.
  1. If you regularly wear silk it’s definitely worth investing ing a handheld steamer that can be purchased for as little as $40. To avoid potential spotting from drops and spurts, tie a little fabric around the nozzle of the steamer. The drops won’t get through but the steam still will.
  1. Lastly, lightly spray a fine mist of water onto your silk clothing and use a hairdryer on the lowest setting to slowly dry it out. Keep the hairdryer moving so the garment dries out evenly.

Looking great is not rocket science and thankfully neither is removing wrinkles from silk. With these simple tips at the ready you’ll have all you need to say goodbye to wrinkles forever.

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