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Taking Care of Your Cashmere Clothing

Taking Care of Your Cashmere Clothing

As the winter months approach, women all over Britain will be digging out their cashmere clothing designed to keep them warm until spring. Some may even be looking to invest in a few new luxury pieces, in order to keep up with the latest trends.

Cashmere is a very beautiful material, but it is also quite delicate. It requires a great deal of care and attention in order to stay in excellent condition for as long as possible. Here, we go through a few basic tips for looking after you’re cashmere clothing.


Generally speaking, you want to avoid putting your cashmere in the washing machine. The one exception is if your particular device has a hand wash setting, but otherwise, you should be doing this yourself. If you’re willing to spend some money, however, you do have the option of utilising a dry cleaning service.

When washing by hand, here are a few things to consider:

  • Use lukewarm water – no hotter or it will damage the material. Apply the same temperature when rinsing.
  • Use a clean sink, or preferably a brand new wash basin.
  • Turn the clothing inside out.
  • Be gentle – gently press the material to rid it of water. Don’t squeeze too tightly.
  • Find detergent specially made for cashmere clothing, and use only a small amount.

Finally, it’s important to point out that cashmere with traces of dirt, or things like food, can attract clothes moths – which can have a negative effect on your items.


Again, for the best results, you’ll want to avoid a machine when it comes to drying. You shouldn’t hang it up either, as the water will flow the bottom and this could reshape the clothing. Lay it down flat, possibly on a towel, and lightly press to remove any excess fluids.

Keep in mind not to place it near any form of heat, whether that be a radiator or outside in the sun. Allow it to air dry naturally – this may take longer, but otherwise the standard of your cashmere will be seriously reduced.


This may seem like a less important issue, but the way you store your cashmere clothing can have a big impact on its condition. As mentioned previously, moths can cause you a lot of problems, so you want to ensure there’s no chance of them being attracted to your items while they’re put away.

One thing you can do is make your drawer clean – hoover it out, then give it a polish and make sure it’s sparkling before using it. You can also buy anti-moth paper that should prevent them from ruining your designer gear.

Should you already have a moth problem, then there are productive steps you can take. Simply wrap your clothes in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer – this will kill all the moths, and won’t damage the material in any way. Allow it to defrost slowly and you’ll be able to wear your pristine cashmere again in no time.

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