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The Benefits of Medium Heels: A Fashionistas Guide

It is often said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but let’s face it; a woman’s best friend is shoes. A personal favourite is the medium sized heel, a must for any budding fashionista that doesn’t want the pain that wearing high heels can cause. The beauty of the high street is that it has caught on to the fact that not all women have tiny, dainty feet (I wish!) and have started to stock a bigger range of larger-sized shoes. With this in mind women of all shapes and sizes can enjoy the benefits of a good old fashioned medium sized heel. The wonderful arrays of shoes that are available on the high street is one of the reasons why I am so desperately poor!

There has always been a myth circulating that you need to ‘go big or go home’. There are so many styles of medium heels that are fabulous. A super cute kitten heel is the fast-track to completing any outfit. There’s a fab range at!

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The History of the Heel

Medium sized heels first debuted in the mid-1950s and were depicted as a training heel for young girls before taking over the fashion world and were worn by women of all ages. As fashion is a fickle mistress, they were deemed uncool and were relegated to the back of many women’s wardrobes until their popularity begun to rise again in the 2000s.

These Shoes Are Made For Walking

The wonderful thing about medium sized heels is the ease of walking. As kitten heels tend to come in the perfect size of three inches and under, there is no need to fear breaking an ankle or walking in an ungainly fashion. What’s more, the utterly sublime Audrey Hepburn was a huge purveyor of the medium sized heel which saw their popularity soar during the 1950s. In fact, if you look at any of the great, timeless Hollywood actresses, they certainly didn’t topple over in a pair of sky scraper heels, they always looked the epitome of class, and their enduring beauty is still apparent in 2014. There is nothing more unsightly than seeing someone in a pair of too-high shoes clumsily attempting to walk. If in doubt, do a Hepburn and stick a medium sized heel, which will make you look much more graceful and classy in the long run.

The Healthier Choice

The health benefits of wearing medium-heels are great too. The damage that high heels can cause to the spine is monumental. This is because high heels force the spine into an unnatural shape ultimately making your posture look worse. Bunions are often a problem for women that wear heels that are too high, as well as making your feet look unsightly; the pain can also be unbearable too.

The wonderful thing about this choice of heel is that they will never go out of style. They are the classic choice for any occasion and can complete any outfit. So, not only are they a firm favourite of Audrey, they are also a firm favourite of mine.

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