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The Lowdown on Lingerie

Lingerie: a sound investment or a waste of money? When you look at the lingerie market in the UK and beyond, it is easy to see why it is a million pound industry. Lingerie can make us feel confident and sexy, simply by slipping on a new pair of knickers. The emotions that are derived from wearing lingerie cannot be matched by other articles of clothing. For reasons that cannot be quantified, only lingerie can evoke unknown feelings in us that other garments simply cannot.


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 If you are in desperate need of a lingerie overhaul, then look no further. Be inspired by satin, silk and lace and so much more:


Satin is, undoubtedly, the most feminine and luxurious of all fabrics and relatively cheap when compared to silk. Women find that they love the feel of the soft, sumptuous fabric against their skin and can make them feel invincible when they wear it. The great thing about satin is that it is great for everyday wear too as it is not only sexy, but comfortable and practical too. However, this type of fabric is probably best worn in the cooler, autumn and winter months as it can be a little clingy during the heat of the summer. Popular patterns for autumn/winter 2014 include polka dots in vibrant reds and dusky pinks.



Without a doubt lace is the fabric for the ultimate femme fatale. If you are looking for understated, sexy lingerie then stick with classic black lace. The key to lace is to keep it looking expensive, so black is perfect for this. Cheap lace looks exactly that, so stick to classic black tones for maximum impact. Opt for a plunge bra and French knickers for a killer look overall. While it may not be practical for everyday use, it certainly can add a certain je ne sais quoi to your weekend shenanigans.

Do not be fooled into thinking that cotton undies are solely worn by the more mature lady, there are some seriously beautiful cotton lingerie designs for spring and summer 2014. Imagine you are in a sweet shop, now imagine all the colours in that sweet shop; pastel hues, candy stripes, vibrant sherbets. It is enough to make your mouth water. Now imagine cotton underwear for this spring/summer season. Think pretty pastels in pinks and lilacs, vibrant sherbets in vivid lemons and vivid red tones, all adorning cotton undergarments. Most cotton underwear is adorned with pretty lace trims and satin inserts to make the lingerie look even more fabulous. If you are looking for comfortable, everyday, wearable lingerie, then you should be looking at cotton picks. Great quality designer lingerie and underwear should be enjoyed on a daily basis, not just on an as and when basis. Treat yourself to sumptuous cotton underwear and feel confident every day.


Slimming Pants:

Forget Bridget Jones and those iconic, huge pants, slimming underwear can be seriously sexy too. If you feel that you need a little help in the slimming department, but still want to enjoy your food, then cheat! Invest in slimming underwear and you will feel wonderful. They come in a vast array of colours, bright and pleasant, coupled with beautiful designs; leopard print, Aztec and floral. There is a slimming pant of choice for you.

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