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The Savvy Mums Guide to Cheap Vintage Kids Clothing

The vintage, twee look has never been bigger and naturally, we want our kids to be an extension of our style. Well, if they let you that is! Vintage kids clothing does not have to break the bank either. All yummy mummies want their kids to look their physical best as well making them stand out from the crowd. The supermarkets are a cost-efficient way of dressing our precious ones, but they are hardly standing out from the crowd and can tend to get lost in a sea of either pink or blue. As always, fashionable clothing should not come with a hefty price tag; savvy and trendy mums always ensure that their kids are turned out well for less. While it is tempting to spend a small fortune on making your little ones look dapper, it is sometimes unnecessary. Take a look at this guide on how to dress your trendy little ones for less:


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Look online for classic vintage inspired pieces. There are some great retailers online, and you can save a small fortune too. Online retailers may offer discount codes and coupons, which are searchable through Google and sent straight to your inbox.

Second Hand:

Buying second hand children’s clothes only means that you are saving money and not compromising on style. Searching for children’s vintage and designer clothing that has been pre-loved is a great way of getting quirky, one-off or classic pieces of clothing for the child, which would usually cost a fortune in store. Buying second hand does not mean that you have to compromise on quality either, many like-minded mums sell their little ones clothes online due to the kids growing out of their clothes at an alarming rate. Let’s be honest, our kids grow out of their clothes quicker than we can replace them!

Swap Shop:

Why not call upon your other mummy friends and have a good old fashioned swap shop at your home. To make it more mummy-centred, you can always provide nibbles and drinks before swapping your children’s clothes. Not only can you grab yourself a bargain, but it’s a great way of catching up with the girls and indulging in a vino too! Why should the kids have all the fun?

Think Ahead:

Let’s be honest, the seasons are never a surprise and some forward thinking and planning ahead is all it takes to grab a bargain. While the high street may start putting summer clothes out during the back end of Spring and winter clothes out towards the end of Summer, that doesn’t mean that you need to buy the seasonal clothes at that time. Usually, we are still in the midst of that season! For many retailers, this is peak time for sale or clearance clothing so take a look at the sale rails, this means that you may be two months ahead clothing wise, but at least they can be stored. That is some serious organisation and dedication to fashion.

Of course, as savvy as many mums can be, it’s an occupational hazard to get caught up in buying your little ones as many clothes as possible but follow the tips as above, and your kids will be the talk of the playground!

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